I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Monster College as the Dean Section 83

Right, that is it!

After the Bo Lang god, finally nodded.

Too Shangjun is afraid that the two gods will be anti-port. The Rapid board decided to go to the West Lake Academy to see the dean to set this, save the event.

Two gods and Tai Shang Laojun two gods went to the West Lake Academy.

Dragon Pinxuan is being directed at this time to decorate the entire West Lake Academy.

When he felt two people with huge fantasy entered the West Lake Academy, he immediately thought of Erran God.

Will this will be the Erlang God with his friend?

Don't really recruit God?

Longpin Xuan felt quickly went to the gate, seeing the Erlang God with a white beard fairy.

This white beard fairy is very familiar, isn't it too old?

Lying in the trough, Erlang god actually put too much old Jun as a teacher? Erlang god cattle is forced!

Longpin Xuan's heart is anger!

Originally, as long as you come to a few gods as a teacher, you can complete the task.

But now it is a big man to be a teacher, so the strength of the college will improve!

It is necessary to know that all kinds of fairyans in the Tianda are all refining, and the background and qualifications of the Old Jun is said to be scared!

Longpin Xuan recognized that after the Old Jun, he just stepped away, and immediately accelerated his footsteps and went to the two gods.

"Teacher Yang, come back! Is this not too old? I haven't seen it for a long time! It looks more handsome!"

Thousands of mistakes, the gart is good!

In the first time, I will take a slap in the first time. Many things can be solved.

Too Shang Laojun saw the dean of so polite, nature would not be a big, after all, this is likely to be very good.

"I heard that the Dean is recruiting teacher, I will come and work, I don't know how to pay for the payment of your school?"

Too Shang Laojun is very straightforward, and after hearing the coldness of Longpin Xuan, just laughing, and then immediately asked the key issues he want to ask.

Longpin Xuan said faintly. "Our college is said to be self-sufficient. Salary is a clothing and food, and of course the teacher will have special. Some of the allowances can support the teacher to buy some things in Hangzhou."

Tooother old man nodded, turned to look at Erlang God, "Okay, you have forgotten 30 pieces of medicine a year!"

Erlang God is naturally native.

Longpin Xuan immediately took a roster of the West Lake Academy, turned to the last page to let the old man signed with his own blood.

After the Laojun signed, the whole body is relaxed.

The dragon robe smiled and smiled with the Tooo Laojun and Erlang God.

"Here is the experimental building, here is the cultivation plaza, here is the teaching place of Erlang Zhenjun, here is the Laojun's teaching place, here is the place where the Erlang Zhenjun lives, and the old monarch can live down in these unreasonable villas. "

"This is the back garden ..."

"Post-garden?" Too many old men looked up with his eyes "", "Your college has a back garden? What is precious herbs?"

Longpin Xuan nodded, "Nature is there! Our medicinal herbs are used by the herbal medicine of the garden!"

Tai Shang Laojun naturally also knows the pilot of Longpin Xuan, must have someone to help Longpin Xuan behind him! After all, it is necessary to refine so many pilots, and there will be a lot of medicine.

But he did not expect this to help this, but all people who were by the West Lake Academy thought this is the back garden.

One inside a rear garden full of various herbs!

Tai Shang Lao Jun only feels happiness to suddenly suddenly! Do you have!

Chapter 118 is the Too Old Jun (2)

Too Shang Laojun suddenly asked, "How big is the back garden?"

He wants to know how much the garden than his fairy is.

It is necessary to know that his fairyland is not small, the key is that the medicine in the fairy is basically the grass, the refining is a fairyan.

The people in the human world are all grass, and the refining is the pan, so surprises are there, but not too much.

After all, the college in a human world can have so many herbs that are very good.

One reason why I have promised to teach it is that this college will definitely be alchemn. He does not refine the Dan in a week, and it is more difficult to learn a month.

But the human world can not refine the fairy, there is no such immortality, so it can only be refined.

The soul of the could not refine the grass, it takes a lot of mortic reserves, so he heard that the West Lake College also has its own posterious garden, naturally it is very surprised.

Longpin Xuan wants to think, "If you are very big, do you want to see?"

Too old, nod, "Okay!"

Longpin Xuan's directory of the West Lake Academy, turn to the last page, "Come, first sign a word!"

