I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the Dean, Section 102

He can become a real body, but now it is true that it is not a good idea to sit in those audiences.

Sometimes the audience will believe that you will believe that you will not listen to your explanation.

This example of Too many people has naturally understood this truth.

It seems that there is only one way to go now.

Guanyin sighed, and his fingers took a drop of blood and signed the word on the list.

Perhaps the law of the eye has been in front of this dean, because it seems that this list is also very ordinary. If this is the case, there is nothing wrong with the name.

Longpin Xuan met the Bodhisattva finally signed, looked at his sign, and his heartbeat could not help but be a bit faster, slightly tense feelings completely reacted him at the moment.

This is a bodhisattva!

Just thus cheating a bodhisattva? He is really too powerful!

Longpin Xuan saw that after the name was signed, then laughed. "This is superior, strength is deep, and it is not suitable for the school as a student. The teacher of the department is! "

Longpin Xuan's voice just fell, and the suffix followed by the name of this name on the roster.

At the same time, his brain instantly jumped out of a series of system prompts.

"Hey! Trigger the task - Enhance the integrated competitiveness of the college!"

"The content of the task: I want to be the world's first college must have a powerful teacher! Please recruit the college mentor!"

"Task completion reward: random secret fragment 1 / name"

"Hey! Task is completed! Do you accept task reward?"


Absolutely joy!

Longpin Xuan thought that his mission has been completed, it is completed, but he did not expect himself to recruit a mentor, and it can trigger this task again.

After the word of Guanyin, he heard Long Pin Xuan said so, but immediately showed a touch of smile.

The surrounding audience is ignited in an instant.

Chapter 145 Converted the first secret

"What? What did the dean have just said?"

"The dean is talking about Bodhisattva! I have not heard it!"

"Didn't listen to the wrong, it is the Bodhisattva! I have heard it!"

"What! What is the first place?"


"Bodhisattva also observes the West Lake Academy?"

"Scorpio, Bodhisattva also became a teacher of the West Lake Academy?"

"The dean is really powerful, and I found the avatar of the Bodhisattva!"

"Scorpio, is a Bodhisattva! Which Bodhisattva?"

"I have never seen Bodhisattva!"

"Is the Bodhisattva?"

Many people who believe in Buddhism have already fallen to the ground and started to show up.

Guanyin smiled, the dean in front of him, has already seen everything through everything.

In other words, it is also what he deliberately signed before.

So this rookie ...

Guanyin's eyes can not help but look into the hands of Longpin Xuan, but he doesn't see the roster in his hand.

It turned out to be an encess in the body. I don't know what constraints will there be for his actions?

However, since Long Pu Xuan has already broken Guanyin's true body, he will naturally not put it again.

A branch of the Buddha flashed, Guanyin showed the true body, stepped on Xiang Yun, shaped, the big day after the big day, the color of the sun, the net bottle, laughing, laughing, Looking at Longpin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan is not humble, "It turned out to be Guanyin Bodhisattva, since the Bodhisattva has been signature in the college, naturally, it is a college, but also don't forget that the time to take a month to teach the college. Let these students who are willing to pay for the people! "

Guanyin nod, "Since it has been signature, it is consent to teach, spreading Dharma, it should be it!"

Guanyin saw Long Pin Xuan did not have any other requirements, but he had to teach himself, but he looked at him high.

After all, it is also a good thing to spread Dharma for him.

Generally speaking, the boundaries and clearness of the fairy Buddha, in addition to the Taoism and Temple, generally not allowed Xian Buddha to spread the Dharma.

Now there is this invitation of Long Pu Xuan, but it can be a big bright future.

Only the object of spread has become a trainee of the Buddha Square, West Lake Academy.

But when you are teaching, how many people come to the class, that is not a person who can decide.

He naturally uses this opportunity to promote Dharma.

At this moment, Longpin Xuan has been happy.

Originally he has set 7 swords, the three tasks triggered before, have been completed, except for the foreign students still have not entered the name, it is not expected, and the other two directly gave him 11 secret fragments. If you add this task enrolled in the outer hospital and the task that just completed, it is 13 a secret fragment.

According to the 10th secret fragments, you can unlock a secret.

Guanyin Bodhisattva has now been seen by true body, nor does it stay, just after promising the teaching, he left.

Longpin Xuan also successfully checked the rest of the 999 foreign students in the roster.

The second place was also incorporated by him, which is 998 foreign students and an inner courtyard.

Guanyin returned to the Buddhist world, stand on his own bodhisattva, apologize, rushing.

His words have not yet been said, "I have already opened the first," I have known this matter, and my action is good. I am willing to preach my Buddha. This is a big good, but it can be! "

After Guanyin, he retired.

Before Long Pin Xuan signed the students of the people, the next is the demon.

The selection of the demon family is more concerned about the people. They are all curious about how to filter.

The screening of the demon family is more simple.

The 3000 monk alternative is on stage, most of them are the grass monsters, and there are some unflapsed monsters, the already stimulated monsters are in a minority, but there are hundreds.

Longpin Xuan is just a waving, all monsters will take a burst of light.

In the 3000 monsters, there are more than 100 monsters to raise blood red, and these monsters are all kinds of monsters. The remaining more than 500 monsters have a silk red, other monsters. Although colorful, there is no slightest redness.

There is a special strange, although his body rang, but also rushed to golden light, and Jin Guang and the blood red rays, there was a rumor.

Longpin Xuan left this monster, but eliminated all other monsters who had red homes.

"With Red Mans, it is a human life that is brought."

Long Pu Xuan's explanation made the audience present, and it turned out.

But then they have doubtful, including those who have been eliminated, because there is a monster on the stage full of blood red light, although there are golden lights, but there are other monsters, there are other lights. How is it only if he can stay?

Longpin Xuan naturally saw everyone's doubts and intake, and some monster eyes were not awkward, smiled, " It is his merits. Because people who killed the killing, they will produce merits. This is why his blood color not only does not have collision with merits, but there is a trend of fusion. "

A lot of Long Pu Xuan is a monster that is in the scene, including those uncomfortable monsters.

Indeed, if every person killed is the person who killed, this monster will definitely have merits.

Looking at the strength of the merits in his body, you can see the people he saved!

After the election of the lively outer hospital, Hangzhou will not only become cold, but it becomes more lively.

Alternatives that have not been selected, including those monsters are allowed to continue to stay in Hangzhou, and can directly participate in the next outer hospital screening.

Those monsters should be more good during this period, and they can slowly throw down the red homes on themselves.

Therefore, Hangzhou has expanded a large part.

The foreign hospital has also become more lively, and the students who do tasks are more.

In particular, the first secret in the points exchange list has been announced.

"Go see points to exchange list!"

"what's happenin?"

"The secret of the secret can be exchanged!"

"Really? What is the secret?"

"I have seen the classmates who have seen before listening to the secret!"

"What is the secret of the sword?"

"Don't know, do you want to go to see?"