I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Monster College, the Dean No. 86

In other words, Changzi wants to come again, or the college wants to get the star again, Xu Shilin is the key?

Or this is the key point for the story originally there?

Longpin Xuan lamented two people in front, "Well, the college is a happy event!"

Bai Suzhen is a demon, Xu Xian is a person, if the light is big, give them a happy thing, Xu Shilin is born, then directly enter the West Lake Academy, then various tasks trigger?


Chapter 122 and another festival

Longpin Xuan walked forward, "You feel very good, when is it?"

Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian's two people are talking to the whisper, suddenly heard the voice of Long Pu Xuan, let them all.

But then the face of Bai Shuzhen flew up the slim, Xu Xian was still unhugangled, scratching his head.

"This, we" Xu Xian carefully looked at Bai Suzhen, he was embarrassed to say that they have not yet to the point.

When Bai Suzhen was shy, although the red scain on the face did not retreat, it was a generous stand that he got up and gave a gift from Longpin Xuan. "The dean is good!"

Xu Xian also quickly climbed up and asked.

Longpin Xuan rushed to sway, and not need to be more ceremonies.

"I looked at you and interested in it, but I twisted it, I haven't specifically said that I can't see it!"

When Longpin Xuan said, the film directly passed directly, and the two said it was red.

"I will ask you, do you disagree?"

Longpin Xuan looks to Xu Xian, "You don't agree?"

Xu Xianyi Li Ma fai shook his head, what is red, "How can I, I am afraid?

Longpin Xuan got a satisfactory answer, turned to look into Bai Suzhen, "That is you disagree?"

Bai Suzhen did not answer immediately, but turned to Xu Xian, he actually agreed.

She understands that Xu Xian is different, although she does have the meaning of the envelope, but when I started with Xu Xian, this person is indeed a certain position in her heart, especially after the celebration.

At the beginning, it should be the Buddha seed in the body, probably being impressed by Xu Xianfo, which has the nature of phase suction, causing Bai Shuzhen to have a lot of good feelings.

After that, she understood her original fate, knowing her and Xu Xian's past life, there is no resistance to anything.

Therefore, under the eyes of Xu Xian, Bai Suzhen shake his head, "no".

It is actually "no disagree".

Xu Xian first slammed, but immediately understood the meaning of Bai Suzhen. The joy in the heart is like flying out, full of happiness wrapped him.

Longpin Xuan saw the state of the two, suddenly laughed, "so very well, then the West Lake Academy has a happy event next month, so ready to prepare."

After that, Long Pinxuan disappeared directly, he went out to arrange other students to prepare.

Leave Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen.

At this time, the feelings of the two people who broke out will naturally sublimate.

Then the entire Hangzhou also set off the topic.

"I heard it, have two geniuses in the college to join us!"

"Yeah, I heard that the wedding ceremony will invite all the people in Hangzhou to go! Just on the streets of the West Lake."

"The red lantern hangs up!"

"Which two geniuses?"

"Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian!"

"Is the two hosts before the celebration?"

"Ah, that isn't it the first two male or female protagonist?"

"That is, the former rescue Xu Xian, Later, Xu Xian, the two, the two finally have a love!"

"But Bai Suzhen is not a person?"

"Is the snake demon, people and demon?"

"The dean also specially wants to do so, is it nothing to do?"

"What is the relationship, have you been with your family a few days ago?"

"Our small households, that can be dean."

"That's not the same, this is said, the demon can be integrated into our lives!"

Many people in Hangzhou have accepted more monsters in the family. Naturally, there is not much resistance to the combination of the shemale, especially the two ordered the first programs above, their stories have been Hangzhou The people of the city have passed the mouth, and now the two have finally become connected, naturally the end of this story.

This move in Hangzhou is an impact on many cities around.

Especially some people with a very serious city with demon confrontation.

They can't imagine, people and demon love will cause anything.

Many colleges are also disadvantaged, but the West Lake Academy now has two gods to sit in the town. The other people do not want to have the urge to make trouble, the most is the verbal talk.

Changes in Hangzhou are not necessarily not.

The lane becomes extremely wide, the bus is prevalent, the driver of the bus has been confirmed to be a monster, but every monster must be trained.

In addition to the driver, a bus is also a toll collector and is responsible for charging.

