I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean section 101

Until the ticket is sold, there are still many people standing outside.

Alternators are sitting in their own player area, a nervous look at the central table.

How will I filter it?

Is it going to fight two or two?

Many alternatives, including their parents, are guessing one by one.

After all, now the West Lake Academy, those students' strength can be very strong, I want to test the strength?

Many parents are a little worried, because their children have a small, 10-year-old child and 18-year-old children, after all, there is still 8 years of gap.

"Now there is an alternative to the tribal to enter the center!"

The alternative is 3,500, and 2,500 children are strictly screened in the field, and the other 1000 people are screened by Hangzhou.

They rushed into the Taiwan Central Station in turn.

"Assessment, will start!"

There is no rule, there is no explanation, so that the assessment begins!

Don't say around the audience and parents, even children are foggy.

What is the assessment? Is it big in the stage?

At this time, the entire platform started slowly emit a shot, a circular law was covered with the whole table, and all the children were shrouded in.

The golden light on the law is interlaced, and it has not jeoparded a child's mind, and a different picture is taken in their head.

Children only felt that they suddenly came to a white fog, and the friends who were assessing around the surroundings were gone, only their own.

However, then, there are more things around you.

Different children, the picture on the top of the head is different.

Some children's heads on the top of the head, some let people laugh.

Some children are sitting on a big pile of candies, nothing is looking for candies.

This book is made by the public number. Pay attention to VX, read book collar cash red envelopes!

Some children have a money in your pocket, it is used to buy clothes to buy things.

Some children are working hard.

"Is this a magic?"

"This illusion is very powerful!"

"Yeah, I actually released every child in the illusion."

"I don't know how this magic rule is? Let's make such a small child break through the magic, is not realistic?"

"Is there a high demand for Xihu College?"

In the case of many parents and the audience, they have spurred.

The child who is cheerful and eating candy, all of the candy is all taken by another child.

Partial anti-theft, etc.

Chapter 144 is mixed with a buddha?

"But before entering school, it also needs to be determined by qualifications, starting from the first place, queue up to step!"

Long Pu Xuan's words make many spectators present excited.

Some people have seen the first time I have enrolled, those students' qualifications, now I have to see such scenes?

Others have not seen, and I have heard that one is curious to look at Longpin Xuan.

The first place is a teenager. He walked in front of the team and walked to the stone note.

Longpin Xuan opened the guiding surgery, looked at his attribute layout, and his face almost did not control his original smile.

His inner countless "lying groove" forms a crazy brush screen.

What did he see?

The strength written on that property board is like flashing golden light, almost bright his eyes.

Is the word "Bodhisattva" joke?

Just come to a teenager who came to enter the school, is it a bodhisattva?

Look at the name, no.

Long Pin Xuan is somewhat embarrassed, which is this Bodhisattva?

His past life is not studying for these, it is an atheist, it is a laughter for these things, but I didn't expect one day, I have been reborn here, and there are also various fairy Buddha.

However, although Longpin Xuan is not clear which bodhisattva is this, it does not hinder him to make a next step.

Because he also saw the Dharma cultivated in this bodhisattva.

"Walking the way, it is like this ..."

Longpin Xuan's heart suddenly "" smile.

"This child is very different!"

Longpin Xuan suddenly jumped from top of the stone monument and went to the front of the teenager.

The teenager looked at him, and the eyes flashed in the eyes. It was like the strength of this strength in front of whether this strength is not a very high Jinlong. Is it really a dean of the West Lake Academy?

At this time, Longpin Xuan is open to the last page of the roster of his hand, and he is in front of the teenager. "Please use your blood to sign!"

The young eyes are slightly flashing, reach out, swaying, signing on the roster.

The audience reads the names of their names in the roster.

But Long Pu Xuan is really clear, and there is no "no" on the roster.

That is to say, it is not a real name, or he is not signed above the roster.

This is not good!

Longpin Xuan fixed the teenager who took the hand, said again, "Please use your own blood sign!"

A young man is not a signed?

He looked at the roster, but he found that there was no name on the top of the roster.

The teenager is slightly shocked.

Is it that his Dharma is not in a spirit?

But can it be observed?

He clearly also showed a difficult eye, and everyone in front of the present will think he has signed!

However, the roster in front of him did not sign, as if this observatorial method is virtual in front of this list, it does not exist.

What should I do now?

Is he showing true?

Still really signing on this list?

This list should not be simple!

If you really sign it, what is the result, he will not guarantee it.

Moreover, he looked to Longpin Xuan. If the strength of this dean is really so low, can you destroy Erlang Zhenjun and Tooo?

Or he hides strength, and even did you see it?

This is not natural, it is the avatar of Guanyin Bodhisattva. His life is not awkward, not a prince.

However, there is not much time to give Guanyin, because Long Pin Xuan said again, "Please sign your blood."

Three of saying the same words, there has been a suspicion of the audience.

When Long Pu Xuan said this, the audience also had a place where the name was found before, and there was no signature, let them have a doubt.

When I said the words, when I said this, the teenager in front of him is, I am not willing to sign a general.

This is intriguing.

This teenager does not want to sign, but come to participate in the selection, is it necessary to mix into Hangzhou?

For a time, a lot of the brows of the people of Hangzhou have frowned.

"What is this boy? Why don't you sign?"

"It seems to have been signed, but actually no sign?"

"Maybe what spells have been made, but they are broken by the delegation!"

"It turns out that he is engaged in ghost in front of the delegation?" How could it be! "

"Hey, I see this guy has gangs, maybe not something good!"

A question was joined from the auditorium, let Guanyin heard a bitter laugh.