I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the Dean Section 99

The registered people need to ride this bicycle to take a circle on the air. If you learn to ride within 5 minutes, you can sign up.

This bicycle is also fresh objects for the people, but it is not too new.

Because there is a whole wooden bicycle appeared in Hangzhou.

But wooden bicycles are very easy to damage, and the chain is made, how long does it take?

After replacing iron, the fluency of the entire bicycle ride is very good.

The people of Hangzhou have lived in the area of ​​high energy due to the high energy area, and the potential of the body is much higher than the ordinary people, so the balance must have a lot, and the proportion of passes is also high.

The people in the countryside, although the proportion is low, but there are some stand out.

After a round of screening, the one-week time, those who bike the people's cleansing workers allocated with a bicycle and started.

At the same time, this road is open.

At this time, the roads in Hangzhou to different rural areas have been sealed, and the cement road of one strike is ready to be in the next day.

When I walk, I would care about the edge of the cement road, although these roads were sealed, but they still can go, and there will be a small way.

Many people will take a walk in order to feel the cement road.

That is, let's take a walk, just feel the place that is different from before.

Going on the top of the original road, there is a pit, an improper heart will stumble, walking on the cement road.

Going on the original road, there will be stone in the end of the foot, can't walk on the cement road! The key is that there is a cleaners on the cement road, even if you take off your shoes, you will not be broken!

The people in Hangzhou are shocked!

Chapter 141 Shocked the Road in the World

There is also a bicycle, and there are people who hang the trash, one by one with a mask and gloves, holding a pliers in his hand, the back seat of the bicycle hangs and fights, and quickly rides on both sides of the road. From time to time, stop the leaves from time to time, and use the pliers to throw the garbage in the plant.

The key is the traffic in Hangzhou. After the road is opened, there is a bus!

Next to a road, I also rapidly built a waiting bus stop. The bus will stop every platform, let the people get off the bus, so that the people of those villages, just need to walk to the bus Stop, then wait for the bus, you can spend a little copper plate, you can enjoy the treatment of the carriage, directly traveling to Hangzhou and other towns.

With the more construction of the cement road, the entire road has an unprecedented road smooth and commercial trade. Those hawkers carry some rural vegetables and fruits, they are directly transported to other towns such as Hangcheng, which can get more benefits. .

The carriage runs faster on the cement road, and the bicycle is more and more sales in Hangzhou. Many people have some savings, they are willing to pay a bicycle.

And the creation of bicycles, bus, also lets the blacksmies have a lot, and these are all divided into the West Lake Association and Xihu College.

The establishment of the external hospital is the key to the entire Hangzhou road to be discovered and shocked by the world.

Strictly led the class in the largest city across the country, indicating that the 9th college, the West Lake Academy will start the outer court, and when the first round of screening, those cities are boiling.

You must know that since the Xihu College has opened an anniversary, the national family, which does not know the two gods in the West Lake College, and the unclear dean adult.

Now the West Lake Academy has to open the outer court, although it is an external hospital, but people who have pointed them from the fairy guide them, that is also high!

Strictly, I have set another age and boundaries of recruiting students. The people only recruit one year old and 18 years old, and the demon family will only recruit language and have never harmed people.

The monsters do not limit the age is natural because the age of the monsters is too large because of the differences between the race, it is not limited, but this is only the first round of screening, and then it is necessary to screen after the late stage of the adult.

After this limit, you will directly remove a lot of people, but the registered people are more incredible.

According to the requirements of the dean, each of them can recruit 50 ~ 100, but recruiting students will become the first batch of students them, a total of 2,500 foreign students can be recruited.

Of course, they also have the quota of helping to recruit monsters, and they are also 2,500, will lead them by the classmates of the demon class.

But because the number of people registered is too much, it is strictly strictly striving for excellence. From the best qualifications, the best quality is selected.

After the screening is completed, these students are registered in books, and ask for a screening of the next round of the next round before November this year, the family can accompany to watch the screening, but after entering the inner courtyard, they can only systematically Learn, you can't bring your family and servants.

And when the alternative students of these external hospitals came to Hangzhou, they were shocked by the national leadership, but the Hangzhou changed again!

They are like this soil road, some will have some bluestone plates, or other slate panels, but once the town, in addition to these soil roads and plants are stepped out, there will be no other Road.

