I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean section 95

Chapter 135 Bath Treatment

After Dragon Pin Xuan finished the task content, it almost jumped from its own position.

This task has two rewards!

It seems that this task is difficult!

But there is difficulty to have a harvest!

Longpin Xuan Lima stood up, just opened the door, he saw the dragon and strict government standing in his office door to knock on the door.

"come in."

Longpin Xuan said faintly, as if he gave him a door, it was the same, before the exciting look was like never appeared in his face.

The dragon and strict rule of rushing the plague.

"At present, there are more and more people from this side of Hangzhou, because many Hangzhou villages seal the village, in order not to bring the plague to the village, we also sent students to the village, and put these people as much as possible They are gathered together. "

Longpin Xuan nodded, "What is these plagues?"

"Skinny, weak, cough, lips, after long time, will slowly die, it seems like the whole body is lost."

Longpin Xuan frowns, how can there be such a plague.

In general, ancient plague is either a virus, or a flu, a cold and a cold.


Longpin Xuan sound suddenly sounded in the college, and a ghost is flying to the president's office.

"The President"! "This ghost is slowly rising from the shadow of the ground and squatting toward Longpin Xuan.

"What is the number of waraks in our back garden?"

The big ghost is slightly thoughts to answer, "Not too much, no less, if needed, you can plant it on-site, but you need adults ..."

Longpin Xuan nodded, looking to the dragon and strict political, "You leave the wax seeds to me, other waves, you harvested to the dragon and strict political, let them put all the essence in the grass Refined, let the people who have been disinfected with Warake, delay, others remember all the people all concentrated, since the lifelong people are basically sick, be sure to ensure that these diseases cannot be transmitted to other people. "

"Since it is to be treated, it will be treated all in one time!"

"Great ghost, you will ride a partner to inform Tai Shang Lao Jun, let him refine some detoxification Dan."

After that, Long Pinxuan got up directly, walked toward the back garden, he used plants to plant the Water seeds again, and no herbal can be used.

"Detoxification Dan?"

Dragon and strict sinister face, "Plague with detoxification Dan?"

Strictly swaying his head, I don't know what the dean thought.

However, they are very soon to act in accordance with the command of Longpin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan is growing in planting, thinking about this plague.

This symptoms of this plague are completely different from ordinary plagues, but if it is not ordinary plague?

I remember the TV series before watching the white snake, one of which is deliberately sprinkled into drinking water in her body, so that the people are poisoned, and then produce antidics to sell, with this to deceive money.

Longpin Xuan couldn't help but think of this plague from Shanghai.

Then this monster is very likely to be poison in Shanghai, but he didn't expect this plague to spread so fast, many of the people who know the safety of Hangzhou, there is God now, actually want to move to Hangzhou, gain the fairy , Then let the disease can be cured.

Or because of the West Lake Academy, there is a West Lake, will lead to the monster that there is no way to Hang Hang, will lead those who come to Hangzhou?

Longpin Xuan couldn't help but guess, so he will let the Tai Shang Lao will refine the detoxification Dan.

The general detoxification drug is naturally a poison that cannot be convincing itself.

But the detoxification of the Old Mono is different. Almost all of the poison can be treated in the world.

If this plague is really cured under the detoxification of the Too many old monarchs, then Long Pu Xuan's guess is true, naturally, it will easily grasp this culprit.

I am afraid that he is guessing.

Those Warace will soon be sent to the lifeline.

Because the cultivators and monsters will not be infected by this plague, they have become all practitioners and monsters.

This time the entire Hangzhou West Lake will take the market, including those family and martial arts in Hangzhou, as long as the cultivator has entered the working condition.

Because this plague affects Hangzhou, it is bound to endanger their family and family, endangering the people of Hangzhou.

Water is filled with a bucket of the barrel of iron drum, there are some fire properties monsters and cultivators, and the fireballs are added with fireballs, and then the application puts the water in these iron buckets in the air. Pouring on those who are lifting, washing the dust and pathogenesis on them.

Then, a large pit was dug on the ground, and the pit was inlaid in a tile of a piece of block, preventing the soil on the side, and formed a huge bath.

The water is also filled with the whole bath, which is strictly joined into the bath pond into a dripper, and the whole bath is filled with the taste of the grass.

Many monsters and practitioners use the water in the bath to the temperature suitable for the bath, and introduce the flushing lifeligans into the bath in the bath.

After born, change a pool and change a group of people.

These lumens wiped the water on their body, replaced their own clean clothes. If there is no clothes, there will be a suit of the West Lake Academy to sponsor, but this is borrowed, you need to sign a free working agreement for a year.

After these floats have passed through two rounds of cleaning, a lot of spirit is a lot.

"Hangzhou is so good! I thought it wouldn't worry about our death!"

"I heard that this is a way to kill the enemy virus?"

"My body feels easy, there is an effect!"

"But I haven't cured it!"

"Not so fast, I heard that the dean of adults are looking for a treatment!"

"I haven't taken a shower for many days, too comfortable!"

"This bathing water is a taste."

"It is a wax, evil spirits and treatment of some diseases!"

"We came over from Shanghai, no one was willing to help and assist hands, except for the adults!"

"Even if the hospital is not good, we are also collected this situation!"

"Thanks to the gods!"

Many of the living people directly fell to the ground, and worshiped in the direction of Hangzhou.

At this time, a golden light flashed, and there was a golden figure in the air, and a man was on the clouds appeared in them.

"Now, expand the bath, let the people as possible into the bath pool, I want to try it."

Those fascinating people looked at the air, and they went out in an instant.


"It is the adults of the dean!"

"The dean adults will save us!"

"Wonderful adults!"

Chapter 136 New Scenic Area

The lifelivers have slanted.

In their view, they can fly all fairy.

Sure enough, there will be gods to save!

Dragon is observed around, flying to Longpin Xuan's side, "the president, open a pool, not asked for dozens, excavation of a small pool, but to dig so many people That cost is much more time ... "

Longpin Xuan frowned, slightly thinking about the meaning of the dragon, noddion, "You can lead the demon class, strictly lead the family class, dig the small pool, and then let the livingm members into several batches, waiting for me Under the order, you can enter the pool water soaked, soak for 5 minutes per person! "

Dragon and strict ganglion, and immediately start taking the pool with students.

Each person, if the attribute is not suitable for the dug pool, it is easy to dig in other students.

After a while, 70 pools were dug.

Longpin Xuan turned out and dragged a white porcelain bottle.

He gently took the porcelain bottle to the center of the 70 pool.

A slightly green medicinal medicine dropped from this white porcelain bottle, directly falling into the edge of the most center of the pool, a deep hole in a unhealthy small hole appeared in front of everyone.

The ligmented people have been asked to queue up in the edge of the pool, watching such a strange scene, and some doubts.

What is this dean of fairy doing?

At this moment, several Chinese people suddenly pointed to the pool, "Quickly see, go out!"

I saw that the lower side of each pool suddenly made the same holes like Naha, a flow of water came out from inside, and the clear water with a silk green, a fresh flavor.

Smell this fragrance, those who have felt that their body is much better.

Longpin Xuan waited until 70 pools were all over 7, and the water flowed calm down. He said that "Yes, each batch is soaked in 5 minutes."

The villagers have entered the pool water slightly excited.