I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 78 of the Dean of the Monster College.

Only the existence of the Old Jun can refine the full-aged Prenadan?

And the value of Ling Dan is very expensive, and the big martial arts and family members will cultivate the Dan.

But some small family inventory is not much.

This bottle will send 10, even if the ordinary panter, it is already possible to say that than the years of the years of the number of small families, don't say it is a perfect Ling Dan.

The Ling Dan is divided, but it is only based on the level of the spiritual Dan.

Longpin Xuan has also asked the system, what is the medicinal herbal medicine.

The system replied directly that the second-level Dan medicine is a fairyan.

Directly skip a big level!

In other words, before Long Puxuan, he lowered the level of alchemy.

He knows that the system will not be worse.

No wonder, Xiaoqing saw this perfect Ling Dan so excited, and it is also possible to strictly strictly entered the bureau of Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing step by step. It turns out that this Ling Dan also played a lot.

Chapter 111 Complex "Tiandi"

In the end, all people and monsters are full.

Long Pin Xuan is finally, the body feels some to eat.

It was not so tired before he guided it for so many days.

You must know that before Hangzhou, you can let Long Pu Xuan say that you will be unswervingly stayed in the hearts of those cultivars and monsters, which can be the efficacy of guiding surgery.

Those monsters that usually do not eat people will have no qualifications, and they don't rely on merits to become immortals.

Naturally, this thing doesn't know?

Naturally it is known.

But why still have so many monsters to eat people?

Not because the cultivation speed is faster! And save time and effort, you can taste delicious, many monsters think so.

The key is that some kind of monsters have eaten people before.

It's good to be dotted by Bodhisattva!

This is also the result of the Bai Suzhen joined the West Lake College.

Otherwise, how can Bai Suzhen suddenly go to the Bodhisattva?

Otherwise, Why is the Baisui in the first program to be bold to directly flooded the temple?

However, it was still suppressed later.

But how many years is suppressed, is it able to re-come out when I am punished?

Still like a few apprentices in Tang Tang, after the test, it is another Buddha again?

Who knows!

Those monsters who don't eat people, go to the monsters, no fairy guidelines behind?

That is "life"!

In fact, it is said that there is a big monster in some years old. After understanding the consequences, there will be a regret that I am not walking at the beginning, but once I have embed this road, I want to really quit hard, nor impossible.

The key is that there is a result, since some people will "arrange" to collect this "result."

They also become "merits" on others.

There are still some monsters to understand, after the demon, there is no killing, the talent is different, the heart is kind, and it has merit.

But I want to become a fairy, I also need some opportunities.

These opportunities have mastered in the "minority".

Otherwise, Bai Shuzhen will not go to the Guanyin Trich.

Therefore, "causal" is control, not built, everything is good, "fixed", is only one of the changes.

Therefore, the cultivator knows the cause because there is a complete inherit, but the monster is in addition to some demon, such as dragon and phoenix, this era is not inherited.

Plus the key to the guiding surgery, directly instillation of Long Pu Xuan's ideology in everyone and monsters, and the subtleties changed their potential consciousness will reach this.

Otherwise, those monsters who have been killed, just because of listening to **, it is very impatched, which is thus changed.

In fact, there is no difference between Long Pin Xuan and the Buddha.

Only, his means is not called in ordering, not called "The Buddha is boundless, it is the shore", but only just one hour **.

The system of systematically guided surgery is in anyone and monster, including the gods.

So these three sweepstakes, Longpin Xuan will so smooth.

But the last person he presents now is a god, which costs his plenty of spirit.

Behind it is really some support, so the last time there is a final **, Longpin Xuan canceled.

I'm still unrequited.

At this time, Longpin Xuan knows that he is guided by guiding, it is necessary to support its own mental support.

But I used for so many days before, I didn't have a lot of mental power consumption, Long Pinxuan directly ignored.

But I didn't expect it to find it now.

Especially this celebration has so many gods. If you really want to open the altar **, these gods must have to enter the guidance, otherwise there is not much effect, so that Long Pinxuan is definitely not living.

Before, I only had a god of Io Lang, and Long Pinxuan had a lot of spiritual power, and there were so many gods!

So, finally, Longpin Xuan took out a hand of each person, and did to make up for the cancellation of the opening of the opening.

That is the general basic potion of the ancient refining, is the direct refining of herbs inside his belongings. Although the effect is not particularly large, it is possible to make the cultivator and monster that can expand the meridians of itself. basis. This is a kind of powder that is the foundation of all ordinary people.

At present, this kind of medicine powder is not sold, after all, the inheritance of the ancient times has long gone.

But this time, because there is a heart method of the ancient refining, no one and monster surprise.

In their view, the dean is a big energy, saying that it is a big energy left in the ancient, because if it is not a big energy, how can I solve the problem such as Erlang?

That kind of guess dean is not to get an idea of ​​an ancient remains, naturally does not let it break.

Such a hand is shocked directly throughout the country.

Xihu College officially painted a strong in the heart of all family members and martial arts in the human space, when the family sent a disciple into the school, they will directly change the first preferred college.

Directly changed to the West Lake Academy, and after the election, they will choose to enter other colleges.

And this news is not only in the human world, in the upper bound, the fairyland and the Buddhist world, many gods have earned, and have new thinking for their children's enrollment.

"Erlang Zhenjun joined Xihu College became a mentor?"

"That is to say that I entered the West Lake Academy learned to have the teachings of God of War I." "

"Father mother, can I transfer to Xihu College?"

Such a conversation is in the fairy boundary.

Although the Buddhist world knows the name of the God of War, because it is a cultural Buddha, there is no much impact on the college of the Buddha.

Tian Di naturally knows this situation.

Many gods in the hall are watching a commemorative book that Too Bucking.

"Too white, your album looks quite taste, especially in the middle of the painting, is that the stone is intercepted?"

"Hey, what is your eyes, can't you see it?"

"This kind of painting has never seen it!"

"Indeed, worth collecting! It seems that you are going to go this time!"

"Just, and Erlang Zhen Jun went once, and even gave himself."


The situation of Erlang Shen has spread throughout the whole heaven, and now he has no pavement to clarify, it seems that his body is very serious.

So I was originally because of his strength and scruples, now one is a little fluttering, thinks that Erlang is not eroding rice.

It is definitely a beginning to think that this dean is not used, but I think that this dean is still a bit, directly pointed out his most critical place.

Chapter 112 Tong Di's Thoughts

But the problem of Erlang God can be solved without casual.

I have heard that the Erlang Shen's heart method has left, leaving to prepare this hidden danger of his body.

But I really heard that the fairy of this thing is a nose.

Erlang God is estimated because it is really no way, so I will die when I am afraid.

In fact, like this, the most commenced is that Erlang God.

Under the public, the Erlang God wants to ask the Tiandi to solve a solution. Does the Emperor will give it?