I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Monster College, the Dean No. 87

This time, the wines not only convey the concept of this kind of people in the West Lake Academy, but also known as the food of the West Lake Academy, and it will become a cuisine of West Lake, but also the food in Hangzhou.

There was a word throughout the East, "there is Su Hang in heaven!"

Suzhou's gardens have been praised by many poets, and Hangzhou, beautiful in the West Lake, now more, food!

I have a good aftertaste for a lifetime.

That has never seen, "Tiramisu", goose liver hand, Hangzhou specialty West Lake vinegar fish, Longjing shrimp, there is a refined unparalleled snack platter, drawn banana, pull chocolate.

One menu is placed at each location of each table.

And this menu turned directly into the collection of ordinary people, representing the dishes they have ever eaten.

It can be said that there are some foods that basically every table is different, so that many people have chatted after the meal.

For example, this feast, they each eat, how to eat, how is the shape, how is the name.

So when people outside Hangzhou come here, hear those chocolate, tiramisu, and cakes are all, what is this dish?

However, Hangzhou no one can do it, can't eat, because this is only the benefits that I can enjoy the West Lake Academy!

One time, many people who eat as a goal, rushed to Hangzhou, hoping that their families or men, or the children can enter the West Lake Academy, do not ask other things, ask the food inside to bring it.

But now, it is important to be this wedding.

The month is holding this cane to the air, and the whole Hangzhou began to fall down the beautiful rose petals. Of course, these rose petals are also from the back garden of Xihu College.

Welcome to the music sounds.

"Everyone is a guest, everyone! I am old!"

"In this laughter, there is a lot of auspicious, spend a good month, and the festive days of the heavens and the earth, we gathered here, grand celebration Xu Xianxian and Bai Suzhen bride's joy!"

"Today, I am very honored to be entrusted by the Dean of the West Lake Academy, step into this sacred and solemn wedding hall, as the main marriage for newcomers, and causes new wedding congratulations for this new person. Before this, please allow me Representing two newcomers, and their families express my heartfelt thanks to all the arrogance! "

"At the same time, we sincerely bless them, pray for them, cheer for them, cheer for them! For them to combine, let us use the warmest applause, bless happiness groom and bride, I wish their lives like honey Sweet, their feelings are like the age of the fairy, and their future is brilliant like gold! "

The whole audience broke out, especially Xu Xian's sister Xu Jiao Rong and brother Li Gong, the two were more fierce, Xu Jiao Rong's eyes also flashed with tears, her brother finally had an interest, entered West Lake The college, still solved their lifelong events directly.

The daughter-in-law is a monster, she does not oppose her, and their own home also help Li Gong's monster. The key is that this monster is also a student of the West Lake Academy, that is much worried.

Instead, they feel very glory, their family must be aunt's Surgee, her brother has saved such a monster, and now the blessing is coming!

Chapter 124 Different Wedding

At this moment, the old station at the center of the stage, continued, his voice is unusually magnificent, and the whole Hangzhou can hear.

"I believe that all of you have can't wait to see our groom and bride, now I have to ask our groom and bride!"

At this time, a burst of music sounded.

A glycer and male voice also loudly.

"Unpublished eyes heartbeat needle"

"Light is guess me lose weight"

"It's a bit annoying and a little fascinating."

Then, a female voice is also ringing.

"Romance is not too slow"

"Not cautious enough to pick the wrong color"

"But very contradictions like your stupid"

A handsome shadow wearing a black suit white shirt walked from the side of the stage to the front center of the stage, that is the groom.

The other wearing a white wedding dress is slowly appearing from the West Lake, and her front rises a red bridge, directly connected to the stage, and forms a T-shaped.

This is the bride.

A black, a white, so that everyone in the seat was shocked.

"Is this not married? How do you wear this?"

"Black and white, is this not to funeral?"

"Too much to spend?"

Everyone includes the monsters all whisper.

But they looked at Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen's clothes.

"Don't say, this two clothes are very good in addition to the color is not suitable!"

"Yes, the white dress is doing, so beautiful!"

Many women looked at the white wedding dress, and the eyes were eager to come.

They have never thought about the original white can also make such a good skirt.

At this time, there have been a root of the branches, and a white silk scarf inlaid is inlaid. The upper limit is embroidered, and the meaning of this dress is written, and it is used as each guest. Souvenir.

Bai Suzhen's body is a white snake, and as a combination with humans, naturally have to tell.

So the white wedding dress is reflected in the best color of the Bai's body.

And black is an elegant and is used in the most formal and serious occasions.

This point is nod, after all, funeral is very formal and serious.

Black matching white this is a loop of life and represents his yearning for new life.

"The original dress is called a wedding dress!"

Many women have started to give yourself a set of such clothes.

Of course, although everyone knows the meaning of these two clothes, there will be someone who does not agree. After all, the difference is not accepted so soon.

Music is still going on, and the brisk music is also described in some models and feelings that two people are in daily gains, which make people come up with sweetness.

And the next music is the climax part of the deputy song.

Bai Suzhen slowly walked toward the stage, slow singing:

"Smile is beautiful and sweet is not yours."

"Tears and then salty, you have your comfort and sunny"

"Rely on the nearest, it is too far to hug."

"The world is only feeling for you"

Xu Xian also lifted his foot to the bridge, and a hand gently stretched it, then sang:

"Play again and then you, you, I will converge,"

"The road is wider and far away, as long as you are holding very safe"

"I will stick again and the soft body is not enough"

"I only have a feeling of you."

The people around and the monsters heard the words of Xu Xian singing, there is "" laughs.

This lyrics are too image, and they have sang the interaction between two people.

Xu Jiao Rong's smile is stopped, what is the clothes, what is the color, what they love, as long as they are in love, it is better than anything.

Xu Xian finally received a Bai Suzhen at the center of the bridge, and when the two hands were held together, the entire West Lake suddenly broke out countless fireworks.

Beautiful fireworks and thunderous applause have proved their love of their two.

Xihu Bridge is angry and also confirming the Guanyin Trichor, "Search from the high place of West Lake."

After the fireworks are gradually suspended, Xu Xian will walk toward the stage.

At the time of walking, the clothes on their body have begun to change.

The black suit originally treated directly into a big red groom gown, Bai Suzhen lace bubble long sleeves, and the flower high-leader plus waist mopping big swing wedding long skirt became a long sleeve ratio The high-quality Hanfu stacked in the layer, and the clothes of the two are embroidered, and the clothes are not expensive.

After the clothes were completely deformed, they also stood on the stage.

All people see the change in the color of the clothes in their body, and the warm applause has emerged.

Many people nod.

"It was the original that they met, representing the meaning, now is a formal wedding!"

"I was shocked, I thought I wore it two sets!"

"Good, good, these two red clothes are also good!"

"The new lady's clothes style is very beautiful! The married clothes sold outside are not too exquisite, too delicate!"

"The groom's clothes are not bad!"

"I have to wear it like this! I can change the wedding dress into red!"

No woman is not beautiful, and they prefer the wedding dress before, but the previous wedding dress is white, although it is very beautiful, but marriage must be more useful, but if it is red, they are bright.

The old moon is standing next to Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen, laughing: "The bride of the groom is already in place, now I announce, the wedding begins!"

"As the saying goes, the long brother is like a father, the long sister is like a mother, there is a mother, please Xu Xu Xu Yi and the long sister, Li Gong!"