I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Monster College Section 88

Xu Jiao Rong and Li Gong are naturally notified in advance, the two stood up from the top of the main table, and also walked toward the stage along the bridge that Bai Suzhen walked.

"Bai Suzhen is from the West Lake Academy, the teacher is both elders, there is a dean of the West Lake Academy, Dragon Pin Xuan, the God of War, Erlang, and Too Old Jun! Please!"

Longpin Xuan also stood up from the top of the home desk, walking on the bridge.

After going to the stage, the month waved, there was a five chair after the stage, two of the left, the center of the center, three on the right, five people were separated, Xu Jiao Rong and Li Gong were sitting on the left On the chair, Dragon Pin Xuan is sitting on the right side of the table.

After the month is waiting for five people, continue, "Before the wedding ceremony, I still have a few words to ask the groom."

"Groom, how did you catch such a beautiful and moving beauty snake?"

Xu Xian face blush smiles, "" Don't you think at first sight? "

All audiences are "haha" laugh, "count!"

Chapter 125 French Sea Return

Xu Xian looked at the guests, smiled and said. It is also my happiest moment! "

The month can not help but break, "Is that the happiest moment?"

Xu Xianli responded, "No, the future every day is my happiest moment!"

Bai Suzhen looked at Xu Xian, in the eyes offered.

"First, here, I would also like to thank you in situ, you can do an important testimony for me and the feelings of me, without you, there is no such lady. A unforgettable wedding. "

"Secondly, I would also like to thank my sister and brother-in-law, because my parents have died, my sister, I watched the heavy responsibility of the family, and raised me, now I can enter the West Lake Academy, and I will not leave my sister's cultivation. Sister, brother-in-law, thank you! "

Xu Xian turned around, Bai Suzhen followed him to stand next to him, bowed to Xu Jiao Rong and Li Gong.

Xu Jiao said that his wife kept wiped his tears, and nodded.

Then Xu Xian also looked at Long Pu Xuan and the other two gods, "Su Yan did not parents, and I don't know my own life, but the teacher is the father, the delegation and the two teachers are my elders, I can marry. It is definitely my honor, I may not be able to make the most beautiful woman in the world, but I will use my life to make her a happiest woman in the world! "

Longpin Xuan nodded, "This is what you said, don't go to the consequences of that show!"

Xu Xianli nodded, and his heart had a warning for the future, leading to some of his resentment for monk.

Bai Suzhen did not speak, just elegant smile, it is full of confidence, she won't let myself fall to the point.

The moon is laughing and said, "In this case, then the sky is oath."

"Xu Xian, you are willing to marry Bai Suzhen for his wife. No matter from her illness or health, rich or poverty, always loyal to her, love her, comfort her, respect her, protect her, just like you love yours, until the end of life?"

Xu Xianla took the happiness of Bai Suzhen, nodded firmly, "I am willing!"

"Bai Suzhen, are you willing to marry Xu Xian as a wife. Whether he is sick or healthy, rich or poverty, always loyal to him, love him, comfort him, respect him, protect him, just like you love yours, until the end of life? "

Bai Suzhen laughed, "I am willing!"

Nod, "Somet, you can exchange the ring! The ring is gold, indicating that you have to give your own most precious love to the other party! Gold will never fall, never refuse, represent you Love can last forever! The ring is round, the representative is not reserved, there is no end, never break! "

Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen exchanged the ring and helped each other.

The month will continue to say, "now start three worship!"

Bai Suzhen waved, a red cover blocked her face, and the two of the two men had a red satin, and two red flowers were tied.

"One worshiping world!"

"Two worship high halls!"

"Couple is worship!"

"Li Cheng!"

When the entire wedding is over, the applause of the audience is the most warm!

The next thing is that everyone starts to eat and drink, everyone is full of meals on the table, the wine and beverages are unlimited.

Xu Xianhe Bai Suzhen also replaced another dress to toast at the moment.

Long Pu Xuan et al. Naturally returned to its home desk.

Xu Xian wore a dark red suit, Bai Suzhen, red flash, fish, and red shawl.

The two people have again attracted many people's onlookers.

Many women are staring at this dress on Bai Suzhen.

