I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 114 in the Monster College.

You can then let the Dragon's happy things will appear immediately, because it triggers the task.

"Trigger Task: Improve the strength of the students!"

"Task content: How can a strong college have a strong student, please cultivate a flying students!"

"Task Reward: Randomly confidential fragment 1 block of flying students."

It is also a task that can be done!

This is actually the meaning of the college.

It is possible to continue to cultivate students.

And under the blessings of the secret, over time, more and more students have reached the realm of the demon spirit and the majority, and only one step from the flying.

After half a year, Dragon is rising, and the dragon and others finally flew in the eyes of Longpin Xuan.

The Lei Gong's puzzy, according to the requirements of the Emperor, the same time dropped pseudo-life, after they succeeded in robbery, Bai Suzhen also divided the fairy mirror, covering the breath after they became a fairy.

Longpin Xuan also received several random secret fragments.

As the number of flying increases, Longpin Xuan finally made 10 secret fragments again.

This time, after 10, after 10, it would choose to extract the debris.

When he is preparing to extract the fragment, Long Pu Xuan is surprised to find that the digital "1" displayed on the secret fragment turned "2".

In other words, this time he extracted the secret fragment is no longer level 1, but 2 level!

This brings great surprises to Longpin Xuan.

Unexpectedly, after the success of the success of the first level of the first level, this extracted box was upgraded.

Longpin Xuan's consciousness reached out and explored it in the extracted box.

But now let him be surprised that he can't feel the energy of the debris in the box, only the color of different fragments can only be seen from the transparent circular hole outside the box.

Longpin Xuan saw a silver fragment and reached out.

"Congratulations to get a 2-level Wu Dao Tower secret fragment, set 10 pieces to synthesize a 2-level Wu Dao Tower."

Sure enough, it is a 2-level secret fragment!

And it is a very good understanding of the secret, Wu Dao Tower!

Longpin Xuan looked at the instructions of Wu Dao Tower, and the heart was hot.

I have to know whether it is for people or demon, the most important thing is the word "enlightenment", I realized my own way, it can be smooth over the hard work.

10 pieces of debris quickly extracted, and the secrets of the 2nd level of the road appeared in the West Lake Academy.

Longpin Xuan stood on a passage of the back garden of the college, directly positioned the entrance and exit of the proud road tower, and positioned this entrance and export on the ground.

This ground was portrayed in a complex ripple, which looks like a gorgeous array, but there is actually there is no rule energy fluctuation.

After the entrance is determined, this array is voiced to reveal the energy flow of the silk.

The array trajectory of the portrait is obviously used to confuse people.

Longpin Xuan looked at the magic array of his past life in a western spot book on the ground, nodded.

His memory is getting better and better, such a magical array can be drawn from him, then cooperate with the strange entrance, it seems seamless.

Subsequently, the entire West Lake Academy added a new benefit.

All students from the West Lake Academy can enter the provenapa tower cultivation, but according to the qualification rating of the students, the number of times of cultivation can enter the trial tower is different.

The foreign hospital students must enter the enlightenment tower to cultivate once a year.

At the same time, the outer hospital has opened a grade system and divided the grade according to different strengths.

Each promotion is a grade, you can also get an opportunity to enter the enlightenment tower.

The outer hospital is divided into five grades, first grade, corresponding refining period, second grade, corresponding to the base period, the third grade correspondence, the five-year corresponding yuan, the fifth grade corresponds to the larger stage.

If you graduate from the fifth grade, you can choose to promote the inner courtyard.

The inner court is not divided into the grade, but the strength can get a chance to enter the Wu Dao Tower every level.

That is to say, it is Xiaoxian, Xiao Xian 1 level and level 2, each promotion is 2 levels, and can get two opportunities to enlighten the Tao Tower twice.

The faster the pre-strength promotion, the more the opportunity to get Wu Dao Tower cultivation.

For college students, they think that this Wu Dao Tower should be the cultivation of Longpin Xuan's time to give them a few years, but they don't know that this is actually a secret.

Because of this special name and form and form of this secret, Longpin Xuan decided to open.

It is also because the great impact of Wu Dao Tower can help the students will enhance their strength.

In fact, enter the inner courtyard is the most popular opportunities for Wu Kao Tower.

But it is necessary for entering the inner hospital. As long as it has entered, it is not divided into the grade, and the strength is promoted every level.

That is to say, the students of the external hospital will promote a grade, from the refining period to the roof period, or from the level 1 demon to the 3-level big demon, to promote two levels, can get a chance, the inner hospital students have twice.

