I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the dean in Segas 113.

Sun Wukong looked at the dessert in front of it, and the peaches of the peach came straight to his nose.

This monkey is still bear, he can eat anything else for hundreds of years.

Sun Wukong grabbed these desserts, just sustain.

"Hey, delicious! Although the spiritual is not good, it is better than that of the peach!"

"Brothers, what is your name, you are a good person, no, good dragon!"

"good to eat!"

Longpin Xuan did not speak, see Sun Wukong after eating, gave him some peach tastes, and gave him some other cooked food, and the hot last life Huaxia cuisine, directly put this hundreds The monkeys who have never eaten things directly conquer.

After Sun Wukong was enough, he was satisfied.

"I haven't eaten anything for hundreds of years to eat such a meal, satisfied! I have eaten the eating of the brother, and the old grandson feels what is the thing that I have eaten!"

Dragon product hired, he looked at Sun Wukong, "I can take it every day."

Sun Wukong looked to Longpin Xuan, "There is no copy of the body, and now it is also pressed in the mountain, but there is nothing to do, say, what do you want to do?"

Longpin Xuan sits back to the chair. "You are not Qi Tian Sheng, although I don't know your deeds, but I can't deny that I feel powerful power from you."

Longpin Xuan took a moment, continued, "In fact, I opened a college, and the professor students cultivated, there is a monster."

Sun Wukong heard Long Pin Xuan to say that he opened a college, it was also a monster and human beings, but it was a little curious. "

Although Sun Wukong is a big Tiangong, he is still very respected for the master who has taught him his skill. He heard Long Pin Xuan opened a college, and he respectd him.

Longpin Xuan continued, "Now this college is also famous in the world, but we still lack the teacher, don't know if there is this interest in our college to be the teacher?"

Sun Wukong, looking for him as a teacher? He can still press it below these five-pointed mountains!

However, he was born to now, not being shouted to shout, it is called the monkey, and no one invited him to be a teacher, a distinguished feeling of life, he has a good feeling of Long Pu Xuan A few layers.

"Hey, if the old grandson is not pressed under this hill, this can help you, but now ..."

Longpin Xuan, "Nothing, I can let the students come to the meal every day, change someone every day, the grandchildren got to point to this student, even the teacher's duty, this is not two full beauty!"

Sun Wukong eyes are bright, this idea is good.

"This ... Your student ..." Sun Wukong also wants to say, but think of the food that I just eat, I can't help but lick the lips, "Yes, I agree."

Longpin Xuan smiled and took out the roster of the college that came back from Xiaoqing, turned to the last page, reached out, "here, use your blood, write your own name."

Sun Wukong did not read a lot of books in the Bodhi old ancestors, but their names still wrote.

He bit his finger and wrote the three words "Sun Wukong" in the top of the top.

Longpin Xuan took back the roster, after closing, painted a humanoid image in the air, and the image was wearing a suit above the clothes, the clothes were embroidered with the sign of the West Lake Academy.

"Our college is known as the West Lake Academy, and the clothes will embroider, tomorrow, I will let the students come, I will embroidered this sign, and Teacher Sun should not recognize it!"

Sun Wukong is very satisfied with this "Teacher Sun", "will not make a mistake!"

Chapter 161 Dean is careful

Longpin Xuan smiled and gave Sun Wukong. This is the student of the West Lake Academy to study some things to make up the credits, becoming one of the hot products of Hangzhou.

This projection stone can be entered into a memory or image, and can be viewed after it is put it out, and it has become a must-have for many rich people.

Because of this projection stone, Xihu College also opened a cinema in Hangzhou, specializing in movies.

The quality of the movie has Longpin Xuan. It is definitely not worried, fully refreshed the expectations of Hangzhou people, leading to a lot of people in Hangzhou than those of the other places, and there are a lot of avant-garde.

The Dragon Pin Xuan gave Sun Wukong's projection stone burned a lot of information, including the origin of the college, and some of Hangzhou information, of course, more daily common sense, including some polite language, and Some principles for people.

It can be said that although Sun Wukong is cultivated and taught, it is actually these common sense.

That's why after I follow the Tang Yan so long, I will accompany the day, after learning common sense, it is more like a personal than the previous big mart.

Now Longpin Xuan directly gives Sun Wukong, but it is said to give him a short board directly.

After Longpin Xuan, Sun Wukong, Tianjin, was looked at this projection stone.

For Sun Wukong, this kind of monkey who is quiet, definitely can't learn those common sense, Longpin Xuan uses scenes and small stories, and a story is connected in series to explain that common sense and knowledge.

Longpin Xuan did so early after reading "Journey to the West" early in the morning.

It is necessary to know that Sun Wukong is the spirit of the heavens and the earth. It is a demon spirit. After the teachings of the Bodhi old ancestors, the strength has long been comparable to the Erlang Zhenjun. Now it is pressed under the five-way mountains, and the demon is suppressed, revealing The breath also has the strength of the demon demon spirit, it can be seen that its true strength.

