I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the Dean 106th in the Monster College.

Although I don't know what qualities they get in the end, I think it is also based on the test and actual situation of everyone.

But this success rate is that many colleges have a little red.

Don't talk about the college, those families and martial arts must have this secret.

But here is a human world, and their strength is not enough to be a few breathing cuts, naturally it is red, and it can only be red.

The fairyland and the Buddhist boundary, the news they get more.

Especially they can look through all kinds of magics, these swords naturally will not hold them.

They naturally shocked this secret, all of the swords of a profous, but this is shocked and shocked, then this is the case.

After all, a profit of the peer is only a sword, and it is not unfaithful in the fairy and the Buddha.

Plus Longpin Xuan is just a single sword waiting for a peerless sword. In their view, then this secret can be unearthed, and there is only one productive sword.

So this has been dismissed the situation of many immortal and Buddhism them. This situation is concerned about the secret of Xihu College.

However, for the students of the West Lake Academy, this is a heavy message.

Ten swords from the secrets, Long Pu Xuan's natural will not be open, and there will be no secrets in the college.

In particular, there are two swords who have received two swords in the students of the external hospital. It is really envious of others.

Also let many students who grab the quota for a little bit a little bit.

They regret it, how can they don't make a bit earlier, so I can get a peerless sword!

That is a peerless sword! Still a product!

Although it is almost different, this is a relationship with the tachips and strength of those students, and I can't resent others.

But as long as you go in, you can get the news of the peerless sword, you have deeply entered the hearts of each student.

The entire West Lake Academy began to enter the situation of crazy accumulation points.

They all started the opening of the next secret quota, ready to use the fastest hand to grab this quota.

Longpin Xuan sat in his office, wirate the sword of love, and then began to prepare for the remaining 10 randomized secrets.

Because the lottery box for the secret fragmentation, it is a different ray and a perceived less than the same energy.

But only if you really pick it up from the lottery box, you know what a secret extracted is.

Longpin Xuan immediately looked at the small hole outside the sweeping box.

There is a colorful color in it, one of which is a faint gray, this is the secret of the swords he extracted before.

Longpin Xuan looked at the lottery box, at the bottom of the lottery box, saw a small "one" word, he touched the Pakistan, so he didn't care about how to smoke 1 Did the reason for debris?

Since you can only take a 1-level secret fragment, then the gray is definitely can't be smashed, and it is necessary to draw another color.

However, this color also has many overlapping.

Just like red, there are different red, blood red, wine red, rose red.

The blood red is a soft touch, the wine is slightly temperature, the rose red touch is smooth, and it is very special.

The other colors don't have to be said, and the secret fragment is still very much.

Another is a golden color with a touch of white and a faint.

Longpin Xuan reached out to the lucky drawbox touched the golden fragment.

Golden also have diced gold and champagne gold, and the light gold belt is a metal texture, but since the sword is gray, maybe this gold is another weapon, or the golden system? This is not good.

But another champagne gold brought Long Pu Xuan is a feeling of blood boiling, very strange.

He thought about it, reach out of this champagne gold.

"Congratulations to the host, pumping the 1st grade blood secret fragment * 1, collect 10 level 1 bloody secret fragments can synthesize a level 1 blood movement!"

Longpin Xuan's look is in a slight, and then it is great.

It turned out to be bloody!

Is it the secret that can improve your blood?

This is really, great!

This secret can definitely enable the West Lake Academy to have the blood of the students to improve again.

Longpin Xuan is also not vague, and the remaining 9 randomly films are completed, and a level 1 blood is directly synthesized.

He once again opened a door again, and fixed the positioning of the level 1 blood in this door.

This time, Longpin Xuan did not directly put the quota of the bloody secret, but let the ghost stick to the door, and he took the lead in this level of blood.

He wants to see, this level 1 blood is a surprise to him.

After Longpin Xuan stepped into the secret, he came to a room and a room specially prepared for him.

There is only one pool of champagne in the room, and there is a bubble.

This is ...?

Chapter 151 Ten Claw Jinlong


Longpin Xuan looked around, the wall of this room looks a stone wall, but a piece of blue stone, the material is he never smelling.

He touched the bluestone above these walls, which can be obviously felt that this bluestone has an energy role.

After you want to enter this secret, it should be a person to enter a room, do you have such a champagne gold pool?

Longpin Xuan wants to think, take off the coat and shoes, slowly enter the pool.

Since it is a secret, there should be no too many killing, and the secret can bring improvements.

Longpin Xuan fainted into the pool water.

Originally he thought that the pool of the bubble, it should have a dramatic reaction after entering.

Although, this pool is turning a constant temperature. After the bubble inside is in her near, it will find that this is a bubble, it is clearly pure energy, spilling from the pool, tumbling, pressed the air. Produced bubbles.

Longpin Xuan disk is sitting at the bottom of the pool, and each cell in the body begins slowly absorbing the energy in this pool.

He is able to feel the cheerfulness of all the cells in his body.

Energy is moderately moderately, although cells will have stinging and changing during absorption, but this is completely capable.

The key is that these energy is sufficient.

Longpin Xuan only felt that his life was slowly changed.

He is not changed from the autonomy into your own.

A small gold dragon appeared in the pool, closed his eyes.

For a long time, Longpin Xuan felt his cell absorption has reached the limit and is exiting.

At this time, Longpin Xuan feels that he seems to have or not to open this pool. He is involved in the cells that increase the speed of absorbing energy, and suddenly began to hurt.

Each cell seems to be desperately expanded with its own site and can accommodate space, and each corner of the cell is full of energy.

If there is a scene, you can see that this small golden dragon is tied by a golden rope, and the energy of the entire pool is flying in his body.

"Ah ah ah ah ah!"

Longpin Xuan finally couldn't stand the pain and started yelling.

His body penetrated the blood of the silk.

However, these blood has just penetrated into the pool from his scales, but it is like a pot of boiled oil, it is boiled!

Those energy, rushed to rush into his body in the skin of his rupture.

Long Pu Xuan's scream is even greater, as a 20th century youth, where he has suffered such a crime.

Although she passed the tragedy from him, his father also preserved him, did not let him hurt, and the top is a bitterness when it is blending Dragon Ball, but it is far from being criminalized here. .

After one night, Long Pu Xuan's scream not only did not fall, but even more.

Longpin Xuan also helplessly, you must know that the more painful situation, the more energy consumption, the more behind, physical strength and energy, the scream will slowly take a small.

But here is different.

He only thinks that the whole body of the whole body is full of energy, and it is because it is too much, the pain is hurt.

The key is that his mental force not only does not cost, but it has increased.

Really, too emmmmm!

If you are guilty, you will be, the more painful, the more you wake!

Really are!

Longpin Xuan wants to be swearing, this is the secret of the silly board, which is so painful!

He forgot, this is what he is chosen.

Half a month later, the energy in the pool was finally absorbed.

Longpin Xuan's body is no longer blushing, and every cell of his body is much powerful than before.