I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 115 in the Monster College.

Xu Shilin looked at the rooftop in the field.

They are not in the inner courtyard of the West Lake Academy, but in the peak peak of the northern Hangzhou.

It can be said that the entire Hangzhou is included in the category of the West Lake Academy. The outer hospital has expanded to the entire Hangzhou, and the people of Hangcheng are still living in it, but the buildings of Hangzhou can see the shadow of the West Lake College. It can be said that the outer hospital of the West Lake Academy is really integrated into the Hangzhou City.

This is built within the college in the college and established in the college, which is completely two concepts.

Those monsters and cultivars who have not entered the college, they can also see those of those outside hospitals to go to the classroom, see the growth of their strength, see the process of earning points, just like they grow with them .

The monsters and cultivators of Hangzhou, their cultivation speed, also changed, improved.

For more than ten years, Hangzhou really turned into a holy place in the human cultivation and became a tourist attraction in the country.

How many people come to Hangzhou, just to see the West Lake, look at the modernization of the Hangzhou surpass other cities, as well as an enviable life.

The corresponding to it is a famous mountain peak in Hangzhou.

Because on the mountain peak, you can often see the students of the West Lake Academy fly, and of course the students will set up the comics outside, indicating that the mountain is temporarily owned by the first time. After the flying, the neighbor is disappeared, The students can use it.

Now everyone is very clear. Once there is a mountain peak, it is inevitably, there is a student to be flying.

Peak of Northern Peak, Bai Suzhen has already put down the rigmat.

The juncture is arranged, and many cultivars outside the north peak open their eyes.

"Northern peaks have a commentary."

"Someone wants to fly? Who is it?"

"Go see?"


Many students stand at the foot of the north peak, or step on Xiangyun.

For a time, there were countless cultivars and monsters in Hangzhou, and they were quietly looking at the peak of the North Peak.

In the past few years, the number of people in Hangzhou flying a lot, with average a few years.

But every flying rate will attract many practitioners and monsters.

Because every flying rate will bring them a small benefit and experience.

Of course, in Hangzhou, if someone wants to destroy the flying, the face will also be an anger of the entire Hangzhou cultifier and monsters.

And the flying parties Xu Shilin looked at the head slowly and gathered, and the face was slightly surprised.

He looked back, looked at Bai Suzhen, "Mother, I have seen many brothers and sisters, how do my thunder is not the same?"

Chapter 164, Generation Master Sun Wukong

Indeed, the general thunder robbery is a single color.

If it is superior, there will be two colors, or three colors.

So far, in addition to the five-color thunder robbery appearing in Bai Suzhen, the rest is three colors.

However, the thunder color of Xu Shin's head is a five-color thunder, and there is a faintness to add a look.

The sixth color is brewing, wants to gather, and then separate, and want to gather, but it is separate.

Just when the five-color half-robbery formed, the cloud suddenly was pressed by Thunder Cloud, and a lightning suddenly came to Xu Shilin.

In this case, everyone has been used to it, and it is like this.

Only Long Pu Xuan and a few informed talents know that there is also an estimate of the Tag, the latter Lei Yun may be the hand of the Emperor, maybe this Tame uses this Thunder Cloud to cover their flying breath.

Lei Yun's thunder is actually not so terrible.

The most terrible thing is still a colorful thunder that has a colorful robbery, that power is big.

When Bai Suzhen flying, it was so easy, mostly relying on his stomach, especially when she saw the miserable situation of other students flying, it was as understood, how easy she was flying before, what is easy.

The same is true of Xu Shilin.

Thunder, the thunder of Lei Yun, the meter of Xu Shilin, was blocked by a transparent mask.

In other people, this shield is not baby, it is a sense of hard practice.

However, after Lei Yun, the thunderstorms of the different colors were in Xu Shilin. After they quietly, they did not respond, this state, it is to let everyone who are in the scene.

A red thunderstorm, did not enter his body, Xu Shilin is just a stunning, there is no matter, and you will sway your body.

A yellow thunder killed, did not enter his body, Xu Shilin also reached out and saw that the traces of the skin did not even touch the traces.

