I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the Dean, Section 104

West Lake College also exchanged this time, the college's warehouse is rich, and the welfare of the inner and outer courtesy is better.

The first batch of places soon was robbed and empty.

Because not just the background of the students in the hospital, those students in the inner court have the same background.

Many are also the family and forces support of Hangzhou.

Especially in recent time, the economy of Hangzhou is a geometric growth. The family and martial arts of Hangzhou have a lot of families and martial arts, and they can bring the materials to the students faster than those who are far more than those farmers. Grab the redeem these 10 places.

Therefore, the final inner courtyard was exchanged for 8 places, and the external hospital was exchanged for 2 names.

10 students stand in the yard in the back garden, looked at the two doors in front of them, one of the doors, and the "post-garden", they naturally know what it means. Although it is different from the previous, the position of the portal is still not changed, and it is naturally recognized.

When they have to come to the herbs they need, they will shout a "big ghost teacher."

At this time, the ghost will come out from the portal of the rear garden to talk to them.

But the second portal, they did not see it, certainly the new Jiancheng secret!

They looked at that portal in a thrive.

Longpin Xuan stands in front of them, slowly reaching out, and Xu Huang in the air.

I saw that they were originally or stones in front of them, and now there is a light from the inside out.

Then, there is a portal that is like behind the back garden, appearing in front of everyone.

Longpin Xuan's fingertips instantly fragmented, and many students are somewhat shocking. They naturally saw the fingertips broken materials, and they all know, and some have never seen it. Materials, but there is no doubt that they are very expensive.

"I will stay with you this time!"

"This is the first secret in our West Lake Academy, and the secret of the first time we open in our West Lake."

"As long as you can pass the test inside the secret, you will have the opportunity to get the peerless sword that matches his property, getting their recognition is what you need to do!"

"But as long as you have received your own sword here, unless you have the first level, or your own sword sword, the sword is automatically flying back to the sword, then you can continue to rehearse, but if you don't Decided, then this first layer can't enter again! "

Dragon Pinxuan said that these, he saw 10 students, some people raised their hands.

"The dean adult, then it is open to the second floor, can you go in?"

Longpin Xuan nodded, "The second layer is naturally possible, but the rules are the same."

"Well, the secret is a test, but what I want to say is that all the tests are risky, once you can't pass the test, what will become like, I can't guarantee! I have to be died. Prepare, I am afraid that I will die! "

Longpin Xuan's 10 people in the scene were shocked, but there were several monsters that didn't matter if they recovered.

It is a student of several people, after serious thinking, it is gradually unified.

Longpin Xuan looked at them and nodded.

These 10 people are the first first batch, or it is the speed of their strength, either, either earning more than their own strength, unquestionable is definitely the existence of strength in the college.

When many people have not responded, they can grab the first quota.

In a parallel space of the universe, there is a secret in the secret, quietly opened a mouth.

This mouth is connected with an abnormal or stable channel.

However, this mouth and the subsequent passage have disappeared soon.

After some days, this mouth and channel have appeared again.

I walked out of 11 people.

Chapter 148, one layer of environment


Longpin Xuan looked at the three channels in front of him, some hesitated.

After passing the assessment of the layer, they can be transferred to their suitable swords.

However, there are three channels in front of each channel, and the breath is slightly different.

The first passage, the breath, and it is an irrelevant, it is obvious to improve the sword such as attack power.

The second channel, just nothing, with Xiao Ran's righteousness, but it is faced, this is open, and the sword is in front of the enemy.

The third channel, strange, fiercely with sharpness, walking is a variable and strange road.

Three channels, three types of swords.

But it is all fits him.

Longpin Xuan is sinking, walking toward the second channel, as a dean, sometimes there is such an animation, and has attracted more students.

After he walked into this passage, he didn't reach a cave for a long time.

There is a small tomb of the cave, with hundreds of different shapes of the long swords, but they are all exuded with the same angioplasm.

It can be seen that these long swords are a type of long sword.

Since Longpin Xuan can come here, it is necessary to look at himself, and can get the approval of the long sword in this sword.

The long sword is constantly spread, and Long Pinxuan only feels that there is a layer of fantasy from hitting.

Following the Dragon Products appeared in a scene.

An old woman walks on the road, suddenly falling.

Then there around the passers-by, some people helped, but at this time, the old woman was biting, and it was hit by this helpful person. It is necessary to claim medical expenses.

After the scene, Longpin Xuan's eyes appeared in this street.

Familiar scene, and he now turns this passerby, because of his side, there is no exactly the same old woman falling.

If the people in this scene is not Long Pin Xuan, there may be a trouble.

After all, this illusion, the test people and humanity are really too exhausted.

It is deceived for good, then most people will choose not to help.

However, the old woman who did not take the arm was lying on the ground. I missed the best treatment time, causing the whole body's paralysis, which is also in morality can't be tolerated, I am equally, I watched others to turn this, and he It is completely this ability to block.

But if you go to help, it is very likely to be the same as the scene you see.

The old woman is still paralyzed, but this medical fee is to pay by this Hedger.

Because they blocked the mouth of this passerby in one sentence.

If you are not hit, why do you want to help?

Sometimes people are deceived, Ma Shan is riding.

The last life of Longpin Xuan, but this scene is played.

He first sacrificed a leaving stone, record the process of the old woman fell there, and then he saw it next to him, seeing the others did not respond, hurry, start to call the doctor, and help up Woman.

This old woman begins with the same time as the previous illusion.

Longpin Xuan has taken the stone stone, playing in front of everyone, the old woman fell, and poked the old woman's inferior lie.

The old woman has risen red. She doesn't matter, she has no money, she is unique, no money, if she does not catch this passer, her next life has no way.

Longpin Xuan recovered his heads, and then took out a silver, put it in front of the doctor and the old woman.

"I save you, because you fell, I think it should be saved!"

"But I took this image, and I will tell others, I have a well-deserved, top day."

"But I am willing to take the money to save you, not because this thing is what I did, but because I saw that you didn't have money, it was a lonely old man, so I would like to take your medical expenses, only!"

Longpin Xuan said that he left here, but it was precisely because of his words, let the illusion once shake two times, and then an illusion appeared.

Longpin Xuan immediately felt that he became another person.

This person is wearing a catching clothes and is patrolling on the street.

At this time, a black shadow passed.

Longpin Xuan took the long sword in his hand and quickly followed.

This black shadow looks like a human form, but the body is not high.

This black shadow rushed into a medical house and came to the doctor's rear.

Among the rear, there are several patients who are not easy to move, and one of the patients have a very powerful cough, and the goal of the black shadow is obviously this patient.

Longpin Xuan did not hit the snake, but quietly moved on the room, slowly moved one of the eaves and looked down.

I saw that the black shadow was a pretty woman, the body is delicate, but the hand is bloody, holding a dynamic heart, and when I look at it, I have just taken out.

"Bonology, this is a heart of a person who has never been sick. If you are willing, I can change this heart to your body, so that your illness can be good."

The woman is pretty but saying that people are cold.

The son's face is ugly, "No, this is someone else's heart, I can't want! And, I said with you, can't go to kill, how do you ..."

The woman's voice has a little low, "the son, there is no, this person suicide, so I didn't kill, but I just took the heart in his body."

The son heard it, and his face was slightly better.

"It turns out, but ..." The look on his face is hesitant, but it also agreed to this woman's recommendation.

Subsequently, in the village, a stupid surgery began, a heart from the dead chest, was put into a living heart.