I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in Segad of Dean in the Monster College.

But the method given is really useful, it is not known.

Because the Emperor is several alternative programs, it needs to be affected by certain risks.

Or, Erlang God can also turn to the Buddha, find some special ability to solve it.

For example, the spirit inside the third eye is performed.

Of course, this is also built in this spirit that wakes up.

This issue of Erlang God is not a simple problem.

Although it is very simple, the key is that the situation in this eye is too embarrassing.

See what you have just born in the past few days, now you are here "Qi Tian Dasheng".

The gods in the hall, more than just talking about Erran God, Xihu College, naturally including a new new information.

Another biological that is very similar to the spirit of Erlang's eyes is also as good as they have.

"That stone monkey, is it also gestation in the world? Is it a kind of spirit?"

I have a curious as asked in the gods.

"The spirit in the eyes of Errang is in the fairy, who is in the fairy, the stone monkey is in the spirit of the heavens and the earth, although the energy is different, but the result is the same!"

"Hey, look at this stone monkey, it is very very, it is also a big god, and the spirit of the Erlang's true jun is really hatched. Will it be a arrogant guy?"

"It's hard to say that Erlang Zhenjun is the two nostrils in the sky all day, and his spiritual temper is normal."

"It's not good, the stone monkey is the spirit of Erlang Zhenjun secretly put it from the eyes!"

"real or fake?"

"Then do you know that Erlang Zhen Jun is now closed?"

"Naturally I don't know!"

"But the key is that the Erlang Zhen Jun really can solve this problem?"

"The Dean of the West Lake Academy really is better than the strength of the Emperor? Look at the situation of Erlang Zhenjun, the power of the emperor can solve it!"

"If everything they look at the celebration of the celebration is true, then it is really good to be ancient."

"But if it is the Trusted that they own, it is not good to say!"

"Torned? What is the trust?"

There is uncommon to go to the world, curiosity, "What does this support mean?"

"Does this celebration have a lottery? If the people who have a lottery and those who are smashed to the prize are good, then how do this result, isn't it destined! The person who cooperates with the play is called."

"That is to say, the ancient age can be encountered so easy, and it is said that the dean is called Long Pin Xuan."

"The surname dragon? Dragon Abandoned?"

"The dragon is so many dragons that have been awarded the title of Dragon King. No one heard that it was a dragon. It is said that the monk is not admitted by the dragon."

"So I see this dean 80% of the goods, flicker!"

These discussion have not been to the celebration site, and they will not be strange to see the actual situation.

The fans who went to the scene closed their mouths, did not argue.

"Too white, what do you see about that dean?"

Taibai Jinxing looked at those gods, just laughed, "It's true, fake is fake, really can't, false."

"There is no strength in this college, not for a year, more than ten years, after decades, if it is really 9 stars, then absolutely on the other college, if the strength is not good, then it will naturally be eliminated. "

"But a college."

Those gods are slightly stunned, and Taibai Jinxing said.

They are because it is too much now, and one piece is integrated. I feel some relationships, I will guess to guess, there are different answers.

But I have been to the scene of the gods, and I am ready to see how these gods have been faced in the future. They seem to be in the case that this college is amazing.

This is the power of guiding surgery.

The Emperor waved the sleeve and sat in the upper place. Looking at the lively extraordinary and gently coughing in the temple.

All the fairy is all neatly stated, "" Meet the Emperor! "

"Free gift! What is the truce of Zhongxianjun, is there anything?"

In the place in Tianding, there is no bustling in the world. Once there is any news, it will pass it, so listen to the gossip has become a fun.

Tianmili naturally will not avoid it.

Especially in the hall, these gods often do not disappoint him.

"Heaven, the lower world, there is a stone monkey, it is very big, claiming Qi Tian Dasheng!"

"He Tiandi, the anniversary of the West Lake Academy has ended, but Erlang Zhenjun took the grand prize, and he was guided by the dean, discovered the major problems of itself. Now it has been closed!"


One thing is said by the gods of the gods, and the Emperor is heard that it is .

"Well, the stone monkey has damage to the sky, a small stone monkey, so you can bring this monkey with Tianqi, send this monkey, let him know that Tianwei can't afford!"

The Emperor will soon reach the first directive.

"Erlang Zhen Jun closed? What is the major problem with him? Is the dean pointed to his strength?"

The fans who participated in the ceremony quickly answered one by one.

Tianmi instantly caught pensive.

He and many fairy ideas are totally different.

A dragon where you can see the problem of Erlang, isn't it really dragon?

If it is a dragon, why is it a dragon?

It is because all surnames have recorded on the dragon family, is not good to pretend?

To be honest, the Emperor does not have the state of Erlang.

The strength of the Erlang God has not improved, he thought it was a problem that Erlang himself cultivated, or encountered a bottleneck.

Because the third eye is possible to shield the knowledge, there is little discovery that can be discovered by careful exploration.

But the dean of the West Lake Academy can be.

Which senior is it?

The Emperor looked up and looked at the East, was it?

Chapter 113 Arranged

Let's not say how the gods on the Tiand is guessing the gods of Erlang, but the Buddha is also beginning to circulate the West Lake Academy.

Many colleges in the fairyland and the Buddhism have a sense of crisis.

"I heard that Erlang Zhenjun joined the West Lake Academy as a teacher of the West Lake Academy?"

"It seems that the Dean of the West Lake Academy discovered the major problems of Erlang Zhenjun, and then hit a bet."


"It should be won, otherwise I will join?"

"Then this dean is not simple!"

"This 9th school's name can fall on the West Lake Academy!"

"Now Wen Chang Emperor is an accident, and the fate is also accident, and the star college will not be assessed, and I don't know which star will take over!"

"Maybe I will re-assess the West Lake Academy."

"Even if the assessment, the star of this college will not be low, after all, Erlang Zhenjun joined."

"That will not assess the 9th school."

"Everything is still to look at the facts!"

"Okay, recently, your full mouth is gone."

"I don't enter hell who is in hell! The mouth is preserves, but it is just a look."

"Good, good!"

The strength of the fairyland and the Buddha world is also graded.

1 to 2 levels of fairy are called Xiaoxian, the Buddha is called the poverty;

3 to 4 levels of fairy are called fairy tons, the Buddha is called ;

5 ~ 6 fairy world called immortal or fairy, the Buddha is called revealing;

The 7 ~ 8th level is called Xianjun, the Buddhism is called eight Tianlong;

9 ~ 10 fairy world called Fei Xian, the Buddhist world called interpretation;

The 11 ~ 12 level is called Jinxian, the Buddha is called the King Kong;