I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the dean of the Dean in Segasia.

Chapter 165 has a stone in the body

One of the signs of a labored woman, slammed the head, wrapped into a half-cut knife, "Teacher Sun, I think I still go to the sword, and I can go to the Jianxiao secret to engage in a peerless The sword, definitely won't be interrupted by your stone! "

Sokan shook his head, "The sword is not suitable for you, you can try to use the staple."

Pig three nails have a little desired, "Teacher Sun, I am still a girl, go to the nails used by the man, that is too ..."

Sun Wukong touched his neck, "Otherwise, you have a bow in the back? Pink?"

The pig three nail thinks slightly. "I can also apply the nail to my whole color, Well! This can be!"

Sun Wukong: ......

Other classmates: ......

At this time, the sky is very fast, and a movie is flying fast.

The pig three nails look at each other, the top step, is going to talk, but it is clear.

Pig three nail face is happy, "It's Xiashin! You are successful? White sister finally promised to let you enter the inner courtyle!"

Xu Shilin rushed through these classmates, smiled and said, "Uncle Auntie, senior school sister, Xiaosheng is a gift!"

Pig three nailing slap in Xu Shilin's ass, "no big is not small!"

Xu Shilin smiled slightly, what he could do, these people can look at him grow up.

Sun Wuku is a smile, "Well, come to newcomers, just enter the inner court?"

The pig three spike explains, "This is the son of Bai Suzhen Xu Shilin."

Sun Wukun is very deep, "" Xiaobai Dragon of the White Snake evolution? How is it in human form? Is it a birth? "

Xu Shilin rushed to the ceremony of Sun Wukong.

Sun Wuki nodded, "It turned out, approaching some, to take a look at your qualifications."

Xu Shilin took a few steps in front of Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong's eyes flashed, and he looked to Xu Shilin, but suddenly his eyes.

Sun Wukong was born in Tiandi, which is a heaven and earth.

It is important to know that there are five big lasters in the world, one of which has given Sun Wukong, but another piece of original stone, in the hands of Wenchang Emperor.

Now, Sun Wukong saw that in Xu Shilin, I saw that a piece of abnormality and he was angry with him.

"You ... you ..."

Sun Wukong shocked quickly, did not come out, is this kid in front of the stone?

No, he just said that he is the son of Bai Suzhen, but how can it be ...

"Xu Shilin is, how can you have that stone in your body?" Sun Wukong also told so much, and asked directly.

Xu Shilin is two feet and not mind, "What stone? I have a stone inside? Why don't I know?"

Xu Shilin heard that Sun Wukong said, immediately started to check his body, "No stone?"

Sun Wukong slowly closed his eyes, opened again, and looked at Xu Shilin's eyes with a little kind, it seems to see the relatives.

"Do you have anyone who served next day?"

Sun Wukong suddenly asked if it had no relationship with it.

Xu Shilin nodded, "Dean gave me a month of meal."

Sun Wuki turned to look at the pig three nail and other people, "Okay, you have a lot of time in my stay, I will go back, stay him here."

Since Sun Wuki opened, the pig three nail and others naturally did not wait for a long time, and they worshiped Sun Wukong, rushing to Xu Shilin waving, leaving here.

"Come, sit!"

Sun Wukong said in Xu Shin, let him sit in his face, "You just fly?"

Xu Shilin nodded.

Sun Wukong got up and down, "What kind of time when ferry? How many times?"

Xu Shilin thought about it. "Thunder is 3 times, five colors of thunder 5 times."

Sun Wuki, "That talent is not bad, there is it, you should not be injured."

"Yeah, yeah," Xu Shilin is full of confusion for his own ferry. I saw that the teacher naturally asked. "I looked at others to rob that it was truly, I first started. 3 The thunderous robbery of Dao Leiyun is on the body, but I took a transparent mask in my body, I was blocked, and the next 5 is more strange, I'm going to join my body directly. I haven't feeling. "

"Teacher Sun, is this normal?"

