I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in Section 92 of the Dean of the Monster College.

The heart magic sea "Haha" laughs, "How do you know? Some people have quietly disappeared, maybe those who enter the West Lake Academy have been eaten? Or is it a monster to do it? "

The law will continue to shake his head, "No, there are so merits, there will be no such thing!"

Heart magic sea face is cold, slowly walking towards the law.

"You are wrong, I am you, you are me, my idea is your own idea, you think so, you just think the monster, the monster!"

The law is silent, and for a long time, he lifted his head. It was not struggling, but smiled. "Yes, I am you, you are me, I originally thinking!"

"But I am wrong! I have never been recognized, now I know, I am wrong!"

"These people point to my nose, I am a monster who wants to marry humanity."

"I have also caught many monsters without any killing, because I think is that my family's heart must be different, they will eat people sooner or later."

"But I am wrong, I can't give them a judgment because they may eat people, because I have no such power."

At this time, Longpin Xuan suddenly said, "No, as long as your strength is strong enough, you have such power!"

"You cultivate the Buddha, the Buddha's consciousness in your heart, tell you that you have to benefit mankind! You truth, the awareness of the road, tell you, you have to do yourself!"

"But when you become the most powerful one, become a day, become a ground, you can revise the rules, you can control life and death, then the monster is not a monster, that is, you said, people are people, it is You decide."

"So, what is the difference between monsters?"

The complex color of the law is ok, and the heart of the magical sea in front of him does not know when it has quietly disappeared in the air, and the Buddha's body is more pure and condensed.

But he still sees not to learn Long Pin Xuan.

This sentence of Longpin Xuan is actually very big.

Whether it is a trichring or a Buddha, Longpin Xuan is all negative.

No, it is not negative, but this remark has never appeared.

The law has no discontinuation for a while, he never thought so much.

Or he has never thought about his future, maybe he thought, but his future, the top is to catch the monsters around the world, then fly to the Buddha.

However, the words of Long Pu Xuan said, but it is broken his original thinking.

Yeah, worship the Tiantai, there is a Buddha, then the rules of the world, who is developed?

If he can achieve such a level, what will the people in his eyes?

In this way, the Fahai suddenly changed his face, and he spurted a blood.

His Buddha didn't move.

First forced the heart, then I wake up, after cracking the heart, but I was shaken by a doctor of the people.

Looking at Long Pin Xuan, he suddenly stood up, rushing to Longpin Xuan, and then went to the outside of Hangzhou.

He can't stay here!

The heart of the law raised a crisis, and if he continued to stay here, there may be a bad thing.

This is like a warning of the bottom of the Fahai. There are many times, the law is in this warning to escape the birthday, so he will go without hesitation.

But in fact, is the law really go?

Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian have already standing on the road to leave in the law. Longpin Xuan is a smile. "In fact, I still agree with a word that you said to your heart."

"What do you do if the monster is likely to hurt?"

The law is stunned. He turned it, "But he has not hurts."

Longpin Xuan continued, "Know that he is about to hurt, does not stop, wait until he hurts people, then stop?"

The law was confused, he had to go to step by step.

This stop, it is destined, he can't go out.

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[But today is New Year's Day, I wish you all a happy New Year! New Year's cattle cattle!

Chapter 131

Fahai is very contradictory, especially the two recognition points of identity, and change his original idea.

But he had to stop.

Because Joadian said, if you catch the demon, the monster may hurt people, so it is better to catch.

This is doing it before.

However, after today's baptism, he found that there must be fruitful, the monster will naturally have a report, this retribution is likely to be by his hand.

The monster has not hurt, and there is no cause, he can't shoot.

But if you know the monsters, you may hurt people, he will not shoot, then don't you think two people with cold eyes?

I want to know that the dead is dead.

He is clearly saved, but does not save, can he really become a Buddha?

Therefore, the law stopped, he had to stop.

Looking at Long Pinxuan, I waited for him to continue.

Longpin Xuan is laughing, looking toward Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen after the Magistracy, "If you are you, what will you do?"

Xu Xianyou, "My big probability will control the monster, let him go to harm, or secretly follow him, once he is, I will stop it."

Bai Suzhen laughed, "I will judge that this monster will not harm people, harmful monsters will bring him to the delegation to teach, there is no harm!"

Longpin Xuan pulled his mouth and looked at the people around. "If you are you, what do you do?"

There is a people frown, "Since it is a harmful monster, then grab it! Don't let him harm!"

"Yes, I think Xu Xian people are right!"

There is also the people who support Bai Suzhen. "White Sir is also right, some of the dean can teach, and teach those monsters!"

Some people nodded, "Definitely harmful people's monsters and monsters, harmful monsters, so there are many monsters that CIA will not let go to Hangzhou!"

"This is also reasonable!"

The Fahai is slightly eye-catching, listening to what they say, his ideas and views seem to have a lot of changes.

Longpin Xuan, "Thousands of people, everyone's views are different, but the result is the same."

"They are kind, so they don't want someone to be injured, just use the methods they can think of to reach this result. How to achieve it, this is the difference between the fairy and Buddha, this is the difference between the demon and ghosts. Do you understand?"

The law is stood there.

That sentence has been spiral in his heart, and one word is filled with profound traces in his heart.

And the name of this trace is called Longpin Xuan.

The fairy and Buddha are only a different way of saving people. The results are the same, but they are saving people, but why do you want to save?

Kill the monster, can't catch the monsters, all the rescue means, only to see how you use it.

The Fahai feels that he has a new sublimation in his thoughts, which has led to a faint breakthrough.

After this, he had a lot of Buddha's heart after he vomiting the blood again.

Only in the center of the Buddha, there is a shadow of a person. If you look closely, this figure is like Long Pin Xuan standing in front of him.

Longpin Xuan continued to laugh, "Since you are a cultural Buddha, it is naturally three experience, why would you just want to leave?"

The law is silent. His heart has a voice called him, just like this, if he stays here, it will have a major change.

Longpin Xuan continued to ask. "What are you worried? The Buddha's heart will only be grinded, the more it will become more. Here, you can feel different places in other cities, I believe that your experience will grow. Fast! Just as you still have to help you eliminate your heart, stabilize this human condition, how? "

Fahai lifted his head and looked at Longpin Xuan. "Why do you want me to stay?"

"They all didn't talk, if they think this monster will hurt people, one of them is to grab it."

"I will stay, naturally because you may have an impact on Xu Xianhe Suzhen, in this case, it is better to stare at you under the eyelids, once there is this seedlings, timely cut off!" Longpin Xuan said bluntly. .

It's going to marine, and Long Pinxuan said his own reasons, and even got a sound of the people around the people.

"The adults of the dean are really worthy of the adults!"

"Just, the story of White Sir's story has been coming again, I don't want the last end to turn this!"

"Yeah, the dean adult metaphor is too pleasing!"

"The monsters are harmful, and they must also catch the demon. This is all the things that are usually, but the monsters have not yet harmful, and what should I do if I haven't grabbed the demon? In the bottom of the eyelid, I want to make a demon Directly cut off! "

"This idea is really great!"

The law is looking around, and then bowing down, how should he choose?

The intuition of the heart tells him that never stay.

But he knows very clearly that Hangzhou is not dangerous now, and there is nothing to pay attention to it.

But is this really true meaning of the adult?

Also why said that he is likely to catch demon?

Can this adults prefer to predict the future?