Similarly, the inner hospital students also have an opportunity to enlighten the Tao Tower every year.

Of course, if you enter the college students at the beginning, the strength has a grade level 4. So in the outer court, you will have an opportunity to enter the Wu Dao Tower in the outside hospital. After promoting, you can also get once. In the hospital, it has three opportunities to enlighten the Tao Tower, and it can be obtained after promoting.

In some additional activities, there will be the quota of the rewards of Wu Dao Tower, and the places in other secret machines have prompted the college students to grow rapidly.

The students at the beginning of the college don't know the power of Wu Dao Tower.

But once you go in, they are even more exciting for opportunities that can enter the Tao Tower.

In the enlightener tower, the time and the outside are one more than ten years, the tower is ten years, and the outside world is one year.

Every time you enter, you will get a provenant stone, and the energy in the stone is exhausted, and you can come out from the tower.

The rate of energy depletion and enlightenment in Wu Dao Rice is inversely proportional, the slower the energy consumption of the high understanding of the knowledge, the longer the time of the tower, the faster strength.

Chapter 163

"How many days can you still have a few days? This is 4 months!"

"The time outside has been 4 months, it should be 40 months, this kind of understanding is commended!"

Many students looked at the top of the trim tower on the stone monument.

This is the display stone monument from the provetum tower, record the cultivator in the tower.

The name of one by one is ranked on the stone monument. There is the latest time in the tower behind the name.

The first name of the rank is "Xu Shilin, 121 Days"

According to 30 days a month, it is indeed 4 months in 121 days.

Xu Shilin finally walked out of Wu Dao Tower. He is 16 years old, and the breath fluctuations on his body make other students with awareness.

"I heard that Xu Xi brothers are the son of White Teacher?" The students in an external hospital could not help but show the sound, "and the qualifications are so good, why not enter the inner court?"

"It seems to be because of the white teacher, the white teacher itself is only a college in the hospital, and it is not the teacher of the inner court."

"Scorpio, white teacher is so strong, is it only the student of the inner court?"

"Yeah, you don't know? The teacher of the inner court can be the gods, Erlang Zhenjun, too old, and a mysterious teacher, it is said that only the inner court students who have good capital will be allowed to travel Looking for that teacher taught! I heard that it is the Qi Tian Daban! "

"Is it so powerful? I also want to go to the hospital!"

"If Tianhui is not allowed, then strength, as long as the fifth grade graduation, the successful flying can apply to enter the inner courtyard!"

"Yes, I heard that Xu Xiong will apply to enter the inner court next month, that is, Xu Xi brothers will also fly?"

"Scorpio, really?"

Bai Suzhen looked at the handsome Herry Lin, laughed, "Shi Lin, I ask you to enter the inner court, will you blame me?"

Xu Shilin is slightly smashed, then shook his head, "Mother, I know, you are good for me."

Bai Suzhen laughed, "You are flying soon, and you don't want you to have misunderstand."

"To know that although the inner courty can enter, this is a dozen years ago. These years, the inner courts have grown too fast, basically go in a proud road tower, come out to promote several levels The opportunity of Wu Dao Tower is not finished. "

"For you, in the outside hospital, you can get the opportunity to go to Wu Dao Tower, but will not be hit confident by other inner courts. To know, the genius does not stop you, I have been afraid that you are young, my heart is uncertain, see others Breakthroughs, will also think about it to break through, so the foundation is not solid. "

Bai Suzhen is very concerned about the cultivation of his son.

This qualification is not good, but it is great.

If you enter the inner courty, you may not be 16 years, and it has reached the point of flying.

But the heart is not mature, and it is not a good thing to fly too early.

So she will oppose Xu Shilin into the inner courtyard.

Xu Xian's education for Xu Shilin is a Bai Suzhen, he is all endorsed, the key is that Bai Su is good.

Xu Xian himself just flew in a few years ago, what is wrong, and listening to the ladies.

Xu Shilin smiled mildly, it looked at a handsome big warmer, completely inherited the beauty of Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian's warmth, and won many teachers in the hospital.

Bai Suzhen pulled his hair. After more than ten years of accumulation, her strength was faster than the cultivation of millennium before, and was actually reached the realm of Level 7 Xianjun. If it is not a hidden mirror, such a breath will be found, it will be surprised by those gods.

"That start, I will look at you next to you."

Bai Suzhen took a nodded by Xu Shilin, Xu Xian Tong Bai Suzhen stationed, looking at the son in front of him.