I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean section 85

Longpin Xuan is very clear, his current college is in its infancy.

Many students' strength is skyrocketing, including his, wait until later, the necessary teachers will be more powerful, but also need a certain background.

The key is that there are not many gods in the fairyland that there is nothing to come as a teacher. Too many old men do not know what is convincing.

So I thought for a long time, Long Pinxuan decided to complete this task.

After the task is completed, it is when it is harvested.

Longpin Xuan sat on his office chair, and his small lottery box appeared in front of him.

Longpin Xuan put his hand in the start to draw, this time he saw the lottery box and the previous slightly different, I don't know if the task is double the reason, this time the lucky draw is like upgraded.

There is a small window outside the lottery box to be transparent, you can see the different pieces from inside.

Longpin Xuan took the head to the past, looked at the debris inside, and a hand.

It used to be slightly experienced different energy generated, but now it is not only possible, but also can be seen from that small window.

"Hey, this lottery is interesting, it is very in line with my heart!"

Longpin Xuan saw the fragments of Jianzheng, drawing out two, after drawing, the lucky draw box disappeared in the air.

He has several secrets of the secrets of their own, and is currently 7 levels of Jianzhao secret fragments, 1 9th grade Jianzheng secret fragment.

It seems that unless the secret of the formation of the type of secret fragment can be drawn to the legends, and they can only pump 1 of the secret fragmentation.

Or now, his random can only draw a secret fragment of level 1?

But now there are 3 pieces, and then 7 pieces can open the secrets of the sword.

After the lottery is completed, it is another task.

Long Pu Xuan has a certain understanding of this system. From the previous task to the present, it is triggering, and it will suddenly trigger the task when there is something.

When the task is triggered, it is when it encounters Bai Suzhen and strictly.

The two tasks are to recruit them as a student because their qualifications are very high, and another task is the college review star.

In fact, the key to this task is to enhance the strength of the college.

If you think of this aspect, Long Pinxuan thinks about it, saying that he can use such a situation to trigger the task.

For example, according to the existing geniuses you know, go to them in front of them, see if you will trigger the task of the Jian Tianjiao, or commented on the star.

You must know that the last review star has failed.

The reason is sent to Wenchang.

Hub, is he forgotten what is important?

Longpin Xuan stood up and walked in the office.

This thing may directly affect the development of the college, and there is a certain relationship with the comet.

What is it?

Longpin Xuan knocked on his head. Since the rebirth, some of him can use it is not too much, because he has changed many of the plots of many major characters at first.

So what did he think of? What did he forgot?

No, you must think of it! This thing is very important!

Chapter 121 This is a happy event.

Longpin Xuan can't get this thing, simply go out of the office, go shopping in the college, maybe you can think of it.

He walked around in the cultivation square and then walked toward the classroom of Tooo.

The teaching of Erlang's God has been completed, naturally it goes back, it is too old, because there is not much time in teaching every day, it is waiting here for a long time.

In particular, those students of the experimental class have dragged a lot of progress, causing the progress of teaching.

There are only a few highlighted students with a more highlighted talents, and finally the simplest medicinal medicine can be successful after three months.

But the students of many experimental classes really want to cry without tears. Their attributes are water attributes, and the talents of water attributes should be refining, and they will be very difficult, plus them, and they are not very good, really want to refine If you don't use fire properties, or you need to change your spiritual power to refine.

These are all needed to be done with talents or diligent efforts.

The students of the West Lake Academy have no lazy, but the time to learn is short.

It is possible for a few months or or two years, and it is possible to more than a general practitioner, not to mention the cultivator of their water attributes.

Of course, their current qualifications have been greatly improved before, from their respective strengths, it can be seen.

Especially Xu Xian, although he is asked to break through, but in the dark, he is still opened by Longpin Xuan, and Bai Suzhen is helping him, nature is a progressive speed.

Longpin Xuan stands outside the window, looking at the classroom, the old man is talking about how to use all kinds of flames to refine Dan.

This is an interest in many students below, especially those with water properties. If they are not their own flames, with other ways, they can also retreat to refine from the drug, only Dan medicine finished products The quality will be a bit.

Longpin Xuan looked at the students in the alchemy, it is getting better and gratifying.

He opened the guiding surgery, and naturally saw the difference between many people.

This is the experimental class, in the human class and the demon class, nor without water attributes, but their talents are relatively high, some have realized the true meaning of water and fire, and there is actually changed the properties of water.

In fact, in Longpin Xuan, it is to decompose water, and the energy of hydrogen is extracted with the small particles inside, thus explosing huge heat, and controls these heat to reach the effect of alchemy.

Of course, this can be used in the top of the alchemy, but also on some of your skills.

It looks simple, but actually operates still is very complicated, at least Longpin Xuan will not.

There will also be other help, but the technique is a variety of diversified, such as characters, such as a mailing, one by one, has exhibited talents in different fields.

Long Pu Xuan stood there to see the get out of class. After all, some of the alchemy's techniques said, he is still very interested.

Although his alchemy technology has not broken through the failure of the last mission, it is more studying, even if there is no system, he can't learn to break through itself!

Sometimes Long Puxuan also has a feeling of separation.

If the system really disappears, his guiding surgery and a series of camouflage may fail.

If this time, he has such strength and experience, and does not need to rely on the system's guidance, there is such knowledge to teach others, then this is the real power.

Longpin Xuan naturally advancing this goal.

The door of the classroom is open, and Long Pin Xuan has a flashing in the classroom, watching the laughter students below, some are sitting.

Too Shang Laojun stepped on the clouds to Longpin Xuan, "Your alchemistic technology is not bad, why not teach it?"

Longpin Xuan looked at the Old Jun, "I am the Dean!"

Too God is silent.

Ok, he is a dean, this reason is too reasonable!

"No, the dean can teach!"

Heaven and old will be indignant.

Longpin Xuan nodded, "Yes, I am teaching, I teach, you can't teach, so you can only teach you."

100,000 volts fight!

Too big old man biting teeth, how to refute?

It is said that he doesn't understand the problem and progress of those students cultivated.

It's too bulky!

Longpin Xuan saw Xu Xian sneaked to a direction, suddenly remembered what, said, "I will go first, there is something!"

After that, he left directly.

Many students in the classroom sitting there to talk about the content of the class.

There are a few students looking at the roof.

"I just have someone on the window and the roof?"

"Don't think, that is the dean, stand outside the window next to me, it is estimated that it is to patrol."

"Fortunately, I am serious!"

"No one is not serious, it is good!"

"Well, I am not punished today!"

"This is your heart. Hahahaha!"

Xu Xian, who saw Longpin Xuan, was naturally going to the back garden, and Longpin Xuan also looked up, since he had thought about his previously thought of, then directly followed it, said it would be.

Xu Xian light cars came to a flower sea.

This is a kind of hat, but it is a small purple flower that it grows into the medicine. These flowers are small purple flowers, only one finger is so big, very lush, looks special beauty.

Bai Suzhen came to Xu Xian's side.

"Are you here?" Xu Xian looked at Bai Suzhen's eyes unchanged.

Bai Suzhen looked at Xu Xian's eyes more gentle than before. After the anniversary, the relationship between the two rose straight lines, it should be Bai Suzhen to know that this person is a benefactor, and the two between them are invisible. There are a lot of wreath of grinding.

Longpin Xuan went into the garden station in the absence of the entrance, looked at the two people with a slightly intimate look, the brain was light, he remembered, and the Changpai is related to Chang Dijun.

And Changxing referred to as a star, also known as Quart, Quarto is not a child of Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian? That god of Xu Shilin?