The key is that the nakednous of the newly born world should teach, and guide forward is that Sun Wukong immediately became the king of Huacheng Mountain, and later, the Bodhi old ancestors also had good teachings, but Using the wrong way, how can the boring way can be accepted by a child?

If a group of children have been rejected to sit there, they are taught by the mind, and they are also sitting in the same way.

Sun Wukong is still a unique, high-profit, practicing very fast, and has learned 72 to change. Later, it was mistaken that the Bodhi old ancestors came out, returned to Huacheng Mountain, became the king, and the monkey monkey and grandchild have been proud, I don't know how to be high, and I will have a deceased with Tiandi. This is thenest.

Longpin Xuan is actually the teachings of the Bodhi old ancestors.

If you change him to teach, Sun Wukong's achievements must be twice as much as they have to turn!

The purpose of Dragon Pin Xuan did not understand.

He was originally thinking about doing this to trigger a new task.

So, I will ask the Erlang Zhenjun and Too Old Jun, and see if there is any new news.

Two gods horses the big movements of the Tianting now.

Let Long Pin Xuan have discovered the clues.

Tian Bon Marshal and the roller blinds are now being deduced now, that is, in fact, the true story of the West Travel Notes has not started.

Or, maybe this world is not just a white snake background?

Longpin Xuan is big!

In other words, Sun Wukong is still pressed in five finger hills?

After he knocked on the side of the confirmation, the little heart jumped!

Therefore, he immediately prepared a lot of things, all in responding to Sun Wukong, is that he fooled him into the West Lake Academy.

As long as Sun Wu is air in the West Lake Academy, he is the fairy in the fairyland, or the Buddha's fighting Buddha, that is the monkey of the West Lake Academy!

When Sun Wukong truly signed the word on the roster, the system task refreshed, and the completion of the college mentor mission, let Long Pu Xuan once again think that he guess it.

The plot is to find yourself!

Only in contact with the protagonist in the world, he can more trigger the plot.

Of course, the mission has not triggered, and it is not because Journey to Journey has not started.

After Signing Sun Wukong, Longpin Xuan couldn't help but think of two generals, and there were other mounts.

In fact, he is not interested in these gods that are not very strong for those strengths.

Moreover, the more contact, the more easily discovered by the Buddha, but it is bad.

However, Once Sun Wukong is added to the short board, Long Pin Xuan wants to see, the nineteen eighty-year hard, when there is a problem, Sun Wukong will not go to the Bodhisattva.

After getting new stuff, Sun Wukong is watching the projection stone. This one of this is a feeling that he has suddenly realized. It is also very bored, and then the little story in the projection stone is very interesting, what to sleep He sleeps in the five-pointer mountain, now there is still sleepiness, just like a sponge, fast absorbing the knowledge inside.

When this day, the students came to the five finger mountains, Sun Wukong's attitude towards the people's attitude have been seen in the beginning of Longpin Xuan, with a lot of changes.

Especially the original Sun Wuki said that he is "", and now it has changed, it has become "I".

Only one night, Sun Wukong's temperament makes people feel that he seems to have changed a person.

Xiaoqing squatted with a food box, and respectd Sun Wukong, "Sun Teacher!"

Sun Wukong took a nodded. He now looks at this student, more points to see the taste of his monkey monkey, and Qi Tian Dasheng's momentum has also appeared.

Xiaoqing's understanding of Sun Wukong, she put the food box in front of Sun Wukong, and she has a barrel of water and a towel. "Teacher Sun, the dean told, I will give you a time to eat, give it to you. You organize the instrument, do you see it? "

If you are so young, Sun Wukong may be angry.

But now I have seen Sun Wukong, I know that this is the other party's kindness, and it is also affected by the little story. I know as a teacher, at least the end to pack.

Sun Wukong recalled the bodhi old ancestors, he although the clothes were just that set, but the hair bun was a whole complex, when he was studying, it was a dress like the same window, but it was a little missing.

After getting Sun Wukong's allowance, Xiaoqing began to help him.

The weeds on the head were cleared, and the head was also washed, and the face was wiped clean.

Sun Wukong looked up in clear and refreshing, and I feel that there was a level of shackles in my heart. He looked up at the sky.

These two days of sky is extraordinarily blue!

Chapter 162 Class Secret Wu Dao Tower

The soldiers are not too much.

But there are more, why not!

Since triggering the mentor mission of Sun Wukong, although the story task has not triggered again, the college's strong task has been refreshing.

For example, the first flying student.

The strange thing is that this task is turned out after completing the mentor mission of Sun Wukong, triggered when he saw Bai Suzhen.

Moreover, it is directly completed.

Thus, after Long Pinxuan completed the two tasks, two random secret fragments were obtained.