I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in Segad of Dean in the Monster College.

A person who flashed a lot of merits after a brain stepped on the clouds, and he still stands two gods.

Who is he?

Chapter 129 forced out the heart

At this time, Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen and the bridesmaid next to them, and many of the people and monsters, all of them are in the air of the clouds in the air.


"Dean adult!"

"Dean?" Yuhai Yu muttered in the mouth, is it the dean of the legend of the Chinese and Western Lake Academy?

The Fahai looked at the Dragon Pin Xuan's whispering merits, the eyes were embarrassed, he shakes his eyes, confirming that you have not read a wrong, and the look is somewhat complicated.

In general, there will be some characteristics of people or monsters. There will be some merits of Golden Light after the brain.

But this is a need to have big merits, and the golden light that appears is not too much.

Like Long Pin Xuan, the Fahai uses the eyes to see if it can be obvious, and some bright merits Jin Guang, how many big merits do it!

The Fahai shakes the head, closes the eyes, Shen Xia, standing straight, rushing to Long Pin Xuan, "Duver Buddha, in the next method, see the dean! Dean merits!"

Longpin Xuan saw the law, just laughed, "Are you doubtful, why do the people around you know you?"

The law is slight, and looks at the surroundings.

Indeed, when I first appeared in Bai Su, he was asked when he called the Fahai, and after he had an answer, there would be such a situation.

That is, if the dean said, these people know him.

"Are you still in doubt, why are these people so for you?"

The words of Longpin Xuan let the Fa Sea once again a gift, "seeking the dean pointers!"

The people around and the monsters are not awkward, only listening to Long Pin Xuan to continue to talk, they fully believe in Long Pin Xuan, will give Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen to a fair.

However, Longpin Xuan has no clear answer.

"Fahai, I ask you a question, if it is not in Hangzhou, not here, you encounter a household, there is a couple, it has become a hundred years, and the two have a good, but this The lady is a monster, what will you? "

The faces of the people are revealed, and I look at the law, what is he stayed?

This is not the story between Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen, but it is just asking by Longpin Xuan.

The law is slightly, but immediately opens, "people can't be together with the demon, the demon in the monsters will erode the human body, the essence of people will be unhappy by the monsters, so people love ..."

If the law is not finished, Long Pin Xuan continued to ask. "How long will you think that people live together with the monster?"

The law is like this problem, and the answer is very fast. "More than half a year, less monthly, there must be affected."

But his words are just falling, and there is a buzz in the surroundings.

"The big monk, your repair is not enough!"

"Need to learn well!"

"I and my bunny rabbit have been together for more than 1 year, how can I have a small illness?"

"What is eroded, don't say it!"

"Just, my monster is also more than a year!"

"The West Lake Academy founded that now has been more than a year and a half, and I haven't seen any folks!"

"Who is the big monk to teach you? Mistakes yourself!"

The law is shocked to listen to the surrounding people, and the horror is unbed.

"It's impossible, are you really living with the monster?"

The Fahai quickly took the top two steps and went to the youth.

The youth is naturally that I have just said that the rabbit rabbit is once faster.

The French sea pulled his arm and used the Dharma to check for a long time. "" There is a demon, but it is so orthodox, why? Why is this? "

Many monsters have also begun to think.

They are actually knowing, some monsters are indeed eroding humans, and some monsters have been treated with humans for a long time, those humans will be weak, sick, is this erosion?

But why don't I have these people in Hangzhou?

The law has turned his head to see Long Pin Xuan. "Dean, what is this going?"

Longpin Xuan smiled slightly, continued to ask, "Do you think Dragon and Feng are monster?"

The law shook his head, "Longfeng has always been called Xiangxiang, naturally it is not a monster."

Longpin Xuan continued to ask, "But the dragon and phoenix is ​​not a person, why is the rabbit to form a person, is a rabbit demon, the dragon and phytry forming people is Xiangrui?"

Fahai is hysteresis, yes, why? Can you always come?

