I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the dean of the Dean in Segasia.

"It seems that his body is still very rich!" Longpin Xuan looked at Xu Shilin, "It is no egg to born, otherwise it is a small dragon. It is estimated to be pregnant, you are still a monster. Otherwise, when you have a small dragon, it is a small dragon, and the blood of humans can't. It is probably similar to the dragon, or more than his blood concentration, after all, you have now It is a god. "

Bai Suzhen did not think of his own situation, will bring so much change to his children.

"Our strength is still not enough ..." Longpin Xuan looked at Bai Suzhen, "until now, only you have reached the realm of the gods. However, since your strength breaks through, I hope you can go to the external hospital as a side Dean, every year, some genius children. "

"The world is so fast, and it is the most important thing in it."

"Don't forget, we have the whole of the people around Hangzhou to guard!"

Bai Suzhen nodded, holding Xu Shilin left.

The West Lake Academy has already embarked on the right track, and some other means of judging the qualifications began to use.

Longpin Xuan's phantom also taught a lot of inner courts, let them screen disciples in the outside hospital.

The roster is now basically Xiaoyu in the storage, which is responsible for signing and registering each enrolled student.

Of course, you have to enter the inner courty, and you need the leader of the dean of Longpin Xuan.

Therefore, it seems increasingly difficult to enter the inner hospital, but therefore, more people have squeezed their heads to enter the inner courtyard.

Chapter 159 Zhongxian

Not other, it is the power of the inner courtyard and better cultivation resources.

The outer hospital of the West Lake Academy is now a year to determine the day enrollment, but the number of enrollment is limited. It is no longer to recruit more than 5,000 people, but it will recruit 1,000 people every year. It is also excellence, only the best of.

Because the number of people recruit is not a lot, this many colleges in the world are relieved.

If the enrollment of the West Lake Academy is like the first time, it is 5,000 people. The good seedlings of the whole world can be taken by them.

However, now the West Lake Academy is the top of the top, at least they will have some good genius.

In particular, some of the special enrollment models of the West Lake Academy have allowed some potential geniuses to be discovered.

If these genius have no good cultivation, it is a waste material in other colleges, but in the West Lake Academy, there is a dean, as long as the dean is, then there is no way, the genius is still still genius.

This is that other colleges have not learned, and these talents can only give up.

Long Pu Xuan has two secrets, and the secret of Jiancheng can make more people enter, but once opened, the sword of peerless swords is flooding, when you let others red, then it is not a good thing.

The bloody mud, only 10 people can only enter for half a year, although there are not many people, but slowly, a few decades, will have a thousand people who have changed blood.

But the key is that the world is a big chaos, this world is not a referredity, including the oriental and Western, and it will not work.

It seems to trigger a variety of tasks, get more secret fragments, and develop some secrets that can enable ordinary students to enhance their skills, so that their strength is rapidly improved.

Just when Longpin Xuan thought how to trigger the task, the fairyland has begun to have a big action.

Guanyin Bodhisattva comes, Tian Di has already issued a task.

But the task is returned to the task, and some things still have to do.

For example, in some gods, the flying rises of those people in the West Lake Academy.

This has become a big event that can wash the shame in the eyes of the Emperor.

Of course, it is also an additional means of his investment and buried.

Just, Guanyin is not to let the stone monkeys come to nine nine hundred eighty-one difficulties, then give him a difficult brother.

Subsequently, Panon was directly degraded by Tianmi, and the roller blinds were generally degraded.

There are also some Wang Mother's maida, some star monarchy, not negatively managed, it is quiet.

It seems to have a little less than a time.

Taibai Jinxing stationed next to the Emperor, wrinkled that the Emperor was blamed after anger, and the horses returned to the light look, and there was thinking in the eyes. "Your Majesty is ..."

Tiandi sighed, "Tianpang and roller blind were touched by Bodhisattvas, and it is inevitable, and there are other public immortals ... Since we don't help us from the help, it will naturally reflect unwanted."

Too many Jinxing worried, "But this is the one after this, will it become the person there?"

The Emperor thought of the West Lake Academy, the eyes were slightly flashing. "Since I have been touched, I can't think about it, and people who have become there will be there. "

Taibai Jinxing slightly, when did they dig the West?

However, he thought of an example of the anniversary of the West Lake Academy.

There is no small white snake, at the beginning is the disciple of Lishan, after being guided by the Buddha, and planting Buddha seeds. Later, I entered the West Lake College. As a result, the old mother of Li Mountain has admitted this disciple. Is it said that this small The Buddha's seeds in the white snake have a problem?

"That little white snake?"

Taibai Jinxing's brain is still very fast, soon think of the key, I want to come with the little white snake or in the help of the Lishan mother, either in the help of the dean, obviously got rid of the Buddha seed, This is not that the Western digle failed!

