I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean section 109

In the mean, the Emperor is Lang Zang, "Lei Gong Electric Mother, you come! Take a look at which the gods are rebuilt, and quickly fall to the sky, help it!"

The surrounding fuses heard the monette of the emperor whispers.

"Which of the gods recently rebuilt?"

"I do not know!"

"No, what is the so many stars?"

"It's hard to say, maybe I really escape into the world."

The fairy is still holding the head.

In the Buddha, I opened my eyes as I opened my eyes.

The front two steps in Guanyin, "The Buddha, the lower boundaries are flying!"

If you come to the eyes of the golden light, then I said, "This person is fascinated by the fog, it can't be careful, but I saw the Lei Gong's electric mother on the labeling, it should be a great reincarnation, in recent years, where is it? ? "

Guanyin is slightly thinking, "" There is a place in the underground, there is a place in the fairyland, and one is a golden. "

As soon as I said, "The glucone spreads, it should be the fairyland, since the place has returned, the arrangement of Jinyi has implemented it."

Guanyin handshey ten, "I will comply with the law!"

Bai Suzhen looked at the sky, slightly tension, especially the original colorful cloud, did not know when to be covered by Lei Yun, which contained the lightning is getting stronger, bringing her a feeling of suffocation.

At this time, the disk knee fiercely broke out the spiritual vortex and demon whirlpool, and the energy of the thunderous clouds circled directly absorbed a lot.

The thunderous moving parent face changed, and instantly increased his fairy output for the lightning cloud of the foot.

what's going on?

How to be robbed, the thunderous clouds they stepped on were absorbed so much energy?

Bai Suzhen suddenly found out that with her students absorbed the surrounding spirit and demon, let Lei Yun send some, revealing the colorful clouds wrapped in the package.

Seeing this scene, her heart is not coming.

However, it followed, the Lei Yun is thick, and the colorful cloud inside is shrouded.

Bai Suzhen wrinkled again, what is the situation.

Xu Xianhe Long Pinxuan looks closely at the side.

This cloud appears, and both of them look in their eyes.

Longpin Xuan suddenly rushed to Xian Xian, "Hurry to call people, call more people to break through, this Lei Yun is relied on energy aggregation, if the breakthrough, the energy gathers, the cultivator absorbs, the energy of the convergence is not It turns into Lei Yun, just in the middle of the kung fu, let the sacred sacred. "

Xu Xian's eyes lit up, and immediately understood the meaning of Longpin Xuan, and quickly ran to the cultivation square and shouted.

At the moment, I joked out in Xu Xian, the lightning in Lei Yun no longer waited, but directly to Bai Su.

Xu Xianyou looked at the lightning, his eyes were very round, and the scorpion shouted, "Don't!"

He was originally thinking that the body of running is turned back, and he is going to fly towards the flash falling in the air.

He wants to help his lady to resist the lightning.

I have to know that there is a child in Bai Suzhen's belly!

But this time, Xu Xian has no longer available.

His figure is only more than ten meters from the air, but that lightning has arrived on the head of Baisu.

As you have to smash the Baishi, Long Pinxuan suddenly appeared in front of Bai Suzhen.

Longpin Xuan sighed, perhaps his true strength would be exposed.

But if you really watched the child and her belly, he did not do it.

He at least passed through the blood, the strength of the body increased, and the anti-this thunder should not be a problem.

Longpin Xuan looked at the terrible thunder and lightning in front of him, and there was no one in his heart.

It can be taken in the moment of Lightning, and a white mask suddenly appears in front of Long Pin Xuan.

I don't know where the white mask appears, and the lightning is absorbed directly.

And this white mask has passed the joyful meaning after absorbing the lightning.

Longpin Xuan is so suspected that he felt wrong.

However, the thunder robbery that turned down was, after absorbing this white mask, Long Pin Xuan's eyes were staring at this white mask.

He didn't feel wrong. Every time this white mask after absorbing thunder, he felt the joy and satisfaction of this white shield.

Chapter 155 has never appeared

In particular, when this batch of thunder is over, the white mask has been satisfied.

Yes, it is definitely full!

Longpin Xuan bet, he will definitely not hear!

After this batch of thunder, he thought that he left the front of Bai Suzhen.

Xu Xian looked at Longpin Xuan's eyes was shocked and touched.

What he didn't expected was that Long Pin Xuan actually blocked in front of Bai Suzhen.

The key is that he thinks that the white mask from Longpin Xuan is really too powerful, and it is actually able to absorb thunder!

Yes, in Xu Xian's view, the white shield is Long Pin Xuan.

Including a lot of students think that this is the Long Pin Xuan, for this dean, they will be more respectful.

Bai Suzhen's heart is a little doubt. How did she feel that this white mask is very kind.

After Long Pu Xuan left her, the label in front of everyone had changed back to the previous colorful clouds, and it looked like a normal recovery.

Xu Xian saw that there was no longer so powerful thunderstanding before, and finally it was loose.

He didn't go up again.

Xu Xian naturally knows, helping people to knew, definitely can't help, otherwise, this person has no possibility.

Only by personally experienced that it can make the cultivator to translate the energy in the body into a higher level, truly flying.

These are the flying knowledge of Erlang Zhenjun to them.

This is the benefits of gods and no gods.

How can God don't know about something such a thing? In this case, many things will become very simple.

But the Tiao robbery known by Erlang Zhenjun is naturally pseudo-life.

Just like the Thunder Clouds who saw Xu Xian and others, it is pseudo-life robbery.

And the colorful clouds, naturally, the reward of the transformation of the energy after being taken by Xu Xian and others.

But they don't know, the real world is the five colorful clouds.

Bai Shuzhen is a loose tone. After all, she is also a course in Erlang Zhenjun, and I thought that the sky robbery, I am going to accept the energy reward of colorful clouds.

However, at this time, her heart came from a warning.

Is it still not finished?

Bai Suzhen looked up, at this time, a red lightning is again taking her down.

At this moment, Xu Xian saw this red lightning, and the heart jumped out.

what's the situation?

Why will there be lightning?

However, in this case, Bai Suzhen only felt that his belly, came from a peace of mind, as if it was in the same way.

That red lightning was rushed directly to Bai Suzhen, but it was in her body, but did not have any destruction, it was directly absorbed by her child.

Bai Suzhen only felt that the child in his belly was a big circle.

Xu Xian flew to the footsteps, he saw the flash to the Bai Suzhen, but there was no role, but it was a powerful one of the breath on Bai Suzhen.

Is this the energy reward of lightning shape?

It's really scared to death.

Xu Xian is a small heart that gradually falls back to his belly.

This is a tight, too exciting.

The colorful clouds, naturally there are five colors of lightning, and there is no thoroughness of Bai Shuzhen.

Longpin Xuan is curious to open the guiding surgery and look at Bai Suzhen.

When he saw two basic panels of Bai Suzhen, the whole person was stagnant.

He is now finally known, why is that colorful cloud and thunder robbery?

I also know what the white hood that appeared before.

Because there is more interface next to the original personal interface of Bai Suzhen, it is written to the information of Bai Suzhen's children.

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