I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the Dean in Segasia.

Status: unborn

Potential value: 18 stars

Revolution: 17 stars

Strength: unknown

Special body: fairy body

Special talent: to be developed

Equipment: Original bead (soul binding)

Remarks: For Wen Changmi, it is revised by the original bead as a carrier, and the tire is re-repaired!

Longpin Xuan thought that the white snake passed by the past generation, Xu Xian's son seems to be Wenxing.

Wenchang Emperor, Wen Qing Star, is it a person?

What is their relationship with Wenchang?

Longpin Xuan thought of strict government, and the Wenchang School where the righteousness, and the Wen Chang Emperor Jun was in the moment. What is it difficult to make a fairy? It has led to the tire of Wenchang Emperor, so will the Wenchang School in everything will be robbed?

And before the white mask, I wanted to be the equipment of Wenchang Emperor. The original bead should be the function of the main, or may have the ability to absorb energy.

Longpin Xuan looked at Bai Suzhen and became a few lances.

Is this Xu Xian's son to come to the world, need to spend a lot of energy?

It is necessary to know which is three years later, and it has absorbed three years in the mother's body.

So how long will children in Bai Suzhen's belly will be born?

After these five lightnings, the sky in Hangzhou recovered again in the past, and the energy on Bai Suzhen began to fluctuate.

Original lightning is a primer that transforms the energy process.

Although Bai Suzhen is not really absorbed to lightning, Bai Suzhen has started the process of truly flying to change the body from the energetic energy of the child in his belly.

Her body begins to have complete changes.

A burst of white fog shrouded her whole body, Bai Suzhen became the original shape again.

And her current body has started to change towards the real white dragon from the shape of the dragon.

White fog is emitted from the Bai Suzhen's belly, shields all of the people's exploration.

I don't know what happened inside, I fell out to elongate my neck, and I looked at Baba.

After the smoke is disappeared, Bai Suzhen recovered the original human form, the belly is still the same before, but the whole person's temperament has occurred completely, and the Xiangyun and energy stepped at the feet told everyone. She succeeded!

Xu Xian saw that the child in Bai Suzhen was safe and sound, and finally slammed his breath, and the energy on his body was dramatically fluctuated. He was will advance!

Xu Xian is relieved with a knee, starting to advance.

Long Pu Xuan is very curious about the children in Bai Suzhen's belly. He hits time, want to see if this child will come to a few months.

After all, Bai Suzhen seems to be 9 months old.

But it is strange, although this stomach seems to be 9 months old, Bai Sui still starts delivery after 9 months.

Longpin Xuan touched the Pakistan, looked at the white fat, Xu Shilin, which was born, maybe it is because there is not so many robbery energy absorption, so only 3 years old?

Chapter 156 Guanyin Help

For Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian, the flying and no flying have not much difference.

However, after Bai Suzhen, the White Snake became white dragon, although it was only 2 claws, but it was also a dragon. After she only need to go to Tiago, she can add the Dragon's family spectrum and then wait until a hearing of a dragon.

It can be said that it is a foreigner of the dragon.

Some of the ultimate evolution of some snakes will be dragons. After all, there is also a dragon's blood, but it is very difficult.

However, Bai Suzhen did not think about going to the heavens, and she still lived in Hangzhou with her children.

Xu Xian's demon wife turned into a fairy wife, but many people envy.

Many monsters see the results of Bai Suzhen, but also diligently cultivate.

In the past, many people who were swallowing, there were no flying over thousands of years, and the Baisui practiced the millennium, which has been flying, this is a big blow to them.

Also let them get more about Long Pin Xuan said, as long as they practice according to the dean, they will have a fairy in the same day as Bai Suzhen.

Some of the other cultivators have also started to work together.

The most powerful geniors of the West Lake Academy, such as Dragon, and strict political and other people, in these months, successively break through the stage of Mahaya and the demon.

You know, although they have not entered the secret of Jianzheng, but the blood of the blood is much larger, and some are directly promoted.

During the 9 months, the secrets of Jiancheng have released 10 places every month, basically all appeared by one grab.

Most of them were taken away by the students of the inner court, and the places grabbed by the students' participants in the hospital.

But as the number of students in the hospital is not much, it has been saturated in a few months, and I went in the peerless sword of the priest.

