I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Monster College Section 84

Too Shang Laojun suddenly distressed, if this portable space opened in the fairy city, I will type the grass at the beginning, now I don't want more than 100,000 years of herbs! Too much distressed!

But now those who are rapidly evolved into a grass, but don't have to wait too long!

Too Shang Lao suddenly felt that he promised to become a teacher of the West Lake Academy is a great choice!

"Erlang God, good!"

Erlang God: What? What did he do?

Chapter 119 is the Too Old Old Jun, which is pitted (three

But the next thing, let too Shang Lao will break the gratitude to Erlang.

If not because the name is signed, it is not because of the dean, not because of the belonging space, too, the old man wants to go straight!

What is said to teach a month for a year? It's all lie!

But this can not blame others, who makes him too old to fall into the pit of others!

Too Shang Laojun sat behind the podium, placed a refining furnace in front of him, looked at the same example in front of each person, roaring, "What to stay, hurry to look at the stove! If you re-frying ! Give me go to the station wall! "

Things still have to visit the garden from that day.

Tai Shang Lao Jun just visited the garden, the temper of Erlang is the enthusiasm.

He is slowly grateful to Erlang God.

Erlang God is a good person, wrong, he is not a human, it is a good god!

Knowing the lack of the West Lake Academy, the first one shouts him, but also a hundred thousand years of Xue Ganzhi, the result shouted, and there was a bigger surprise waiting for him.

According to the time of this portable space, I believe how long it can't, those herbs that are the most planted in the most, then they will become a grass, and then soon, a hundred thousand years of snow, a big piece, a large piece! He can take a soup to eat!

Too many old monarchs, he is now the teacher of the West Lake Academy, these herbs must be used!

Longpin Xuan looked at the look of the Old Jun, how can he can't see his thoughts, "Laojun is satisfied with this medicine?"

Too God is touched, "Satisfied! Satisfied!"

Longpin Xuan nodded. The college will support, and the package is eaten, if the old man wants to go to Hangzhou to turn, we are also borne! "

These words say that there is a comfortable heart in the old man. Erlang is like this, this treatment is really good.

"But it!" Longpin Xuan continued, "Old Jun also did his duty! What is the teacher's duty?"

Longpin Xuan pointed to the Erlang God. "

Tai Shang Laojun looked at the god of Erlang, a little surprised, Yang Wei actually did his best! Great!

Long Pu Xuan's praise is still going on, "And Yang teacher has a spell guidance lesson from time to time, and the application of various weapons and guidance, and a lot of courses."

Too Shang Laojun raised his thumbs, "Erlang Zhenjun is worthy!"

"Yes, so, old, you must be like Erlang Zhenjun"

Too many old men heard the words, the eyes were aging! what? Like Erlang God?

Do not sleep, don't sleep a few days, give students a class every day?

No, he is not dry!

Is this special not in the toss? No, toss the fairy!

Longpin Xuan looked at the old man, the meaning of the meaning of the eye, so that too much, the old man swallowed the "not dry" of the exit.

"However, the old monarch is not necessary to be like the Erlang Zhenjun, there is nothing to sleep, not sleeping for a few days, this is too exaggerated!"

The words that Longpin Xuan then said that the Too Too Old Junmines, I nodded, and there was a little smile on my face.

It seems that this dean is still very good, did not treat him as the animals of Erlang God, , Erlang God is God, he eats the old bones.

However, when the teacher is really responsible, he will not teach people, and the special skills of alderism will give students a little more than those of the special skills.

Longpin Xuan continued to say, "So if you have a day 24 hours a day, Erlang Zhenjun will teach 24 hours, then the older is about three or four days to complete, if the middle of the road is still here The drug refining some of the medicinal herbs, this time cannot be counted above the teaching students! So the Erlang Zhenjun is teaching for a month, and the Laojun is at least three or four months. "

"But the old monarch is impossible to rest, then according to a month for 28 days, every 7 days is one week, 5 days per week, then a month is 20 days in class, conversion into the number of days of Erlang Zhenjun, but it is 5 days That is to say that Erlang Zhenjun is 3 days, and the old monarch will be able to teach for a month, then the Erlang Zhenjun will teach for a month, and the old monarch will teach 6 months. "

"Of course, during this period, the time of Laojun alchemy is also added, if it is a flower for 2 months, then the teaching is naturally added to 8 months!"

"However, all herbs used during the lecture can be used casually in this back garden, but they will not be able to pass the teaching."