A blue thunder ...

A green thunder ...

A golden thunder ...

Xu Shilin looked up at the thunder that has begun to dissipate, and inexplicably feels the strength of the body.

Is this a flying?

What did the seniors who have seen the students who have been in painful, are they lie?

Those classics and audiences around are stunned.

Some students who have been flying, one who daresly pinching their own arms and soft meat on the thighs, this is fake? Thunder robbery is so easy? They were previously smashed into black charcoal, fried into a bird's nest, was forced to vomit blood and three liters ... Is this special? Is it their own illusion?

Other spectators have also refreshed their views on flying.

"Mother, it is so simple to fly!"

"No, children, what you see is the best genius in the West Lake Academy, that is not in the same day!"

"Mother, I am also very talented!"

"Children, people are worthy of self-knowledge! Mother doesn't want you!"

"Well, but it seems that this flying is really simple!"

"That is that you didn't see the first two were smashed into charcoal color!"

"Is it so big in the flyer?"

"When I flying, it is strong, it looks easily, the strength is weak, then it is natural."

"It turned out to be like this, the mother, then I have to be strong after power!"

Those students who have flying: ...

This is too strong!

However, their hearts are all thinking.

Next, the people of the West Lake Academy suddenly suddenly raised, one by one is suppressed by her repair, and it is really suppressed and can't live again.

Of course, this is really much easier than before, but there is no such thing as Xu Shilin.

They naturally have only one words, who makes people tall.

In just 16 years, it has reached the territory of flying.

However, with the genius, under the blessings of the three secrets of the West Lake Academy, Wu Dao Tower shorten the time they originally cultivated, so that Hangzhou has a large number of masters in just 16 years, and the flying cultivator and monsters have Hundreds of people.

Xu Shilin after flying, nature is allowed to join the inner courtyard.

Longpin Xuan looked at Xu Shilin, who had a big adult, lamented in his heart, and the law is now flying, it is not ordinary, and it has reached a 5th level. It is a bit less than Bai Suzhen, but it is also a superiority.

However, there is no obstruction of the law. Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen, this is naturally loved in this world. Although the way Xian Buddha cultivation is different, they are all from all fetuses, and naturally become a good story in Hangzhou.

Longpin Xuan gave a small map of Xu Shilin, which painted in the road to five finger hills.

"This is another family of the college, and next month, you will be a meal to this teacher, remember, don't let Mr. Sun is angry."

Longpin Xuan let the little ghost send a meal of the month, placed in the storage bag, let Xu Shilin bring.

Xu Shilin naturally passed the storage bag, and some were very happy to start from the five-way mountains.

He has heard the brothers and sisters of many inner courts, saying that Mr. Sun is said to be very strong, but because of the powerful strength of the strength, it will be suppressed in five finger hills.

But Teacher Sun has a variety of unique insights in the martial arts and cultivation, especially have several kinds of magic. If they are seen by him, it is a life benefit.

Wuzi Mountain is no longer a ridiculous year, and it is very clean in the surrounding.

Sun Wukong was on a soft pad, looking at the various projection stones brought to him, and there was a unique clothes of the West Lake Academy, and the clothes were embroidered on the Xihu Academy.

Sitting in front of him, there is a man with a woman, not far away, practicing its own weapons.

Although Sun Wukong used a stick, but he got a goddess, and he went down the government. And the various flaws above the body law.

Sun Wukong looked at the projection stone and was bored. I yawned, and I took a few stones in my hand. Suddenly went to the students who were practicing.

Several stones flying quickly on their respective weapons, just like someone suddenly tricks with them.

There are a few moments to show a flaw, and I have been playing it with the next stone.

Only two people who danced their own weapons and spread their stones.

"Yesterday, I said, pig three nails, you make long knives are not suitable, or your shelf makes width, but less momentum, just the stone bomb, if you don't hesitate, directly in the rain But it will not reveal flaws! "

Sun Wukong said faintly. In that, in the case of scratching the scratching in the past 16 years ago, it is like a generation of masters.