I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the Dean Section 93

The law is glitting, and his heart is still thinking about Long Pin Xuan.

If his strength can exceed the sky, what will it look like?

Humble is originally to be awards.

However, many of the ideas of the bottom of the law sea, all breaks many of his subjective above.

For example, it is anger, , etc., refers to the psychology of hatred, resentment and harm others. Of course, others will naturally refer to monsters.

Now, the French Sea solves the heart magic of his own, the future goals can be planned, so that the temperament of his entire person has also changed.

What is the repair Buddha?

The awareness of the Fahai clearly told him that leaving, you can find the answer.

That's the problem.

The intuition of the bottom of the heart let him leave, the awareness of the awake, want to stay, explore more deepest future.

Two contradictions let the Fahai tangled.

Longpin Xuan walked to shoot his shoulders, "You are too big, don't give yourself too much pressure, there are high sizes in the sky, the world is less, you will not stop, this The land is gone, you have the same while, don't make you think too great, you can find yourself really meaning! "

The law is slow, "Okay, I left."

Long products hooked slightly, then the system prompts the sound in his brain.

"The mission is completed, the host chose to be friends with the Buddhist disciples! Reward the random secret fragment!"

"Trigger Tasks: New Class"

"The content of the task: open the Buddha, recruit one or more Buddha members!"

"Task completion reward: randomly secret fragment!"

Chapter 132 Buddha

Longpin Xuan listened to the law, said that the smile on his face is even more.

The people around him heard the law of Longpin Xuan, and did not say anything, but Long Pu Xuan said that they were all heard, many people were also explained behind the people who didn't hear later.

"I heard that the dean got left the law. How could it be left? Is the law of the House not caused the tragedy of Xianxian and White Niangzi?"

"Listening to the adults of the dean, it is now nothing to do now, but in case of preventing, the Fahai is still in the eyes of the adult's eyelids, so that what he wants to do, the dean Adults can stop in time! "

"It makes sense! It's really good to take care!"

Listening to the people around the people, the face did not express his face, standing for a long time, asked, "Is the poor follow the dean?"

The law finally returned to the previous state, as if the person "I" said that "I" is not him.

Longpin Xuan, "No, you follow Xu Xianhe Suzhen, if necessary, help them treat the people of Hangzhou."

Longpin Xuan said to see Xu Xianhe Bai Suzhen, "Xu Xian, Su Yan, you have two people, but the cultivation can not stop, but since it is husband and wife, I will naturally give you honeymoon."

"Three months, in the three months, you live in Hangzhou, use the people you have learned to see the disease, understand the people's hardships, usually there will be Fahai to help you solve it together, if you can't solve it, allow you to help West Lake Will, help the teacher, can even ask me. But once you ask the college teacher, you will have failed this task, then this task reward will not. "

Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen looked at each other, and the eyes were happy.

Although the adults of the Dean say this is to give them honeymoon, but actually use tasks to test them, the key is the reward after the task is completed.

Longpin Xuan is so thoughtful. After three months, Jianzhang fragment will definitely collect almost, even if it is not collected, let them wait for a while, nothing, don't say yourself!

"But ..." Longpin Xuan once again looked at the law, since the system mission is shown like this, then you can't blame him.

"The college has developed to now, I have discovered a drawback, our college has a repair, there is a demon repair, that is

Longpin Xuan is again placed on Xu Xian, "Xu Xian, in fact, you have always been suitable for repairing, not your qualifications are too bad, so you are experiencing an attempt, but it is really not suitable for you, you turn Class to the Buddha! From now on, teach you the Buddha's practice, I hope you can repair the affair as soon as possible! "

After that, Long Pin Xuan fingers, a golden light did not enter Xu Xian's mind, is the follow-up method of his skill.

Xu Xianli hugged, rushed to Longpin Xuan, "Xie Dean is fulfilled!"

Bai Suzhen saw Xu Xian, and naturally followed his head.

Looking at the three people's interaction, "Buddha class?"

At this time, Longpin Xuan has heard the sound completed by the system prompts, and at the same time, he immediately received a "peerless Tianjiao" task.

In other words, the West Lake Academy must have such a class, then you can recruit the corresponding students?

Previous starting Longpin Xuan opened the primary people and the primary demon class, so he triggered the task of "peerless Tianjiao" when he met severe political and Bai Suzhen.

Now, "peerless Tianjiao" in this mission is in the law.

Task rewards are also a shortest secret fragment.

Longpin Xuan's moment of receiving the mission, immediately looked at the law,

"Fahai, can you have a complaint?"

The law is slight, shakes his head, "The poor Buddhist is still lacking, before the words, before they want to say, now all understand, but for the future, there is still no way to think, but also more refined."

