I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 80th section of the Dean of the Monster College.

The 13 ~ 14 level is called Luohan Jinxian, the Buddha is called Luohan;

The 15 ~ 16 level is called Da Luo Jinxian, the Buddha is called Bodhisattva (fruit);

The 17th to 18th level is called true king, the Buddha is called an ancient Buddha (Buddha);

The 19th level is called the emperor, the Buddha is called the Buddha (ancestream).

According to such a strength division, Erlang Jun, in fact, the last true monarch is the respect for his name, and it is no wonder that Erlang Zhenjun is a God of War, from this strength, it can be seen in the emperor.

The emperor of the fairy is still very much. Of course, the main belly is the sky. It is a few levels, then I don't know, because the 19th level is the emperor.

The Buddha's Buddha is also the same, although the Buddhist believes in the peacefulness, but in fact, the gap between the strength is still distinguished from different names.

Guanyin Tri is standing in front of a Buddha, both hands together, just finished the news.

The Buddha slowly opened his eyes, "Amazing, what do you think?"

Guanyin Dani rushed, "" This matter has been discovered by the old mother of Lishan, it is afraid to be vigilant. "

The Buddha is slightly silent, and then said, "In this case, there is a life, there is a life, which is natural, which is natural."

Guanyin Tashi is, once again, "Thank the Buddha's mention! Can be found in Li Mountain ..."

The Buddha is light, "she won't!"

Far in a fairy mountain pass, I don't know the fairyland and the Buddhist world because he joined the West Lake Academy, and all the rumors set off, he all the hearts of the jade in front of themselves.

In the jade order, a method of array is recorded directly, you can directly separate his original fairy and third eyes.

In this way, the third eye cannot pass the fairy force in his body, and there is no worries when it is really destroyed in the third eye.

The key is that this array is also arranged by himself, and it will not be alive with his own fairy.

This is also the reason why Subo Shen found such a hidden cave to solve its own problems.

Because someone shot when he solved the hidden dangers of the third eye, broke this array, then he would receive the anti-theramosis of the third eye, there is a great possibility that the spirit in the third eyes Swallow.

Dragon Pin Xuan gives this array naturally seen by guiding surgery in the information of Erlang God.

The guidance is to guide the correct cultivation path in front of him. Which is a fairy, as long as his cultivation is wrong or not the most perfect cultivation, it will first solve the way, and the correct cultivation path.

In fact, the practice of Erlang Shen is not the most perfect, but it is also a kind of superior skill, but the third eye, because it is the interior of Erlang, he also practically power because of this third eye It will be sealed as God of War.

However, Erlang God is actually just a good God of War. After all, the life of the fairy is endless, and the strong perspective is much better than the Shenlang Shenqi.

At this moment, Erlang is not just a long-term strength, but also faces the result of macrophagy. The strength is still light. If you are heavy, you will be swallowed, becoming a new god.

But the original Erlang will not exist.

Therefore, the price of Erlang will also make this spirit.

His finger moves, and has taken a lot of items from the mustard space, which is the fairy thing he collects, which is the base pad used as a array.

During the insurance period, Erlang god threw a lot of defense in the Dongfu and Xianshan.

The entire fairy mountain is shrouded by a layer of white fog. There is also a layer of magic and fascinating. It will not find an abnormality in the powerful gods. After entering Xian Mountain, it will be fascinated to return to Xian Mountain. .

But if you have the fairy that you want to come in, after these two layers of array, it is a killing and defense.

After all are all arranged, Erlang God puts out the roof dog around him at the door of the Dongfu.

"How to help me, don't let anyone come in!"

"Wang!" The root dog is naturally loyal, squatted in the door of Dongfu.

Erlang God has a sighter guard door, and there is a lot in his heart.

Subsequently, he began to arrange jade on the Yutong in the Dongfu.