But that is just the failure of digging, how can people dig them?

The Emperor looked at it too many white golden star, "Too white, you are one of my most trusted people, this matter can only be sent to you."

Taibai Jin Xingli is smashed, it seems that this is the same, or what agreement is there?

"Too white, you have to go to the West Lake Academy to teach, then bring my handling, the heavens are willing to integrate with the West Lake Academy, let them enjoy their own strength, and give us some new gods, we need to work together Due to over there. "

"Their hands are too long!"

The Emperor's eyes are deep, and there is a trace of anger.

Too shocking looks at the Emperor, "Interacted with Xihu College? Your Majesty ... this ..."

The Emperor is deeply sucking, "How do you do things in Dao Wenchang ..."

Taibai once again looked at the Emperor, "Wen Chang Emperor? Is there a relationship there? How could it be!"

Tianti sighed, "The sin of the original beads, if Wenchang does not undertake, the bureau will still be able to draw the result, the sky is light by our fairy, will have a budget, not to mention the government is already in their hands In the next goal, the next goal is inevitably, hehe, it seems that I have blocked their road! "

Too much thinking, immediately understand the meaning of the emperor.

"Tianship governance the world, it is a life, their heart is not too big! It is not a public ..."

Too white, I haven't finished it, I immediately stopped my mouth.

At this level, some words cannot be said, such as name and title, once it is said, will be known by the other party.

There are also things that are closely related to them, such as their beliefs and some incidents, sometimes, there will be the future of the future, now.

So a row must be cautious.

This series of practices in the West is naturally satisfied in the West.

After the Guanyin finished these things, he immediately told this.

As soon as it quickly set the road of the stone monkey, "Master and Master took three apprentices and one dragon horse to step on the way to the West Tiantian. Wash the heart of the heart to return to my Buddha! Good! Good!"

The shoulder smile should be, "So, Jin Yu has taken tire!"

"Fighting the Buddha is about to come!"

Under the five-pointer mountain, the stone monkey who was pressed for 500 years was now looking up, looking at a figure in a golden robe standing in front of him.

"who are you?"

Chapter 160 turns a Qi Tian Dasheng

Longpin Xuan wore a full-gold-colored robes. After he was promoted, he became a variation of the scales faded on his body. He looked at many grass on his head, dirty monkey head, smile Kneel down.

"Hi, hello, I came out to come out, after it, I didn't expect to see that there was a monster being pressed in the mountain."

Longpin Xuan wants to reach out the weeds on the stone monkey to see his look.

But the stone monkey waved the hand of Long Puxuan, "Who are you?"

Longpin Xuan did not answer, but it was strangely asked, "Look at your demon, it is a big demon blame of the demon or demon, how to do so wolf?"

Shi Monkey see Long Pin Xuan does not answer, but it is not angry. He also sees, the other party is also a monster, especially if he is pressed here for so long, no one can chat, bored, there is a monster chat Chat is also.

He didn't let this monster helped him to uncover the spell. After all, the monster couldn't hit the spell.

"If you don't answer, I'm thinking about how much the wind is in Qi Tian, ​​now it is pressed in this shit."

Shim monkey, lift your head, see the whole body of Qinglong Xuan Xuan, the eye is slightly surprised, "Oh, it is a small dragon, the weapon is the dragon king of the Dragon Palace." "

Longpin Xuan looks at the stone monkey, "What is your name? Qi Tian Dasheng? I don't impress!"

The stone monkey is slightly angry, "" I didn't know how many years in the mountains, Dragon King in the dragon palace didn't know what I called. Next, I have to go to the bottom of the sea to ask for education! "

Longpin Xuan, "How long have you been pressed here?"

The stone monkey is slight, and the number of heads is the number. "There is a hundred years."

Longpin Xuan reached a finger, a chair appeared on the ground, he sat up, watching the stone monkey, "It turned out to be, the seabed of the Dragon Palace, you can ask, but I really don't know your name. Tell me, I really want to know the monster who can be suppressed by such a powerful spell, must be a very powerful monster! "

The original angry look of the stone monkey, I heard that Long Pin Xuan said that it was a lot of alleviation. After all, others did not heard him, and they could not be angry to the opponent.

"Old Sunshun does not change the name, but Sun Wukong is also!"

Longpin Xuan stood up and rushed to Sun Wukong, "It turned out to be a grandchildren, disrespectful!"

Sun Wuyi hooks, "Hey, I was pressed for so many years, my mouth was faded out of the bird, I didn't have to eat, I wanted to be the old and grandchildren, and I took me to eat, that taste!"

Longpin Xuan smiled and took out a lot of exquisite peach desserts, which would make the devil specifically made in front of it.


He laid a gauze in front of Sun Wukong, and then put these desserts in the place where he reached.