I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 97 in the Monster College.

"Xian Yong Dan! Accelerate the Dan medicine that integrates energy in the body!"

Longpin Xuan thought that the three sizes of Dragon Balls in his body were glanced.

However, he immediately broke his thinking.

The box appeared in front of the previous lottery, Longpin Xuan reached out, carefully selected the 1st level of Jianzhao secret fragment.

By now, Long Pu Xuan has already had 7 secret fragments. It is only 3 pieces from 10 pieces. In this way, there is no time to start the truly Jianzheng secret.

Longpin Xuan looked at the map of Hangzhou. Now he has already placed the West Lake. He took the lead by the dragon, but it was mainly developed by the cultivator of Hangcheng, and the Xihu Academy accounted for Among them, 30% profits.

However, the bus is only driving a better way, once it is, it is not too good.

Instead, we want to develop Hangzhou, develop Xihu College, forced to repair the road.

Longpin Xuan just finally finalized the planning around Hangzhou, he heard a shout from the college's integration hall.

He stood up and walked towards the outside.

"The mission is back?"

"It is indeed a monster, everyone will see!"

The 20th classmates have a servant, although there is no wound on the body, but the clothes are broken, and the pit drops have made many students.

One of the classmates took a huge head in their hands and threw it on the ground.

"It's a disgusting monster, poison is not too powerful, just to burn bad clothes."

"But this task is really simple!"

"When we passed, this guy was still installing a doctor, opened a treated store, selling medicine."

"Yeah, putting this demerion as a fairyan selling, deceiving a lot of money."

"Hey, we not only completed the mission, but also earned a vote, everyone will return the bank to the people, and we are all divided!"

"Yes, yes, this guy seems to have not been doing such a ticket, and those accumulated thinking is his previous."

"This is also strange, how can I like money so much."

Longpin Xuan looked at the head on the ground, and there was a virulence that had flowed the blood and his head. It made the floor changed the color, the face changed, "now release a task, put these several The guy of the dirty floor is a meal, 5 points per person! "


A group of students next to them smiled and walked to them!

Chapter 138

Longpin Xuan looked at the whole group of traders in the mission hall, a little funny.

I saw that there were many students' faces on the face, and of course those on the ground were wiped clean.

Longpin Xuan cough two, said, "Now, a series of large tasks will be issued, and these tasks will drive the development of the entire Hangzhou, and will also expand our development and construction of our West Lake Academy."

"Next, the West Lake Academy will open the foreign hospital, the students who are recruiting in the hospital will decrease. You will be a trainee of the inner courtyard of the real West Lake College. At the same time, you will also be the teacher of the students in the hospital."

"Every teaching class can earn points."

"After opening the outside hospital, you can go to different urban recruit students, ask only one, good talent, good character, our college is equal, whether it is a demon, Buddha, it is the same. If you don't do it If you arrive, even if you come back, you will be removed in the test before admission. "

"This is the detail of the external hospital, the total responsibility of opening the outer court and recruiting students is strict. If it is a problem, I only ask you!"

"Open the external hospital is just the first series of tasks in the West Lake Academy, the second series of tasks is the construction of the college and the construction of Hangzhou."

"First, the lake here can only be entered by the inner courtyard."

"Then the outer court naturally requires the college to learn and live, these are responsible for you by Dragon."

"Our transportation hub in Hangzhou has been very good, but the countryside outside Hangzhou, the people are very inconvenient, including some business transportation. So I have a rough road development map around Hangzhou The next is the road. "

"Of course, the road will calculate points according to the number of roads."

"Similarly, the integration system will continue to the outside hospital, although the students of the external hospital have less resources than you, but they can also get enough points to force themselves, and then under certain conditions, I can apply for entry Once the hospital, once it passed, it can become a student of the inner court. "

"Points are one of the main ways, and the way to take the road is to earn a very fast range of points. Some tasks we will also open to the foreign hospital. You have to be careful not to be surpass by them."

"This, the task of repairing the road I mainly explain, because this task is not a one-time task, this task and the outer court will be available at the same time. Of course, after the outer hospital is opened, the outer hospital must need to build in advance, but repair This task of the road will continue because the engineering volume is very large. "

"Not only the road around Hangzhou, the spread of Hangzhou, as long as you see the village, we will repair the road to the village. I need to have a neat road in the places you have to see throughout the country. Don't need to walk in mud water, trafflers can better carry out traffic. "

"And the cost of these construction road will be put forward from our college's income, and the material of the road must not be replaced by the strict requirements you write here."

