I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 90th of the Dean of the Monster College.

Don't say that Bai Suzhen is a demon, people are inherently unfortunate with the demon.

Don't say a Buddha, I don't abide by the commandments, I will marry a monster, which is going to laugh!

After the Fahai, the magnificent hiped forward.

"Duver Merva! Teacher knows the true face in front of you?"

The law is inextricably contrary, and you will ask Xu Xian.

Xu Xian and Bai Sui looked at the wine glass, and he saw a big monk dragged a meadow. He was lying in the mouth, and he rushed to his face. He almost did not put the wine in his hand .

The key is that this monk is still inexplicably saying inexplicable words.


Xu Xian looked down at the Fahai, what did he say? Every word he said can understand, but it is combined, this means you don't understand.

First of all, who is the teacher? Look at this monk and look, how do you feel that this big monk is talking to him Xu Xian?

Second, what is true? What is true? Why is it?

Xu Xian did not in the mind, suddenly realized that it is a way to come, just find a man, call the brother, after half a sentence is directly ignored by Xu Xian, probably this guy is just talking.

So Xu Xianlim hit a greeting of the three ghosts followed.

After a minute, the hands of the three ghosts fed a small basket and handed a small basket.

Xu Xianfei opened the cloth on the small basket and looked at it. After seeing the things they had eaten in their college, they handed them directly to the law.

"Come into the edge? Sorry, because today is the wedding of my lady, Hangzhou basically has no fire, this is a vegetarian food as our Jami, I am vegetarian."

If the Fahai is going to say, it will be scattered by this paragraph of Xu Xian.

what? Who wants to be chemical?

The law is open, just want to say that he is not a way, and then he sees the cold looks at his Bai Suzhen, and the heart has not come to a sense of a crisis.

A few steps have been taken in the law in the law.

"What do you want to do?"

He hasn't asked this sentence, Bai Suzhen has already asked, "Is this master, is it called the Fahai?"

The phrase of Bai Suzhen just said that there is still a quiet scene around the original lively scene.

A pair of eyes are staring tightly in the law, see how he answered.

Chapter 128

The law is slightly confused, and he has seen many monsters all the way.

Originally, he also thought about the monsters, but they thought of these monsters who heard them before, so reluctant to resist the sexual sons, but did not expect people to see the scenes of people and demon.

In particular, Bai Suzhen called his name and made him a little surprised, "Demon women, how do you know my name?"

Standard, the many people in the side are angry!

"What? This baldness is the law?"

Originally called his big monk, directly changed his baldness!

"It really has a law sea existence!"

"Is the dean before?"

"The Dean is to save the fairy and the white lady adults to collect them into the college?"

"The key is that this law is here now!"

"Hey, bald, what is the relationship between the family's family of people! Don't worry too much!"

"After all, it is monk, and it is also the demon, the harmful monsters are also cleaned, don't call people to bald, master, sorry!"

"Well, the big monk, our Hangzhou may not harm the monsters, to catch the demon to go to other places!"

"Just, what I just asked, I won't ask Xu Xian people. Is it a monster?"

"Don't say Xu Xian people, we all know!"

"White Niangzi's true body is a white snake! Our guys know! Is it?"

"Yes! Yes!"

"My grandchildren, my grandson, rushed to the streets, almost hit by the carriage, or the white lady saved!"

"Who can't be together, which provision? Is the big monk stipulates yourself?"

The population of the Fahai was swayed directly from Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen, a person's accusation, let him have some witnesses.

What is the matter of these people?

They actually knew the real body of this bride!

And I know, I still have to drink wine, bless them?

What is this world?

Is this Hangzhou?

Looking at the surroundings around the Sea, suddenly set up the heart, sitting on the ground, and started.

A golden scripture came out from his mouth, wrapped around all the people, and then there was no other move to return to his body.

Those monsters heard that he was a Fahai to withdraw from the old far away. From the previous anniversary show, it can be seen that this law is not small, they naturally not touch this brow.

And if the disciples of the West Lake Academy are indifferent to the law, then they don't use it.

The key is that this time is a wonderful wine, the dean adults and two gods are still there, I don't want to come.

However, the law in the population opened his eyes, but it was full of stunning.

In his point of view, these people must be confused by demon, but his scriptures have no bad states of the people, that is, there is no demon method to show them on the people.

Some tragedy of the law sea, he can't shoot ordinary people, can only be squeezed in the crowd, so unpletely.

Xu Xian looked at the crowded people in the distance, blinking eyes, he and Bai Suzhen paired each other.

Bai Suzhen's eyes are slightly worried, but Xu Xian is a smile.

In the direct ending, Xu Xian was finally selected by Bai Suzhen, now everything is early, no people and demon can't be separated together, there is no surprise that can't be borne, everything else says? !

Xu Xian definitely choosing Bai Suzhen.

"But, the lady, he did not do those things now. So ..." Xu Xian slowly said that the opinions of Bai Suzhen.

The concerns of Bai Suzhen are scattered, smiled, "Yes, he didn't do it, so he is not the law! We will not go to that step!"

Xu Xian held the hands of Bai Suzhen.

This world, he will be happy with his wife and children.

Longpin Xuan and the two gods have long stepped on the clouds on the crowd and looked at the scene.

"Fahai? Is the monk that disassembled in the last program?" Too many old hands now look at this law.

To know these days, in his class, Bai Suzhen is the most worry-free child, and also helps do something that can be made.

He just gave this child for the elder hall, now this guy will come to the stage! To know that this wedding ceremony is not over! This wine is not at half!

After the end of the wedding, he returned to heaven. He still had a lot of things to do, naturally missed this scene, but there was a dragon and two gods such as Longpin Xuan. This thing is not good.

Longpin Xuan glanced at his own mission and smiled suddenly.

"Well, everyone will let."

This sound is not a harsh, but it is ringing in each person's ear.

The people heard the voice, and naturally recognized this is what Long Pu Xuan said, it is very giving to the face.

Many people are still putting.

"If it is not a dialogue, I have to take the big monk of you in Hangzhou!"

"It is, destroying others marriage, harming their eternal life, can't live together! Or monk!"

"The monetary thing!"

Longpin Xuan seeing a lot of people still chatting, naturally, it is understood that these people have made the story in the previous priority as reality.

However, it is no wonder that they felt that they were a hypothesis, or the things in the world, after all, such a story is too romantic, gaining a lot of people's true recognition.

But now the name of the Law Sea directly arouses the different opinions of this story, and thinking that this story is true, because this monk is really appearing in the Haihai.

And I will go to the story with the story.

It has been there, and immediately siege by these people.

You know, in the hearts of these people, they regard the West Lake Academy as the pride of Hangzhou, regard the monsters of life as a family, now someone wants to dismantle their families, who will give him a good look.

Longpin Xuan is stunned, "Ok, no matter what this law wants to do, after all, he is still not dry, let us listen to what he said."

Fahai saw everyone spread, leaving him a small piece of empty, finally slammed the tone, looked up, looking at the air.

"Thank you from the donor!"

This sentence is just finished, the law will be in place, what did he see?