I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Monster College, the Dean Section 89

"Mom, don't you eat people?"

"Only the monsters of Hangzhou don't eat people, if the baby is afraid, my mother takes you to the Hangzhou to live?"

"Okay! Ok! I have to play with the monsters who don't eat people!"

Looking at many persecutions from demon, they don't want to move to the people in Hangzhou. On the way, they have the expectations on their faces, they can't help but let him frow.

If the people in Hangzhou and the harmony of the demon are false, then those people come over and the sheep.

Is there a possibility, is that the monsters are in the installation?

At first, it was kind, and it was a large number of people who came to live, and then these monsters had a constant rational rationion?

But the law is surrounded by the surrounding, there is no bloody blood, let him dispel this guess.

But if this is the case, why is these people not here?

Maybe go forward, will there be an answer?

The Fahai raised his feet and went to the direction of the playful voice.

If this sound is to lure him, even if you know that you may be a trap, you have to go.

Because this is related to the people of Hangzhou.

The french sea is dragging the hand, the gods are serious, and the muscles on the body began to be tight. He has been prepared at any time.

However, when he walked to the end of the street, the entry scene made him stunned in place, and the alms in the hand fell to the ground.

What did he see?

Is this a fantasy?

The whole piece of West Lake is outside, the snack street has temporarily withdraws, and the big plaza also includes a few main streets, all of the round tables, all the people and monsters, and cultivators. They all have to eat, toast, and a couple of new people holding a wine glass, and is toasting every table.

The scene is lively.

The brain of the law is somewhat turning.

So no one in Hangzhou is because people come here?

Black press pressed a piece of man in the center of a table, a tablecloth, looks too spectacular!

The big screen in the half-air of Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen, had already been recovered, leaving only the stage of the central West Lake.

Of course, there will be no people who drink sweet and wine, and the law of the nip of the Haihai is the corner of the street next door. Some people are there, and they bought it. It is some wooden small toys, and many people bring themselves. The child is looking at the booth.

So what happened to the street before him?

Is it still a fantasy?

The law has confirmed that since he stepped into Hangzhou, there is no trace of the streets, and this scene in front of you can not be traces of the illusion.


The law is somewhat confident to himself. Is he made wrong?

Before and now is a fantasy?

At this moment, there were several blushing people who had a few drinks to play, and some people looked up and saw the law of staying there.

"There is a big monk here, is it a chemical life?"

"Where is the monk? Xu Xianren and White Niangzi's adults have not seen it? They are still desirable!"

"That's just a future trend, and then say that it is not all bad."

"Okay, ok, now I am a wedding banquet, the chain of the white lady, and the chain is also coming to the place!"

"Yeah, the college's meals are really delicious!"

"I have never eaten such a delicious meal! I believe that even the kind of food is not necessarily and this than this!"

"Well, let me go out to give a big monk, I am still distressed!"

"Otherwise, buy some?"

"Stupid, now there is a restaurant to do food, all come here to participate in the wedding ceremony!"

"Oh, then give him a hoe!"

"Stop, that is my hoe!"

"That person gives half!"


Two people disputed a long time, and finally one person took out half of the steamed buns to the Fahai.

"The big monk, the way is the championship? This time is really good, give it!"

One of the people grabbed another people in the hands of the people in the Hand of the House.

"The big monk, this kind of hoe is hot!"

The law is destroyed to the two hot steady buns in the mouth, reached out half, the warm and soft feel tells him, that is not a fantasy!

Chapter 127 How to answer

The hand of the law is dragging the hand to the golden light.

The buns in the melody are still the slightest changes.

The law is a little dull, and there is no demon and aura, there is no trap, this is an ordinary hoe!

He put the half of the buns in his hand in his mouth.

The key is that this kind of steamed bun is eating!

The law is determined, this is what he has ever eaten, there is no one!

Even the Mmitt! Don't lore!

After eating the steamed buns in three or two, the law was placed in the chest, and he looked up to the two people gave him the two people in his hoe.

"The donor, thank you for your hoe!"

They are enjoying the dishes on the table, drinking wine, listening to the law, and does not occupy the credit, one of them smiles.

"The big monk, don't thank us, drinking wine is also the West Lake Academy, thank you to thank you!"

"The big monk, see you is new to Hangzhou, the West Lake Academy is good!"

The other people have heard that there are people in Qifeng College, they are laughing at the cup, "Yes, the top of the West Lake Academy!"

Looking at these people in the law, the West Lake Academy actually reputing such a high in the hearts of the people.

"I don't know what activities are there?"

The law asked, directly opened the topic of the West Lake Academy.

The people pointed to the distant newcomer, "I saw the two students of the West Lake Academy, we all came to eat wine!"

I heard here in the Haihai, and the eyes are not coming.

Xihu College is a waste, we must know that there are many people in the world who don't eat it, but they are in Hangzhou, it is really full of hunger.

The people are not stupid, and naturally see the dissatisfaction in the Eyes.

"The big monk, this West Lake Academy can not spread, first, every table, the food is quota, start to say it, be sure to have a CD, it is eaten to go!"

"Also, this food can be the West Lake College own, I heard that it is fairy-fairy!"

The people on the side heard that there was this, and also joined the topic.

"West Lake Academy is not there two of the gods, 80% is the fairy law brought by the gods!"

"But it is said that this time, it has spent the results of students who are constantly planting for a few months! I have some distressed my house!"

"Hey, your family has entered the West Lake Academy, I am still worried! I am envious very much, maybe you can also eat your baby to eat from the college!"

"Yeah, this is estimated to eat better than the kitchen!"

The France is just listening to it for a while, but a newcomer who will take a footsteps toward the distance.

Since it is married, then he comes here, naturally see newcomers, give them blessings, after all, I also ate their hoe.

It can be seen when the law is approaching, and his footsteps suddenly stopped, and the eyes are full of stunning.

"The cultivator and monsters combined? And, is it still Buddha?"

How can I notice to the law of Buddha's law or Buddha?

In fact, the practitioners also have different systems, the most common is to repair and Buddhism.

At first, Bai Shuzhen is a truth, because there is a Buddha seed in the body, this seed is originally to convert the pemunity of Bai Suzhen to the spiritual power into the monster of Buddha.

The color of the spirit of the spirit of the spirit of the cultivator can be distinguished.

The spirit of the spiritual power is cyan, and the spirit of the Buddha is the spiritual force.

Moreover, Xu Xian is the relationship between the Buddha, the practice of cultivating, nothing is the heavens, but cultivating Dharma is a thousand miles away.

In particular, Bai Suzhen often cultivates him, causing Buddha seeds in Bai Suzhen to be induced, and will be quickly ablated.

What kind of law is, even if Xu Xian did not learn Dharma, he can also see the top of Xu Xian's face and the root bone. This person is suitable for cultivating Dharma, let alone Xu Xian's current Dharma is also a little repair, naturally it is easy. I was recognized by Buddha.