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Chapter 146 Secret Quota

Longpin Xuan stands next to the entrance of the back garden of the West Lake Academy.

Originally this entrance is the entrance to the portable space he found, followed by ordinary stone walls.

The key is that these stone walls are moved from other places.

In fact, the West Lake is not too deep, but Long Pin Xuan is a dragon, or a rare gold dragon.

The five-claw dragon is the blood of the blood, the nine claw is king.

Longpin Xuan is born is a nine-claw, which is a natural dragon king.

His birth makes his father happy, but it will suddenly began in the day of his birth.

Incident, he did not record it on the dragon family, and he could not use the "" surname.

But as long as the inheritance of the dragon, will slowly emerge with strength growth.

After the Dragon Pain Xuan won his father's Dragon Ball, he became a human form, and he fused all the inheritance of the Dragon King.

Construction of the Dragon Palace in the underground, such a small matter is naturally nothing.

West Lake Academy is made by him in accordance with the Pattern of the Dragon Palace.

The entire West Lake Academy can increase to tens of thousands, and smashed into the gravel in the sea. This is the unique place in the dragon palace, and some space artifacts have an exotic work.

But it is not a self-contained world, so it is impossible to be a space, but the use of space inside is quite similar.

Moreover, it can accommodate various space and the conveying entrance and exit, the dragon palace can be said that the dragon is so long, and the strongest safety of the self-creation can be created.

A Dragon King fights in the air and the sea in the sea, but there is not much difference in the sea, but a dragon king is in the Dragon Palace and fights outside. It is a cloud.

Therefore, Erlang Zhenjun and Tai Shang Lu have already discussed the sky, let him give him directly to Long Pin Xuan, so that Long Pin Xuan can say that it is a bright road, it can be attributed to The sky is this.

Longpin Xuan still doesn't know the mind of Erlang Zhenjun and Too Old Jun, because he is now pondering where the entrance to the secret in the hand is placed.

He reached out and then started to modify the pattern of this.

He built a similar player in the back garden, and he wrote the back garden directly.

Then I played a tall stone door on the side, of course, this stone door is also set to a one-time size that can only accommodate several people.

After finishing these, he took out 10 sparkling debris from his hand.

System Tip: "Is it synthetic 1st priest?"

Longpin Xuan decisive choice "Yes"!

I saw that 10 pieces of casually slow closer, a piece of squatting, formed a law.

The France immediately fainted a portal in the air, then, under the guidance of the Dragon Pin Xuan's gods, fixed on the new stone door.

Longpin Xuan touched the Pakistan, start looking at the system with the specific information about this Jianzheng secret.

This is a level 1 Jianzheng, since the secret of the sword, there is naturally a lot of swords.

After entering people After a series of tests, they will transmit them to the appropriate Jianzheng according to the actual situation of this person.

But can you pull out those swords from Jianzheng or to see this person has been recognized by those swords.

It can be said that every sword in the sword is spiritual.

Although only 1 grade sword, the sword inside is also a peerless sword.

Longpin Xuan did not see the total number of restrictions and time limits in this cheats, but there was a provision. If you pulled a sword from this sword, unless this is the sword, the sword will return to the sword, otherwise This person can no longer enter this level of Jianzheng.

So, in fact, this Jianzheng secret is always in the state of opening.

If you want to turn it, it is only necessary for Long Pin Xuan.

Just as the planting class, although it is fixed in the West Lake Academy, it has become the back garden of the West Lake Academy, but as long as Long Pin Xuan is a thought, this planting class will appear in Longpin Xuan's system package within.

Because these two things are all of the system.

In other words, in fact, the secret of the Jianzheng can enter the exercise without limitation.

But Long Pinxuan will not let go this way, once there is no scarce, then these will no longer be the driving force of fiercely.

He touched the Pakistan, set a positioning of this stone door above the system, and then put this Jianzhao secretly.

Since there is a secret, it is necessary to let others know that the quota of this secret is very rare, it is not easy, and the resources that need to be prepared are very huge.

So this is now in the mission hall, and the exchange list is squeezed by many students, a topic that is expensive to talk about!

Because the specific information written above is.

"The first floor of the secret layer of Jianzheng, 10 this limit, the inside and outside the hospital can be exchanged, you need points: 1 million!"

This point gives the students who just saw them stunned.

"No 50,000 points before? How do you have 1 million now?"

"Look below, there is an explanation!"

"Special Notes: Due to the special cause of the secret of the Jianzheng, the secret is expensive to consume a lot of resources, and the resource redemption points are now open!"

"It turned out to be this! No wonder to increase the points!"

"Otherwise, this 10 name has been redeemed!"

"Yeah, open a secret, there must be a lot of resources."

"Can the gold and the like?"

"Yes, I turned over, the top of the redemption list directly, the current world can be exchanged, can be exchanged into points, which is the proportion of golden exchanges!"

"Mainly ore and other rare cultivation resources, the points are higher than the points."

"Well, there are some medicinal herbs, we can refine your own redeem."

"If you rely on your own words, this points will be exchanged, what year!"

"Just, don't forget, we are from the family, and some are the martial arts?"

"However, in order to go to the secret city, will it be a little waste?"

"Then I will not know, after all, I don't know what the swords from this Jianzhao's secret city are rating."

"And the first layer is still written, it is definitely the worst sword!"

"Hey! Soon, the places above the redemption list have changed!"

I saw that the original limit was 10, and he fierce it turned into 9.

"Scorpio, some people have been exchanged!"

"Who is redeemed? Where is the so many points?"

"Is it stupid, the students of the inner courtyard are mad, some do not sleep in the road, for the points."

"I have heard that more than half of the students have exceeded tens of thousands, and there are hundreds of thousands of points!"

"It is no wonder that they can be exchanged, just need to work some resources!"


Chapter 147 First

With the first exchange, the next quota is decreasing.

Many disciples from the external hospital see this situation, and they have not sitting, and they have begun to find a family support.

"What? Jianzhao Middle Middle School? Be sure to grab a quota!"

"To resource? You are waiting, we will send resources right away!"

"Don't fight? Just joke, now there is not much, how about the first floor, not only can get the sword with yourself, but also able to temper your own body, there will be a very good benefit!"

"The college will definitely have no reason! Don't say more, just, it's just that the pot is selling iron, you should take your points!"

The students of those outsidehouses passed the news and thought that the family would not support.

But I didn't expect the family to make a chicken blood, desperately gave them.

The warehouse resources of the West Lake Academy have also accumulated.

Later, there was no way to make Long Pin Xuan couldn't work, and a plant called storage wood in the back garden, putting these resources into this storage wood.

This trees grow up and other companions, form a dense forest, and there will be a transparent cover on their leaves.

The leaves of the stored wood are parallel to the ground, and the ripples above the top are like a cup mat, the transparent cover can be opened, let people put some items in.

In the space inside this cover, whether it is animal or plants, it can survive, and there is a time stagnation, that is, the food that is put in, no matter how many years will not be bad, and will not heat up, put it in hot It is also hot.

Once the storage wood is connected to a sufficient companion, after a long time, it will produce a knowledge.

At this time, the storage can become very convenient. If you want to take something, you only need to report one of them, all the storage wood will quickly find this piece of leaves. , Then pass to your face.

However, the growth of this storage wood is too harsh. Now there is only some of the fairy emperor's portable space, and there will be occasional in some secrets.

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Longpin Xuan's storage wood is actually found in the resources of the students, and many rare plants are planted in the back garden.

With the more plants growing, the more steps of planting plants, the space of the back garden is constantly expanding, especially many of the old age, the old monarch, let the space of the back garden There are several times more than a few times, and these plants are .