"Right, these herbs can only be used as the old monarch to refine the medicinal medicine for the students, or teach students to alchemy, the refined Dan medicine is not able to give the West Lake Academy outside the West Lake Academy. People, after all, this is also the property of our West Lake Academy. Of course, the old king himself is definitely can't see the Chinese medicine, will not take more, right? "

After the end of the Dragon Pin Xuan, he left the old man and looked at the finger. "Erlang Zhenjun teaches for a month, I have to teach 6 months? What ghost? But I can't do it refute?"

Listening, the endo god listened to the words of Long Pin Xuan, took the shoulders of Tai Shang Laojun, "In fact, if the old man is like me, sleep less, more teaching points, almost a time"

Too God, the foot, "Fart, the old, my old bones, how can I get this cough and cough again! I have to refine the Dan, the teaching time is also postponed, then"

Huh? Too Shang Lao suddenly thought of a good idea.

If he refines the Dan once a few months, then this year will not pass it? How much time does he have not taught!

Too many people can't help but praise your own wit!

I know that so many herbs are in front of it, I don't make it unfortunately!

Besides, signatures are signed!

Too Shang Lao will finally find this vulnerability in this, and naturally promise the requirements of Long Pu Xuan, anyway, there is a countermeasure!

As a result, this big pit is willing to jump down.

Too Shang Laojun is behind the podium, watching the next few students going!

"You! Stand up, go to the corner! Yes! It is you! No refining Dan! How is it! Diligence can not know? Alchemy everyone can learn, just learn fast learning! Take me reflect!"

The student bitterly stood in the corner of the wall, and the students he knew that his water attribute was killed with fire properties.

Chapter 120 is forgotten

In fact, for Long Pin Xuan, he is as many teachers, and a few very powerful teachers, it is enough.

Is the alchemy time Long Pin Xuan will not think?

He is naturally thought, but he doesn't care!

Erlang God taught for a month. In fact, I'm going to be able to learn more than one month in the sky. After all, there will be other teachers to join, but if you can teach a few days, why not!

Therefore, even Long Pin Xuan did not think that this effect would be so good.

It can be said that it is a large pit excavated in invisible.

Because in the next day, the Too many old monarch felt how pitted this agreement.

In fact, when I was taught the students, I met a big problem.

It is the poor inheritance of the human world, the inheritance of the alchemy, and those who are alchemy teachers are not high, and the alchemists are cultivated by some big forces and big families.

Although Longpin Xuan is an alchemist, it is just a level 1 refining teacher. It is impossible to exceed the Older Jun, so Long Pinxuan teaches the basis of alchemy, and the rest is too old, the old man is teaching.

The key is that alchemy is to see talent.

However, Long Pinxuan instructed the teaching quality of Taishang Laojun. At the same time that he could use the Hand of the Garden without restrictions, it is necessary for the students of the Laojun Church West Lake College. It is not how much everyone is. Everyone has to!

It is recognized that it is recognized after the basics of the refining Dan's basics.

So in the heart of the Old Jun, the refining Dan only needs to be serious and diligent.

Of course this is the fact.

However, he forgot that the cactors he touched is also a genius, and genius needs to be diligent, and it can be difficult to see alchemy.

Therefore, after Long Pin Xuan, after teaching one or two alchemy, there was a little gave up, and only a few alchemy qualifications were better, and guided.

And the pit of the old man in the slut is here!

I want to know that the West Lake Academy is a class is a test class!

The qualifications in the experimental class are poor than the average people!

Although Longpin Xuan is using the ancient cultivation method to enhance their own physical fitness, improve their talent, but this is time.

In this short period of time, the improvement is limited.

So too, the old man is now a headache.

He wants to use her herbs that have evolved into a grass, but I think that these students who think of this experimental class are too much longer than the other two classes, I am bored.

This progress is too big!

How these students have been selected to enter the West Lake Academy!

However, I'm too old Jun thought that the food never had eaten every day, hey, in fact, it is more than a few days, it is not very disgusting.

Longpin Xuan smashed his hand and looked at the two urgent fragments completed above.

Do you want to complete the task? Still discussing with too many old monarchs, see if you can pull a few gods as a teacher?

But what I want to ask?

Longpin Xuan fell into a contemplation.

Erlang God is a War God in the fairyland. Too Shangli is a recognized alchemist. These two gods are in the fairy world. The strength or status of other teachers must not be lower than these two, this is not good. Do it.