I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean section 96

These pools before the water can feel the effect of their body, if they go in soaking, can it be good?

Many people don't think so.

And they want to be right!

When they walk into the pool water, they were surprised to discover that this pool is turning warm.

"Scorpio, your body is smoke!"

A flourman is surprised to say another fortune in front of him.

"You are also smoking!"

They are both black smoke in the water in the pool, which is the toxins in their body.

The Tan medicine threw next before Longpin Xuan was the detoxification pill of Tai Shang Laojun.

This is a fairy, and Xian Dan is naturally not to eat people to everyone.

Therefore, Longpin Xuan will throw the medicinal herbs into the soil, use the hot springs under the ground, soaked through the medicinal herbs, then treat them with water soaked in Xian Dan.

The effect is really obvious!

After 5 minutes, the plague on that batch of people was all cured.

Of course, they have no concepts for 5 minutes, but the students of the West Lake Academy have a timer that they study according to the clock provided by the Dean, at one side.

A batch of people have been cured, and the plague is directly controlled outside Hangzhou.

And these people will naturally settle down here.

Strictly cultivation of some trees around these 70 hot springs, built a house in more than 20-side hot springs, to take a bath for students and teachers, after all, there are still many people in the world, sometimes Come here to make a bubble, soaked in the water, you can strengthen your body, and the general small illness will not find the door.

If there is some people who have some poisonous people, come to make a bubble, the effect should not be too good!

And this batch of living people have built new villages around this surrounding, this hot spring also turns into a scenic, after delivery of the West Lake Academy, you can enter a spa soup in a bubble.

Later, people said that this village is "Qingxi Village". This hot spring is called the water, the famous water.

There are many celebrities recorded their characteristics in different clauses. Later, according to their geographical position, there is a river on the side, which is the main source of Qiantang River on the side of Zhejiang.

Song Yanxi is almost called "Yanzhou Map" called Xin'an River, causing his hot spring known as jade hot springs.

The village on the side is also gradually integrated, forming a scale of county, collectively referred to as Xin'anjiang. Now Xin'an River is also an ancient name.

Long Pu Xuan listened to still "Qingxi Village", but there is not much thought, wait for him to hear this name later, can't help but laugh, the original task has created a history.

West Lake Academy offers numerous materials to help the people, including building Hangzhou, most of themselves.

But because of the tightness, I want to have a long-term stream of the school, I naturally need to have an income source.

However, this source cannot be a student tuition, so you have to have any other income.

Hangzhou's transportation and the hot springs of Qingxi Village have become one of the important sources of economic sources of development in the West Lake Academy.

After the resolution of the plague, Longpin Xuan went to see the task, but he found that the mission was still not completed.

This makes him some upset.

Wait, solve the fundamental problem of problems.

Longpin Xuan's eyes are bright, he originally used the detoxification Dan to test if there is no effect, this initial purpose, he almost forgot.

If this detoxification is effective, then it can be explained that these people are not a plague, but poisoned!

In the Bai Snake, many people poisoned events, only one.

That is a ghost!

Longpin Xuanli said the dragon and strict government.

"Next, the college will open the integration system, because the college also needs funding operations, so the college will implement the system of each student to fix resource annually. All students need to complete a guarantee every year, and different tasks can be obtained. Corresponding points. "

"Points can also be obtained by donating a certain amount of money, but this work is given, each person is quantified."

"This points can be used to exchange resources outside each student, such as herbal medicine."

"The task now gives you is to build a pixem and points redemption hall in the college as soon as possible, and formulate relevant systems and exchange procedures."

"For example, some work in the redemption hall can also be released as a task, and you can get a certain integration."

"Because after this, the college will launch a new practice method, this practice is to exchange!"

Chapter 137 Points Exchange

Dragon and strictly listen to Long Pin Xuan said that there is a bit embarrassed.

Under the guidance of Longpin Xuan, they wrote the corresponding documents and rules. After the dragon product seal was finalized, the two were prepared.

West Lake Academy quickly launched a score system.

Below this point system, many students in the college began to make some colleges, there are things that can't be seen outside.

These things were placed in Hangzhou, and they were immediately robbed by people in Hangzhou.

The money earned by this is naturally attributable to them, and they can donate to the college with legal money, or complete the mission arranged by the college, to give some points to exchange the additional herbal subsidies, or the new appearance Practice.

And the name of this practice is hung up to the home page of points exchange, and many students look at the saliva.

Because it is written above, "the secret cultivation"!

Month! That's a secret!

"I only heard that there will be a secret in Penglai Wonderland, I didn't expect our college, there will be a secret!"

"Must, we are 9 star schools!"

"I want to come before our strength is enough, the dean does not give us open, now the strength is almost, I am open!"

"But that point is much better!"

"A nonsense, the secret is a lot of resources, this points system is definitely preparing to open the secret!"

"It turns out! So will there be a quota limit in the secret opening?"

"It should be!"

"So, if this points are exchanged ..."

"First come first served! I will refine the medicine first! Go back!"

"I will go to make a clock, go back!"

"I am going to do an running leg task! Go back!"

"I also go, earn more points!"

The entire West Lake Academy immediately set off a wave of ingredients.

The task issued on the task card is immediately robbed.

Those who can't grab the task will only be done in the top of the money, used to redeem points.

However, with money to exchange points, the first, there is a ceiling, second, this ratio is too big, it costs.

When the students are hot, the task card has a task that can be taken at the same time.

"Task content: Huicheng, Hangzhou, recently suffered from plague torture, according to relevant information, the people are actually not plague, but poisoned, find out the source of this plague, and be stimked! If it is a monster Comprotice, allow you to kill! "

"Task completion reward: 10,000 points! Assist is completed, assist completion of the reward 50.3!"

"Number of tasks: 20 people"

This task came out, almost all students took this task in the first time, except for causing.

It is 5 points to complete a running leg task. One thousand two gold can only be redeemed 1 point, and the number of entered the secret is 50,000 points, this is going to have a monkey Year Moon.

However, this task is completed directly to reward 10,000 points, and if the student is completed together is 0.3, that is, 10,000 points for each participant can get 3,000 points.

Made great!

As long as you come to a few such tasks, you can get 50,000 points quickly.

Generally, the task of benefiting the people, and more points will be more.

So after 20 tasks are received, these students have formed a team and go directly to Shanghai.

Longpin Xuan stood at the gate of the college, looked at them, the lips were slightly hooked, he released 20 students to go out to clean the , seeing him dare not let.

After that, Longpin Xuan either smears in the hot spring, or it is in the office.

However, in just two days, he heard the wonderful tone of the system.

"The task is completed! Do you accept rewards?"

Longpin Xuan did not hesitate to choose "Yes", and then the white light in his brain fiercely pierces his body, and the powerful information has entered his body.

Not just his mind, there is a whole body, both cheering, jumping.

Longpin Xuan opened his eyes, he felt that he had been able to directly refine the 2nd-level Dan medicine, that is, Xian Dan, all of the alchemy technology seems to be the same as it is.


Longpin Xuan brings up his mouth, in his mind, countless herbal knowledge, countless Danfang.

Suddenly, his eyes were in an instant.