The arrangement of the array is not very difficult, especially the second eye, the insights have a lot of array of insights. For the understanding of the method, there is a very experience, so the speed of the arrangement is very fast.

Erlang God also placed the center of the array in its own stone bed.

He sat in the array, when he was activated, he floated in the air, the third eye of the forehead was actually slowly flying from his forehead under the role of the array.


Erlang's eyes are full of joys, he feels his body, and the fairy in the body has not been absorbed by the third eye.

At this time, the breath on the body of Erlang began to fluctuate.

this is?

Erlang's eyes flashed a magic look.

Flame small bottle reminds you: look after the collection (), then look more convenient.

Chapter 114 What is this world?

Do he want to advance?

Erlang is a horror, and then it is great.

He has been stagnant for many years, and every moment is absorbed by the third eye, but he didn't expect himself after getting rid of this sustaver, it was necessary to advance!

However, it may be more relaxed for the disposal of the third eye.

Erlang God looked at the third eye floating in the air.

Although the third eye is closed, the Erlang God can still feel the blurred situation in the case of their own blood.

It seems that there is a small life curling body that is floating inside.

And a powerful breath comes out from this third eye.

Erlang Shenli is clear, this third eye is going to wake up, he must hurry to advance!

However, this time the promotion is not difficult to do with Erlang.

The fairy is naturally running, it seems that there is no breakthrough, it seems to be the same as the daily cultivation.

Breakthrough at once.

Erlang's eyes are complicated, looking at the third eye in front.

This eye absorbs too much fairy, saying that it is not too much to eat with his fairy.

But is there no benefit?

Naturally, from the beginning, the Sublang God got the title of God of War, so that Erlang God stood out in the true monarch, now, because the third eyes come for a long time to breathe fairy, leading to his Breakthrough is completely water to the stream.

In fact, it should be said that the talent of Erlang will be broken, but it should break through a few hundred years ago, but it is hard to succumb to the fairy, leading to the strength of the strength, so that the third eyes are separated. The body broke through.

Erlang God, I used to be a grade 17, I have reached the 18th true, and it is not an initial entry level 18, which is in vividness of the 18th level.

He held his hand, sighed, and his hand appeared.

I have to do it.

On this day, there is a thrilling ring in a fairy mountain.

This fairy mountain didn't blow it directly, and the fairy that several passed passed was blocked.

However, from Xian Mountain, he flew out a movie, with a powerful breath, laughing in the air of the stone.

A black drague follows the shadow.

Then, the fairy belongs to the news of the Erlang gods.

Erlang God does not mention the closing of his hidden dangers, but also took out a lot of things compensated to gave the fairy that was injured.

After the Hosynum God told himself in his palace, he left the roof dog.

He wants to achieve his promise!

So, what happened to this world?

Longpin Xuan has some collapse to listen to the immortal news of the opposite Erlang God.

He has also taken Sun Wukong to take the scripture, , Tang Yan's division four people learn to do the case, tell those monsters and cultivators, dare to do this plot, I didn't start?

No, he thinks that the world of the White Snake may not have a matter of Sun Wukong, or the old thing before.

It turns out that the kind of parallel world he thinks!

So this world is much more complicated than Long Pin Xuan.

However, he looked at the Erlang God who had a tea and looked at his forehead. He smiled.

"It seems that you have a good recovery, and your eyes have returned to the initial state."

Erlang god did not avoid it, nodded directly, after all, his problem is to solve in front of it.

For the dean, his gratitude is huge.

If not that array.

Erlang God wants to have the scene of the spirit of the smugglers in the eyes.

When he didn't wake up in the other person, he immediately sneaked the killer. If the other party woke up, if he is not promoted, it is not his own.

"How do I think you have to be more interest to the matter of the stone monkey."

Two Lang said with a smile, solved the heart of the heart, and his temperament of his entire person has become a lot of easy, and it will be joking.

Ok, this is the idea of ​​Long Pin Xuan, and those students under him are not thinking.