Longpin Xuan nodded and suddenly pointed to the two gods who were still sitting behind him. "Can you know these two gods?"

The Fa Hai has widened. He has heard that the two teachers in the West Lake Academy are gods, but he is looking at the joke, and before his attention is only in Longpin Xuan, seeing him Gong De, will convince his words.

But when he followed the fingers of Long Pu Xuan, he saw the two gods sitting on the dinner table, and the surprised look can see.

In the eyes of the law, these two fairy things are wrapped around Qingguang, and it is the repair of the gods.

One of them had a closed eye, and another person is still a few medicinal gourds.

"Is it the Erlang Zhenjun and Too Old Jun?"

Asked in the law, I asked, according to what he was known, only the two gods dressing and appearance were relatively similar. Based on the words heard the people all the way, naturally guess these two gods.

Longpin Xuan said, "Since you are confused in the future, you want to seek your answer, why don't you find these two gods?"

Fahai is big, how did he not think of it!

Then he will take a foot step and walk toward the two gods.

However, Long Pu Xuan is stopped him. "These two gods now are now the teacher of our West Lake Academy, unless the college students, otherwise do not allow other people to ask them to ask them."

Fahai dull, "That ..." He wanted to say, waiting for them to end him and then ask.

However, this sentence has not been finished, Long Pin Xuan then said, "We West Lake Academy's Buddhist Class, now there is only one person, see you is also a Buddha's disciple, it is better to join the Buddha, you can also discuss each other. Let me know that I am just a college, it is not the other of the martial art, but there is no other restriction, just to cultivate talents. You join the college, you can get the support of the college, you can get the teacher's teaching, why not What? "

Fahai is also the meaning of understanding the words "college". After all, there are many colleges in the Buddhist world. He is not a small white. He still knows, his Master will not mind him to join the college outside. Learn more things.

Therefore, the Fahai is very easy, "Good!"

Longpin Xuan let the Fahai launched by his blood in the last page of the person's catalog, satisfied with his blood.

Erlang Shenzhi is the old Jun Nu Nui, "The Dean joined the monk of the Buddha world by our headrest."

Chapter 133 is a classmate

Too Shang Laojun took a duck tongue, "I have been tied to teaching here every day, what is it!"

Erlang God did a bite of Longjing tea, saying, "He came to us."

Too Shang Laojun took a spring volume and continued, "Nothing, he is our student, but ask me Dharma, I don't understand, just answer."

Erlang's shrug shrugged, he didn't know why the dean should start a Buddha class, and they will be a Dao law. Is it necessary to recruit a bodhisattva to be a teacher?

Dragon Pin Xuan, who was treated by Erlang and Too God, was beautiful in mind.

He completed three tasks at once, that is, 3 secret fragments, plus three level 1, 1 level 9, such a level of 6, only 4 pieces from 10 .

This is the root cause of Longpin Xuan to make Xu Xian and Bai Sui in Hangzhou to the root cause of the people to treat the disease.

Long Pu Xuan also walked to the dinner table, but it took a back to the bottom of his position.

The other people have no lively, and they must return to their previous tables and start to eat and drink.

The Fahai went to the front of the Erlang and Tai Shang Laojun, bowed, "The two teachers are good, can students ask a question?"

Erlang God drank Longjing tea to watch the law sea and didn't speak. Too many old monarch swallowed a piece of patent, "asked, but we didn't understand the Dharma, asking it."

The Fahai has a one-on-chest than a Buddha, "Duver Merva! What is needed in this world to make rules?"

Erlang's eyes suddenly turned into golden light, and the movements of the chewing in the old man were paused, and the two gods saw the fairy.

"what did you say?"

The law has repeatedly asked his questions again.

Erlang God looked at the Too Old Laojun, which was still restored, and then said, "When you can reach the level of emperor and Buddha, you can know, now you are not qualified."

The breath of the law is slightly stopped, and then he immediately gave them two people, then went to the dean.

Longpin Xuan saw that the Fahai stood behind his own body, "didn't help but smile," have you got an answer? "

The French Sea nodded and shook his head.

Longpin Xuan is put into the mouth in the mouth. I will give you a chance to enter a secret, you can't improve, you will see yourself. "

The Fa Sea once again rushed to Long Pin Xuan, and he took a deep bow, "Xie Dean!"

Knowing the Sea, these two gods don't want to teach him Dharma, but the purpose of him asked is nature, but his future.

"Right," Longpin Xuan swallowed the dishes in the mouth, continued, "When you run the Dharma, I remember that I have to go from my own Tan Zhong, don't go around, or your heart is still Announce. "