I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in Sean 94th in the Monster College.

Long Pinxuan's words are like a drop of water drops in oil, and the oil is splashing, directly breaking the calm face of the law.

The law is really convincing. The original dean is really a big energy! It is possible to look at the problems in his Dharma cultivation, but also put forward solutions.

Perhaps, he made a mistake, and he really opened his future fog is not the two gods, but the dean in front.

Thinking of this, the Fahai once again walked toward Longpin Xuan, and lifted his foot to Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen.

Longpin Xuan only visited the most critical information of cultivation in his heart, and pointed out the key points.

Although I don't know if this approach is not feasible, I can at least one direction.

The law is tight, since it is not as good as people and demon, it is better to watch them, just like Long Pu Xuan, he also monitors Bai Suzhen, once Bai Suzhen wants When you are harmful, he stops in time.

Moreover, the mission promulgated by the Dean is to treat the people, how can the Fahai reject!

Too many old junji stuffed with things, while chewing, "You have entered the college," I have become a classmate, I have a classmate, this sound is a fall! "

Erlang God is drinking Longjing tea to look at Longpin Xuan. "The Buddha is to take it to your disciples. The colleges in the Buddha are not weak."

Longpin Xuan smiled and put down the chopsticks, "I am afraid, don't you still have you!"

Too God: ...

Erlang God: ...

E, this sinister dean!

After the wedding ceremony, after the whole rice in Hangzhou, all the topics of Xu Xianhe Baixi, there are still many clothes styles in the garment store, including black suit set and white Wedding dress, of course, there are different colors.

These clothes are quite popular, including a lot of people and demon, and in love, there will be the first time in Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen, will have a second time!

Many newcomers are all coming nearby, for the joy and blessings of adults.

There are of course many people know that in the three months, Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen will gave the people in Hangzhou people, and a lot of people are already in listening to where they are governing.

Xu Jiao Rong is now 10,000 to support Xu Xian, directly open the house they live, and open a small pharmacy directly, so that Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen are seeing a doctor.

The name of this pharmacy is called "security hall".

Because their tasks are Dragon Pain Xuan's faces of the many people's faces, many people know that Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen have to treat the disease in Hangcheng, and now they have turned into the walls of their own home. Directly transformed into a pharmacy, a variety of patients have come to this "security hall".

Xu Xian also studied a lot of medical skills, plus Bai Suzhen to see the patient's condition, so after the start of some hands, the pharmacy also entered the formal.

This is certainly less helpful.

A lot of people have been queued outside, because Xu Xian and others see the movement of the disease is really slow, plus the people who come to the security hall to see the doctor high, which leads to many people outside waiting.

Waiting for a long time, there will be various problems in the future.

At this time, it is time to reflect the functionality of the Fahai.

The Fahai station at the door, a nobles, and blocked many people.

Some people want to let Xu Xian and Bai Niang just look at him, but they are blocked directly outside the law. No matter how it asked him, he will only say "even M Master"!

The order is maintained, but this also leads to many Hangzhou people in this monk.

Chapter 134 Plague

In Huicheng, I don't know when I have a lot of flowers, they have a pair of yellow, and the lips are green, and they have a cough in the corner.

Many of the lumens begged in front of the people, and tried to eat a meal.

The Shanghai Government has to open a warehouse, and the number of helpless people has more and more.

In the Hangzhou-Range in Shanghai, there have also been some relocation of the people.

During the security hall, with Xu Xian's medical skills, the speed of seeing a doctor gradually, the role of the law is changed from the door to the califier.

His Dharma and Lions have the role of calm condensation, especially some neuropathic disorders, with Dharma's blessings, can help them sleep, relieve the patient's mood pressure.

Therefore, the people have gradually changed from the attitude of the French Sea, and they are shouting "bald", "monk", "big monk", and changed to "master".

The law is also in the process of Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen, and it is clear that one person is a demon.

Bai Suzhen is giving a doctor, all the demon arts used with Rare, it is a diamond for authentic, although there is a lot of Buddha's power in it, it is a little confused, but this is also It seems that she should have not harmed people.

Xu Xian didn't have to say it, itself passed through the Dharma, although I didn't understand those verses, but the cultivation of the Dharma was decided to escape the eyes of the law.

Fahai once thought Xu Xian as his own brother.