Tai Shang Laojun looked at the pages in front of him, and naturally understood the meaning of Longpin Xuan.

However, since it is coming, there is nothing to hesitate, he forced his light golden blood sign on the roster.

Longpin Xuan smiled and closed the booklet, the second teacher went to the hand!

"Let's go, let's take a look at the back garden of the West Lake Academy."

The ghost stood in the door of the back garden, respectfully welcoming the Long Pin Xuan, Too many old jun and Erlang God.

Erlang God is the first time to see the ghost. It is a bit surprised to see the ghosts that come out. "This is also the students of the college? Didn't see it!"

Longpin Xuan laughed, "It is currently the treasure of our college, but also allows you to listen to my lecture. I used to be a little demon. Now it is good, and after their strength is reaches a certain degree, I also give them to them."

The ghost listened to Long Pin Xuan, and his face was happy, and he was a gift, "Xie Dean!"

Longpin Xuan nodded in the ghost, and turned to the Tooo Old Jun and Erlang God made a given gesture.

"Please, look at my back garden."

Too Shang Laojun did not continue to continue, but looked at the border connected to the college, suddenly asked in a little, "Is this a space? Is it a space? Do you open itself?"

Longpin Xuan is just a little smile, no talk.

"Is the portable space of planting?" Erlang's eyebrows, "is the mustard space set up behind our cave. Do you have anything?"

Too many old Jun shook his head, "No, this is different, the mustard space in our cave, even some hardware facilities of planting, such as land, but it needs us to prepare. But planting With a different space, the land inside can be automatically grown, how big is there, how big the land can be, and the plants growing here can have a reduction time, complex effect. "

"This land is what we usually say!"

"Pixin!" Erlang godged his eyes, when the old man said this soil's name, the Erran God may have not heard of it. Solver soil is so famous!

Too Shanglun nodded, "There are very few interest soils, but most of the givers are only functional, and the function of maintaining dirt nutrients, small partial sins have time, additional effects of reducing plant growth. Once the space of the portable space evolves into the portable space of planting, the soil inside naturally evolves from the cream, which is not to know which pearl here is? "

Longpin Xuan smiled, "I will know it when I go in and see! Lao Jun really enlighten!"

Three people walked into the back garden, the scene entered into the eyes, the Too many monks and Erlang gods were stagnant.

What did they see is the back garden? Is it a piece of land? Not a continent?

In fact, it is an exaggeration of the mainland, but it is not exaggerated.

Because I can't see the end.

The herbal in the mountains is on the left, and the other is planting a variety of vegetables, and the variety is not imagined. And each kind of vegetable melon fruit is full, and you can smell the aroma of herbs and melon fruit.


Too Shang Laojun stepped on the foot of the feet to halfway, looked at the various herbs below, he directly ignored the fruits and vegetables.

"These seem to have a few hundred years for a few hundred years!"

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"I have to know the spirit, thousands of wells, and I can become an immortal, saying is herbal medicine."

A hundred years of herbs can be said that there is a good job, the resulting spirit Dan effect is first-class effect, and the millennium herbs have been essential. They can live to return to life, and the jade muscles, and the centuries can hang this, you can see it. Wan years of herbs can be included in the scope of the grass.

Too God looked at the grass in the wilderness in the field. He suddenly shocked to a further place, the herbs were more dense, and the rich aura gathered together, and there were voiced signs.

"Then there are those who are so fast! To promote into a grass!"

Too God only felt that the happiness before him is not happy, and now is happiness!

The greece here is definitely the most advanced!

He suddenly flew back to Longpin Xuan, "How long have you been in this space? Hundreds of years is still a thousand years?"

Longpin Xuan said bluntly. "When I opened the West Lake Academy, this space was there."

Too Shang Laojun shocked and retired, "That is to say, these herbs have a few more than a year?"

Longpin Xuan nodded, "Not bad."

Erlang gods are already in front of their eyes, tens of millions accelerated. What is this fairy planting class with space?

Too Shang Laojun suddenly felt that this dean in front of him is too mysterious!

Erlang God is too right, he just gambling a possibility, the result will win, not only solve the cause of the body, but also come here to be a teacher.

And this dean does not know which great effort to build a college, but also build the college in the human world.