But when they step on the land of Hangzhou, I found that the flat cement road, clean the road, and many buss, bicycles ran to go, the road is very busy.

It is shocking.

Hangzhou is so prosperous.

The bustling is not just within Hangzhou, and it has expanded to Hang Hang City.

Including the top of Hangzhou and some towns, they have begun to replace the original road with the cement road.

The stone road will go to the rainy day. Want to step on the "pit", which is loose slate, the water splashes the legs, but the cement road will not.

However, in the city, the cement road is built. Under the advice of the dean, it will use cement to repair two dragged rainwater, inlaid, the iron plate, which is to let the rain flow into the trench, and then drain into the river , Two is that these iron plates can also walk, will not be stepped on.

Hangzhou is getting more and more delicate above some details, and the quality of the people in Hangzhou is getting higher and higher.

Those fluins have never thought about it, in addition to eating warm, you can also use your own strengths to earn more money; the people have never thought about it, they can spend so little money, but they can enjoy the previous Only the benefits of the people can enjoy.

And those people, they also have higher quality life, specialty luxury homes, Xihu College, the first-handed product, more convenient transportation, more convenient store, more plump income, More expensive consumption.

Hangzhou really is becoming the most popular, peace of the whole country.

Those families and foreign counties or the army is not the richness of Hangzhou, don't want to take these treasures and produced things, but they don't dare.

The four words of the West Lake Academy are like a big mountain pressure on their head.

The two gods of the Ming sway, one is a heavenly war, a heavenly controlled alchemy, the Tooo, plus deep unspeakable dean, and those who have become increasingly high.

In the development of Hangzhou, the family and forces of Hangzhou are also developing fast.

The world of these cement roads is also shocked by the heavens and Buddhism.

Tian Di is an unusual interest in the rare strangeness of Hangzhou. From time to time, he will give him a point in the sky.

The Buddhism is completely different from the sky.

The focus of the Buddha is placed on the dean Long Pin Xuan, because Long Pinxuan is more and more rich, and finally let the Buddha have to pay attention.

In fact, Longpin Xuan is also cultivating different people and monsters, and every time, every time, every moment, in this case, in this case, he has a clearer understanding of his body cultivation.

As long as the Dragon Ball in his body is completely transformed, he can rely on the rich merits to achieve fairy or Buddha.


Chapter 142 Bodhisattva

"There is a dragon in the lower world, and the West Lake Academy is founded, but it is not in the roster of the dragon. It is only that there is no problem, but it has now changed the multi-style pattern of the lower bound, leading to unpredictable changes in fate."

"This dragon merits, observance, and the gathering of Guanyin, the sorrow, and the next king explore one or two."

"This matter is in the heart of the Buddha, looking at cautious!"

If you open your eyes, look down to the down, slowly.

Guanyin holds the jade bottle in one hand, single-handed gift, "Zun Law!"

On the streets of Hangzhou, a young boy wandering around the street and looked at the surrounding shop smiles.

He looked at the noodles of the noodles, he read the store business, he looked at the chance and mutual assistance.

"I heard it, is the West Lake Academy have to start the outer court!"

"What news is this, I have long known! I also know that I will come back soon, alternatives in other places have to come to Hangzhou for the next round of screening!"

"I heard that this time I have been selected in the outer court!"

"Hangzhou also has a quota, there is a good treatment in Hangzhou, and you can directly enter the next round of screening."

"Really? Then I have to sign up!"

"Get it, this time it is said that only 10 to 18 years old, what are you going!"

"Hey, you said that I am not born later!"

"These days, I have seen a lot of strangers, and it is estimated that the alternatives are full, the hotel is full."

"Really? When did you start?"

"It is said to be ten days later."

"Then I want to hurry back to the village and tell the family, let other friends have sent it to the home."

"Is it going to take a bike?"

"Nature is sitting on the bus!"

"OK, then you will help me bring a little pickle in your village, I have eaten last time, I don't forget!"

"Get! When you recover the dishes, you have to give me a good price!"

"That is nature!"

The teenager sat on the public rest chair next to the store, listened to the boss of the small restaurant and a dish, and the words of the dish, the words were conversation, standing, standing, walking towards the other side.

"Mon, is there?"

Xiao I saw a young woman walking into the inn, and he welcomed it.

A young smile nodded.

"this way please!"

Xiao two collected a boy to the counter, "The shopkeeper, the son is going to shop!"