But when the Dharma that Xu Xian is taught by the Dean, the law is also guess for the real identity of the dean. Perhaps the delegation is a big energy of the Buddha?

Therefore, the law is not only not confracted, but it is a little joy.

To know that Master, the Master, the Buddhist disciple is very good at traveling to the world. His Master brought the law in the law. After taught a complete set of Dharma, he fately.

The Fahai is rescued in the monster mouth. His parents are being monsted, and they are in front of the Fahai, and the Fahai eyes look at their parents to mess with the monsters, the flesh and blood of the sky. Hate of torn floating.

Master, the Master of the Sea understood the unforgettable hatred of the born in the year of the year, and took him around him, and he used Dharma to edify, and later found the talent of the law, and received it as a disciple.

Now the dean in the eyes of the Fahai, the same as his Master, it should be the case to experience, which makes the dean have a lot in the heart of the law.

Similarly, the bottom of the law is in the depths of the monsters, and in the scene of Long Pu Xuan, in the gone of Hangzhou, slowly abrasive.

Not only is Bai Suzhen, the simple monsters around them, living with humans, helping each other.

If you have a fake, then these monsters are too terrible, and there is no mankind to be deceived by them.

However, the law is known from the mouth of the people, not in this month, but since the Xihu College appeared, these monsters have been taught by the dean, and they will wash the heart leather face and embark on the front.

On the day of the West Lake Academy, they lived this day; in one year, they lived this year.

If this is the case, this Hangzhou naturally becomes another holy place in the world.

And his law, at this time, it also became a part of this holy place, contributing to life of this land for the prosperity of this land.

The Fahai looked at the rich golden merits over the West Lake, and finally understood the unparalleled merits of the dean.

Perhaps, he did not have a mistake in other places, but it was wrong in his ham of demon in Hangzhou, because he didn't need him to demon, need him to protect and maintain the people here.

The people don't just refer to humans, as well as those who integrate humanity.

So, the law is!

He stood in the gate of the security guard looked at the crowd of the monsters that came and went to the monsters. The arms on the head squatted, so that people and monsters have some side.

"What happened to Master?"

"are you sick?"


"Is it?"

"Let the doctor come to see?"

"Walk! Go in to know!"

The Buddha is stirring with the Buddha, which is repaired again, and the remains of the heart in the heart complete disappeared, pure is incomparable.

Xu Xianhe Bai Niangzi stood aside and did not bother.

After the sea breaks through the sea, one person is a demon, "Congratulations to the law of the Sea students further!"

Fahai double-handed 10, and bowed to the gift.

At this moment, a few conversations have passed into their ear.

"Have you heard of it? Shanghai City next to it seems to have a plague!"

"Really fake? I just planned to take my wife and children in Shanghai to visit the family!"

"Now Huicheng is a lifeline, I heard that the plague is that the people are taken."

"Don't say Shanghai, I went to Sanhe Village last time, listening to the village head, there are many lotus people in the nearby road, those who have a disease one by one, and their villages have sealed, and they are afraid of lifeligas. Bring the disease into the village! "

"Scorpio! This is terrible! What should I do if those illong people do?"

"I don't know, I don't know if the government will manage."

Xu Xian and the white lady pair, the eyes were surprised, the law is directly asked directly, "even Mmitt Buddha, what is the donor, what is the Wigner and plague?"

The people saw that the Fahai, but also said that the information that knows the knowledge.

Hangzhou has established a lot of small towns, many monsters and practitioners need to live in a while, and they can come in.

And the outside of the town, some of the people have appeared.

However, because the small towns' monsters and cultivars gathered, those rich people did not dare to come here, and they went around Hangzhou and went to the village below.

Originally some of the living people is thinking that it is good to enter Hangzhou, but it is necessary to stay in the small town to determine whether it is harmless.

This has led to the illness of these fluors, and the ordinary herbal medicine is not good, and naturally, it is directly driven out of the town.

Although Hangcheng is saved, the villages under Hangzhou have been killed.

Xu Xian said that when some spider marts, Xihu received information from the small town, and also started to run immediately.

Longpin Xuan sat in the office and was cultivating, and the system's prompt sound appeared in the brain.

"Trigger Task: Solve the plague!"

"The content of the task: the plague of this era leads to many people's displacement, please solve the problem of the plague!"

"Mission completion reward: alchemy level 2, randomly secret fragment!"