Longpin Xuan opened the guiding surgery, one sentence, one sentence, leads the law.

"You are both Buddha, naturally, the spokesperson of the Buddha in the world, the cultural Buddha can't repair the surface, but to see the essence through the phenomenon."

Is there a big hit in the mind of the law? Is his previous idea wrong? If it is right, why? Why is the fact will not be different?

Longpin Xuan continued, "" Because of merit, because of the good, because of orthodox! "

"They are monsters, but they are also the elves, people are the elves among the heavens and the earth, animal plants are also the elves among the heavens and the earth. Since people can talk, they can think, why is animal and plants? They can think about it, Is it a monster, is it a bad? So the woman is supplemented, the woman is still a half-snake, and what is it? "

"Buddha: Everyone is equally! In your eyes, are they really equal?"

After the fierce land, I retired after a few steps, in his heart, are they really equal?

"The monster is not evil, doing orthodox cultivation, cultivating energy is naturally fitted with the world, you, understand?"

Long Pu Xuan's last few words, a word a word said very slow, the summit of the Fahai began to take some sweat, and the hands were trembled, and the feet could not be blocked on the ground, and the eyes were suddenly fried. Open.

A yellow shadow shot from his chest, and a shadow of a black , a shadow of the Magic Sea, which appeared in front of everyone.

Erlang God and Too Old Jun standing next to see the true.

Erlang said faintly, "It turned out to be a heart magic. It seems that the story is so forced. It is also the heart of the law."

Too Shang Laojun is also very wide. "This heart is covered with a slightness and blood, it seems to be killed too many monsters."

Erlang God is head, "This guy is now being forced out, but it is a good thing, and he can see it."

Longpin Xuan looked at the black shadow monk in front of the law, the heart was shocked, his trough, even made his heart, did he say it is a bit too much?

Chapter 130 can't walk

Black, like a shadow, the magical sea, looking at the laws of singing in front of single knees, the face is not allowed to show a lot of color.

"You will be shaken? I have to know that the demon and people can't be together!"

Heart magic sea advised, "To stick to his own thoughts, you can become true Buddha."

"How bad monsters, you don't know, you can see it with your own eyes, the thousands of children have been dug a heart, and that one has become a corpse after being sucked."

"What do they do without your blessing, what do they do?"

"How can you believe in these people, know that they are not people!"

"I'm saying that I am playing a play, I am lie to many people here, and then take them a net."

"Although the people have no demon, they may not say medicine in food?"

"You can't do it if you have experienced holiday, don't you be determined to put the monsters clean? Isn't it necessary to benefit your parents, do you want to benefit from the world? How did this setback will give up?"

The heart of the magic sea with a strong confusion, a sentence affecting the law.

The sweat of the Fahai forehead is more, his eyes are slightly embarrassed, but the face is very struggling.

The magical sea is actually a kind of thought of the law.

It is impossible if the sea has not thought about it.

Because the heart magic sea is breed from his heart.

But Long Pu Xuan said, but the energy is saying, plus guiding surgery, is guided in the right direction, in fact, the power is still very big.

Such a view is that the viewpoint before the law is very different, but the law is agreed with Long Pin Xuan's view, which leads to a dramatic resistance.

In fact, before, the Magic has quietly affected the law, and he does not know.

Since the Fahai saw his parents who were got to be eaten by the monsters, after being saved by his master, the scene influencing him so far, thus became his heart.

"Monster, there is also good ..."

The expression of Fahai is gradually emerged as a remember of the silk.

"I remember, there is a girl who has destroyed his soul for a scholar, and blocks another passion."

Heart magic married, "So the result is still the old demon won!"

The law is demonstrated, "But the girl is also a ghost, although the predecessor is a person, after all, after all, those monsters become people, why?"

The heart of the magical sea continues, "naturally there is a separate, the demon ghosts need to eat people, even if they become people, they are also to eat people! They are hidden, the more people want to eat!"

The law shook his head, "But the people here did not have casualties!"