I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the Dean, Section 107

The key is in, the nine dragon claws before his abdomen becomes.

It is basically a five-claw after the general dragon family is born.

The dragons above the five claws are very talented, and they are respected in the family.

Longpin Xuan is born to nine dragon claws, it can be the symbol of the Dragon King.

You must know the father of Long Pu Xuan, is the Jinlong King. He has only 7 dragon claws in a birth, and the two dragon claws are cultivated.

However, now, Long Pin Xuan is surprised to find that he represents the last side of the ultimate number 9, and it has grown up a dragon claw.

In the history of the dragon, there is indeed ten claws, and even the dragon king of the thirteenth claws.

However, now he is tightly a shower, turn it into a ten-claw gold dragon?

No, there is also the process of life that he just passed through half a month is not as good as death.

Longpin Xuan thinks that it is afraid.

But if you give him this opportunity, I believe that Long Pinxuan will not hesitate to go in the pool of water.

He looked at the three dragon balls in his body, and the speed of transformation was obviously based on the increase in physical strength, and accelerated the process of transformation.

Longpin Xuan felt the state in his body, suddenly the face changed, immediately immediately closed his eyes.

He has to break through!

His blood concentration has risen again, and the cells continue to expand, absorb too much energy, and breakthrough is inevitable.

Once again, Longpin Xuan, feel the changes on his body, and the faces on the face can not hold.

8-level demon, directly broke through the 8th-level demon, just level gaps from the demon spirit.

There are still half of the Dragon Balls that have not been transformed.

Longpin Xuan is looking forward to, after all the dragon bodies are all converted, he can reach the level of the cactus.

After the demon spirit broke through, it was Xiaoxian. The Xiaoxian is a fairy child, and then it is a cactus.

The level of the immortal is not strong in the fairy world, but in the human world, it is definitely horizontal!

Longpin Xuan turned into a human shape, slowly walked out of the bloody.

The blood of the blood can be opened to the student.

He wants to create a group of students who really blocked the whole world.

However, the number of this bloody secret has not appeared above, but directly from Longpin Xuan.

This level 1 blood is different from the secret of Jianzheng. It only enters 10 people once, and it must be updated over half a year.

In other words, before Long Pu Xuan has used a room of a room. Between this half year, only 9 people can then choose to enter the blood of the blood.

The first batch of Dragon Pin Xuan can enter the midstage, natural is the dragon, strict government, Baisu, Xiaoqing, Xu Xian and others.

9 people are also the strongest strength and talented in the Ethnic class and the demon class.

Xu Xian naturally because of the light of Bai Suzhen, the same is also because of his body of the Buddha, and Longpin Xuan also wants to see if he enters the bloody memorial will not have special performance.

Chapter 152

These 9 people quickly received the entrance to the rear garden by Longpin Xuan.

It is brought by the ghost's ghost, and they can't stop.

In fact, the previous Jianzhao secrets, none of them gave a quota in 9 people.

For them, their points used to exchange the quotas, but they don't need too much experience, but in general, they are the strongest part of the West Lake Academy, they are willing to give this opportunity to the batch of students behind.

As far as their current strength, in fact, the peerless sword, less than a peerless sword, in fact, there is no difference.

This is also the other reason for Longpin Xuan to convene them.

So when they come here, when they see the third entrance to the entrance, the shock color on the face is not used.

Dragon and strict rule of dealing with some information in advance because of dealing with a series of things.

They know that the secret of Jianzhao is at the entrance to the back garden.

However, there are two entrances in front of them, it is difficult to build two entrances in the secret of Jianzhao?

Longpin Xuan looked at their expression, and immediately knew the idea of ​​their hearts.

"Yes, this is the second secret, and it is not open to the secret!"

This sentence that Longpin Xuan admitted, so that the shock of the 9 people face is even more.

"Scorpio, there is a secret?"

"The adults of the dean call us here, can't be ..."

Many people have guessed Long Pin Xuan called them here, and the face is difficult to hide.

However, the dragon is frowning.

If the dragon is not finished, it will be interrupted by Longpin Xuan next.

"This is the blood of the blood, which can enhance the blood concentration in the body!"

Dragon is instantly shut up!

If there is not much strength to him, let it.

But this can be a secret that can improve blood! A blood concentration that allows him to have the blood in the blood in the blood!

Or, wait for his blood concentration to reach a certain degree, you can go to the dragon to apply for entering the family.

In this way, you can get a surname, that is the orthodox of the dragon, is also a glory!

Countless Yalong, Dragon and Hybrid Dragon will work hard.

So, don't say that this place is allowed to hear the four words of "blood of the blood" can make the dragon to boil.

Other people naturally understand Long Pu Xuan's meaning.

This "blood of the blood" is obviously more attractive than the secret of Jianzheng, but it is quite rare.

Moreover, it is also required for the entry of the blood, is not like the secrets of Jianzheng. Just anyone can go in to participate in the test.

At the very least, it is necessary to have a blood.

And the 9 people standing here are the strongest batch of the Xihu College, but also a batch of different blood veins.

The monsters don't say, every demon family has the blood of each race, is different.

In fact, there is also a blood in the people, but only blood is not obvious.

And the obvious blood will reflect some of the physical fitness of the family.

For example, Xu Xian 's Buddha.

The Buddha is not born on a family of no reason.

Xu Xian's ancestors must be a continuation of a Buddha, or the descendants after this Buddha have been reincarnation, or the blood left before the Buddha.

The phenomenon of returning ancestors in Xu Xian, thus appearing Buddha.

Many human physiques are coming.

Longpin Xuan stood at the entrance and started to do our ideological work with these 9 people.

"First of all, congratulations, you can enter the blood of the blood, because your strength takes the lead in achieving the expected standards, you also have blood in your body, can be improved, and the increase in blood will affect your strength."

"Therefore, this time the bloody mud will be one of the most important events in your way."

"Second, this time, the blood is raised, there is nothing is too difficult, the only requirement is to persist!"

"After entering, you can get into the pool, you can do it, the energy in the pool is not absolutely not allowed to come out!"

"It's rare to enter the secret once, and it is now. One person can only go in one time, don't cause waste! If I let me know who you, even if you don't even have to absorb, you will cancel it. All qualifications for entering the secret! The next memo is not allowed to enter! "

Dragon Pin Xuan finally said something serious, but only in this way can you know that this secret quota is not easy.

Because for them, this place of the blood is too simple to come, so it is not good.

"Next, the points need to be deducted from 2 million points for entering this secret, if the points are not enough, will be negative, and then the clear can be!"

Longpin Xuan continued to faintly said. The blood of the blood is good before doing this decision! "

Longpin Xuan gave the time for these 9 students to make them its own decisive.

However, they looked at each other, no one was there or not.

The fool is not going, that is the blood of the blood!

Longpin Xuan read the people, no one is to give up this quota, and nod, "I believe that after you come out, there will be different places! Give you a wake up, you must hold back!"

Stand back?

Dragon is waiting for each other, what is this tip?

However, they didn't say too much, one after the guidelines of Long Pu Xuan, I walked into the entrance to the bloodstream.

After the dragon, they walked into the blood of the Level 1, and they came to a separate stone chamber like Long Pin Xuan.

In the stone room, there is a rose gold pool, and the pool is full of full energy.