The quota of the secret in Jiejun is home to the outside hospital.

Gradually, this place is a little changed.

When the students in the outside hospital were promoted to the inner court, or after the inner courtyard was in the middle of the dean, the quota of Jiancheng's secrets will give the inner court to exchange, the rest The students from the outside court robbed.

The blood of the blood pulse is only 10 people in half a year. It is also open once in this 9 months.

The entry of this bloody is the selection of Long Pin Xuan, and has nothing to open.

But once the blood is coming up, these students can basically promote two to three, and the qualifications and talents will last.

In particular, the experimental class has selected an entry in Longpin Xuan, it actually promoted four levels, equal to two big order, and it was surprising.

The students of the West Lake Academy have also grown rapidly, and a profound power is in Hangzhou to give its future eruption landscape.

Hangzhou is a thriving, but also set off a waste of cultivation.

More and more monsters and cultivars in the world have regarded Hangzhou as a new cultivation holy place. Some genius have also rushed to here, waiting for the next enrollment in the West Lake Academy.

On the heavens, the Emperor was sitting in the position, looked at the hall on the Guanyin Bodhisattva, and the eye was slightly complex.

"Guanyin Temple is gifted!"

Tian Di stood up and also rushed to Guanyin Bodhisattva.

Guanyin laughed, "" For those stone monkeys who built 500 years! "

"This monkey is good, but the wild is hard, it is cleverly re-repairs the golden man in the Buddha, but it needs to be cultivate this monkey, but it is difficult to pass the nineteenth, which is still a convenient, more than Aid! "

The Emperor sat back in the chair, and his heart was relieved. The child is to be domesticated, it is best! Tianting self-help, only the Bodhisattva is said, the Tianstrian immortal can be mobilized! "

The smile on Guanyin Bodhisattva is even more, "so very good!"

After the things, Guanyin Bodhisattva is not used here. Everyone knows all the best, nothing more than what this monkey is made, or there are some changes to help, the fairy of the Tiansheng must shoot.

The key is that nine nine eighty-one difficulties, and it is necessary to come to the sky.

It is like pseudo-life robbery.

The Tiandi is in the face of Guanyin Bodhisattva, and some of the gods have been done, let them find some difficulties as the difficulties, reducing some bodhisattvas.

The result is that Guanyin Bodhisattva is satisfied with a smile.

The Emperor looked at the back of Guanyin left, the eyes flashed, didn't know what I was thinking.

The Lei Gong's mother is standing on the side, some wants to say, but there is no talk.

After the Tiandi spread, he deliberately left the Lei Gong's mother.

"Previous days, how?"

The meaning of Tian Di is very obvious, after the Lei Gong's mother, Rayghan immediately said, "Your Majesty, it is a five-color robbery."

"The five-color sky robbery, really!" Tian Di's eyes were slightly, and it was a bottom person to fly independent.

"Who is a robbery?"

Lead said, "It is a student of the West Lake Academy, demon repair, famous Bai Suzhen!"

The sky is slightly, but I remembered the anniversary of the Xihu College. The programs he used to use spells. "Is that the White Snake Bai Sui? Lishan's disciple?"

Leigong nodded, "it is!"

The face of the Emperor will reveal a little smile. This smile is more than the smile in the face and the Guanyin Bodhisattva.

"It turned out that there were more people."

"Attach!" The Emperor suddenly said, "You will quietly down, talk to Bai Suzhen, let her temporarily do not come to Tianstroom, just stay in the West Lake Academy, I will send her a jade card, which is sent to the lower bounds. "

"Right, is she not a white snake? Is the dragon?" Tian Emperor thought of Bai Suzhen's body and immediately asked.

The head of the electric pupping should be said, "Yes! Your Majesty, she has been dragged!"

Tongmie nodded, "Then I can't let her return to heaven, remember to talk to her, don't go to Dragon's family score, the dragon is staring tight!"

The Trina is consciously looked at the orientation of Guanyin Bodhisattva, which is already very obvious.

"Leigong, in the future, I will keep the West Lake College. Once someone will fly, you will immediately reduce the robbery, and be sure to find the West Lake Academy to live independently."

The Emperor touched the Pakistan, "But the fairy world is too small, if the number of people flying is more, it is not wonderful."