"Because after this construction is similar, the college will promote more products related to transportation summary tools, drive the development of the college and Hangzhou and the development of surrounding urban villages."

"have you understood?"

Longpin Xuan said a lot, but the rough direction is clear, mainly strict political and dragon, and they are called to meet, then let them lead their own class to complete the corresponding task. .

Why do you have a strict effort to go out to study your student and have a reason?

After all, it is strictly strictly human, some cities in the outside world are not better than Hangzhou, and the human beings and monsters are treated equal, and they are prejudified for monsters.

If the dragon is going to take a class's monster, maybe the city will think that they monster collectively siege!

After the Dragon Pin Xuan retrieved some details with Dragon and strict political affairs, they began to lead their own classes to carry out various tasks.

I will have a quota of people and monsters that are not hot!

Now the points have been in the same time, and the students are getting more and more powerful.

Just finish the Dragon and strictly leaders his class, preparing for work, one by one goes out of the college to prepare.

In the brain of Longpin Xuan, the system rang.

"Trigger Task: Expand Academy"

"The content of the task: open the college entrance house, expansion students!"

"Task completion reward: randomly level 1 secret fragment * 1."

"Trigger Task: Construction College"

"The content of the task: Opening an external hospital of the college must have enough venues to build an external hospital that is suitable for the disciples of the foreign hospital."

"Task Complete Reward: Random Level 1 Secretary * 1."

"Trigger Task: Promote economic prosperity"

"The content of the task: Take the road around Hangzhou, open the traffic around Hangzhou."

"Task completion reward: random level 1 secret fragment * 10"

Three tasks, let Dragon's eyes have grown up. I didn't expect to have such an initiative to do because of this series of initiatives to be strong, will bring such a rich task.

Especially the task of the last road, just get through the traffic around Hangzhou, you can get 10 1-level secret fragment!

However, Longpin Xuan also knows that after repairing the road, there is also a corresponding means of transportation, otherwise relying on the carriage and the ox truck, the traffic is open, but it is convenient.

And this is his next plan, Long Pinxuan has to put himself in the future, and maybe after these three tasks are completed, the next transport can also give the task.

Longpin Xuan is a bit strange. When he was holding an anniversary, he transformed Hangzhou. How did it trigger a task, but now it will now change the college?

He shook his head and didn't think about it, anyway, it was released.

Longpin Xuan looked at these three tasks. If you want to turn on a secret, you must first complete the third task first, because he is now having 7 level 1 swords, secret fragments, only need two The block can open the 1st grade of Jianzheng.

Longpin Xuan wants to think, then it will go through the college and go to the direction of the dragon.

"Dean! How come you?"

Dragon's participants in the monsters are driving in the air, suddenly see Long Pinxuan, which appears, is a bit surprised.

Longpin Xuan faintly laughed, "Because you didn't make a real cement, I will guide it first. When you are skilled, you can start building the way."

Flame small bottle reminds you: look after the collection (), then look more convenient.

Chapter 139 Cement Road

Dragon is nodded, curiously asked, "What is cement?"

Longpin Xuanzhen said, "After waiting until the real success, you will know, this way to make it, it is flat, and durable!"

The monsters around them are also a little curious, I don't know what the cement said in the cement.

Longpin Xuan looked at the surrounding environment, asked towards the monsters of the monsters. "I heard that you have found a cave before, the stone inside is sloppy?"

Pig three nails, "Yes, I used to avoid some ... I accidentally found it!"

"You take us first!" Longpin Xuan said.

Dragon is reminding, "Dean, before it is not going to go, we are now going to this cave."

"Cough, I said before said, I need to exploit it. How can you know that you first choose to go to this cave!"

Longpin Xuan's old face is red, immediately transferred the topic, "How long is it?"

The pig three pointed out the front of a mountain, "it's it, it is there!"

The monster fell in the place where the pigs were referred to, and there was a hole in the mouth, and there were some cavity and junky plants, standing in the hole, and there was a burst of cool.

"Walk in!"

Longpin Xuan walked into the cave and saw a stone in the rooted stone, showing a smile on his face. All the stones are broken in the storage bag, filled with one-third of the storage bag. "