If there is a dream feel that the white wedding dress just started, then this time the red fishing skirt has expanded their hearts for beautiful preferences.

This dress is really too beautiful, shining, adding this fabric, looks noble and beautiful, no woman can resist its charm.

This wonderful wine is all people who eat, including women, they have died, to buy such clothes, even if they get married, buy it at home, and sometimes wear to wear a show. It is also good!

At this time, the outside of Hangcheng, the top of a big road, one is still wearing, holding a meadow, slowly walking towards Hangzhou.

He looked up to Hang Hang, and he saw a lot of aura in Hangzhou and a rushing demon wrapped around. It was revealed in Hangzhou.

That monk exposed the color of surprises, but it can see a layer of golden light in it.

"The aura and the demon, there are also Buddha and merit? What happened to Hangzhou?"

This monk has always heard the legend of Hangzhou from the road. He is naturally rushing on Hangzhou.

However, today is the big days of Hangzhou. All people are invited to participate in Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen's wedding ceremony. Even the Tuen Mun and Qiantang County are invited to be invited, but they also have a few tables, bureaucrats. Sitting together, some of the other subordinates will sit slightly far more.

The public security of the entire Hangzhou is responsible for being a five ghost.

Their body is naturally sitting next to the wine table, but their respective ghosts are spread all over the shadows of Hangzhou.

Including the devil, the little ghosts are divided into the dishes after completing the dishes.

So when I walked into Hangzhou, a ghost appeared next to Longpin Xuan, said a few words in his ear.

And at this time, there was a system prompt sound in his brain.

"Trigger the task, is it for the enemy or friends?"

"Task content: The system detected that Hangzhou entered the Buddhist disciples, please use actions to show that it is an enemy or friends!"

"Task completion reward: randomly secretly fragmentation."

Longpin Xuan eyes suddenly narrowed.

Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian married, after the completion of the main events, immediately triggered a new task.

And this task is still related to the monk.

A monk just came to Hangzhou, immediately systematically detected the disciple of Hangzhou into the Buddha, except for this monk, will there be someone else?

Do you say that it is the legendary law?

Longpin Xuan's eyes flashes, whispered and the second ghosts on the side, "Pretty, don't let him see you, guide him to come here to chemize."

The bidder bordered, sinking into the shadow.

Flame small bottle reminds you: look after the collection (), then look more convenient.

Chapter 126, Fahai's doubts

What makes the French Sea is strange that he has come all the way and didn't see anyone.

There is no one in Hangzhou, it seems that there is no one, just like a dead city.

However, from the Hangzhou City, it is a hidden voice that can hear the crowd. Is it in Hangzhou?

The law is not known that people within a thousand meters above this road are all evacuated, and the five ghosts are divided into the command of the dean, and people have avoided.

Many people and monsters are curious. Who is coming, I have made the West Lake Academy to make such a big burst.

The Fahai stepped into Hangzhou, and saw the red lantern covered with the street, and the clothes and cotton are still in the top of the house. It is obvious that no one lives.

He also saw some stalls, and some stalls that steamed the buns, even the fire did not destroy, but the owner did not see, let alone people who bought things.

"what is happening?"

Looking around a misty water, I didn't see one person all the way.

Is he seen now?

Fahai frowned standing on the center of the street, looking at the surrounding houses and the streets under the feet.

It is easy to see with different countries.

The general big city, the street is not wide, and the ground is also divided by different roads, the key is that the model and color of the housing is very different, and the Hangzhou, which has been previously coming.

I don't know when it is changed, but it is still possible to see that the people in Hangzhou people who are now better than before, at least before.

Because I entered the Hangzhou, the Fahai saw it in Hangzhou in Hangzhou, the demon, etc. can be seen, but he can feel that there is a lot of spiritual and fascinating to gather in front, as if there are many in front. Practice and monster.

The law can't help but think of the news he heard in other cities and along the way.

"We also have a monster, really want to thank Master!"

"I heard that the monsters on Hangzhou don't eat people, and help people, and people living together!"

"Scorpio, are those monsters to eat those people in the middle of the night?"

"No, it is said that it will help the people work, there is a fixed salary, where the monsters don't eat people!"

"Really fake, is it like this?"