The bus stop has been established on the roads in Hangzhou, many people are all in the next bus. Then you only need to pay one or two copper plates to do other platforms.

Each station, the toll collector will remind the places of the platform and get off the passengers, so that traffic in Hangzhou has become in order.

The roads on the street have a special bus carriage, the bovitar and pedestrians also have special driving paths, in some large crossroads, and monsters stand in the middle of the road.

Usually, these are the work of the tree demon. A tree only needs to stand in the middle of the road. It can block the passage on the side. After the rattan is withdrawn, it is very convenient.

The changes in Hangzhou have made monsters and many people work. These monsters also experience their feelings. They live in the world is not only cultivated. Sometimes, such a life also makes them feel more precipitation, even if they have eaten The human monster, some of the bargains also have signs of elimination.

The Xinxin of Hangcheng will give this time a wedding.

The red lanterns and red ribbons on the streets, as well as the freshly rainy table, the round table of a table is placed directly around the West Lake, it is simply a festive of Hangzhou.

After the anniversary of the West Lake Academy, the entire Hangzhou has once again ushered in the ceremony.

And this ceremony is full of blessings in Hangzhou people.

Longpin Xuan and Erlang God, too old, the teacher is naturally sitting on the main table, the front desk is sitting in the West Lake Academy, other tables, sitting in various monsters and people.

Xiao Qing wore a red makeup, standing on the stage, smiling and looking at everyone.

"Today is a good day! My sister, is also the family Bai Suzhen, the students of the Xihu Academy, and today's young talents are also handsome, the same as the experimental class of the West Lake Academy.

A warm applause broke out in the field.

"In this festive day, our dean invaders the old marriage as this time! The applause has the old fairy!"

Chapter 123 Moon Defold

With a strong applause, the stage of the stage suddenly broke a white smoke, and a white-haired old man in the red dress appeared.

The inch of the red robe is white, embroidered with different "hi" words, looks special festive.

Holding a cane in the old man, there is an empty hand on the cane, and it should be put some pendant objects, but it is not seen.

It is necessary to know that the month old, but the old man is specially invited, which is naturally a lot of grass.

Because there is a kind of Dragon Pin Xuan's planting space, too old, will go to the different fairy seeds from time to time.

Including his own palace, the garden of the garden, all are planted in the back garden of the West Lake Academy.

And if you want to use the conditions, natural is the first, please be the main marriage, second, too Shang Laojun extended the time in the West Lake Academy, and the age will be extended, if you need Long Pin Xuan personally Shipping planting accelerates the growth of Xiancao, naturally needs to pay more.

However, Long Pinxuan has not thought about it, so too, the old man can say that it is still owed to a few conditions, it can be said that the Sublang God and Tai Shang Lao will have been very good for the West Lake Academy.

After all, they also signed the name on the roster, or there will be potential influences.

Because as long as you sign a name on the roster, it will not betray the college, which is the most important reason for the people in the West Lake Academy.

Longpin Xuan sat in the top of the host table, looking at the moon, as they arranged, and showed a smile on his face.

This stage is actually not in the West Lake, it should be the center of the West Lake, and the same in the top of the stage will be tilted in the four directions in the four directions, which will let the people on the West Lake They can be seen.

Longpin Xuan's main table and Xihu College student sitting on a platform on a platform on a platform, showing them is the West Lake Academy. Of course, Xu Xian's sister and brother-in-law are also sitting at the home desk.

Other cultivators in Hangzhou, monsters and families, including some of the districts of a piece of blocks in the West Lake, all in front.

It is then the position of the people, all kinds of food and dishes are placed on a round table.

All of these are undertaken by West Lake Academy.

The devil is too talent in the cooking, and the food made, and the guidance of Longpin Xuan, it can be shocked and the peak is extremely

At that table, there is a beautiful meal, so that all people are gods or cultivators, no matter whether the monsters are still the people, they are amazed.

Especially the little ghost, because of the ghost, naturally learned ghosts, thousands of fakes at the same time, and the speed of the dishes was thousands of times, and the hard work was in a short break.

These ingredients are the posterior garden produced from the West Lake Academy, because the plant plants grows rapidly, there is an addition of planting, these vegetables are very short, and the ingredients are attached, and they have a good taste and health. Effect, the food made is more first.