In fact, Xu Shilin himself feels not normal, but before the big court, ask his mother is not suitable, ask the dean, the dean does not say, only to say that he will know later.

Sun Wuki laughed, "You have a shield on your body, because you have the baby, spontaneous protective owner, and the other five-color thunder robbery, the casing feels that there is no threat to you, naturally does not appear. If I guess no If you are wrong, should you be a turn-going body? "

Xu Shilin is distinguished, "the body of the world? I am the fairy in the sky."

This news brings him a shock and fear.

Xu Shilin is just a 16-year-old child. It is still unacceptable to this reincarnation.

"Then I am still my parent's child? After I recover my memory, will I lose my personal personality?"

Xu Shilin has seen a lot of voted stone movies, knowing some of the modern nouns, such as some versatile conditions.

This makes him a little panic.

Sun Wukong heard that he said, it is haha ​​laughed. "After the revivement, it is not you, no parents, where you come!"

Xu Shilin thought about it, "it's right ..."

"Kid, I don't want to learn 72. After learning, the person is definitely not a problem for you. When you can turn it into anyone, you are anyone!"

Sun Wukong looked at Xu Shilin, and it was very serious in his eyes.

He promised the Bodhi old ancestors before, and said that he did not pass through the things you have learned, but people who had that stone should be his loved ones, it is not rumored.

Xu Shilin heard that Sun Wukong said that his face was excited and was promised.

At this time, a sound suddenly sounded next to it, "even Mystery! Donkey, who did you talk?"

Xu Shilin turned his head and saw a monk with red, holding a bead, standing far away, looking at him.

From the perspective of the monk, it is just that the mountain blocked Sun Wukong, it looks like Xu Shilin, a person who speaks.

Xu Shilin rushed on this monk, "I talk to the teacher in the college, are you?"

The monk has also rushed to Xu Shilin. "In the Xuanjun, I want to go to the West to worship Buddha to seek!"

Chapter 166?

Xu Shilin rushed to the Master of Xuanzang. I thought that the dean came to take him before, and then he looked at Sun Wukong. "Teacher Sun, do you want to come out from these five-way mountains?"

Sun Wukong is slightly, but he has been used to press it under the mountain.

When he was pressed here, he didn't want to come out, but there is no way.

Later, Longpin Xuan made a lot of students here, he also tried, I would like to give these students to picked the characters above the five-pointers mountains, but those students were never nearly the trip.

Sun Wukong's sympathy, it seems that the old child did not want him to come out, and he did not say this.

But now Xu Shilin actually took the initiative.

Does the dean have thought of him from going out?

Sun Wukong looked warmly, "What is it? Is the dean let you come?"

Xu Shilin nodded, "Teacher Sun will wait!"

Sun Wuki is hot. If he is in the beginning of his strength, he is not looking at the strength of Longpin Xuan, just because of eating and respect, I promise as a teacher.

But later, those novelty, completely different concepts with this world, let him broaden a lot of vision, and naturally know that the dean of Longpin Xuan is not simple.

Especially in recent years, I have visited his demon king from the beginning, then to the demon spirit, then the fairy after the flying, the strength of the students is getting stronger, he is getting deeper and deeper for this Xihu College. For the dean of Longpin Xuan, there is a feeling of embarrassed, he produced a illusion, I feel that the strength of Longpin Xuan before you have, maybe he is wrong, or hidden strength.

Because there is such a strong student, it is not a few, it is dozens of, hundreds of people don't need to say other strengths.

It is possible to build such a college in just ten years. This dean has only such strength, Sun Wukong is not trustworthy.

Therefore, when the moment of Shi Lin nodded, Sun Wukong's intuition told him that he was coming!

However, Xu Shilin's next movement is to let Sun Wukong slightly.

I saw the Xu Shilin path to the Master of Xuanzang. He thought of Xuanzhao a gift, "Hello, the master! It is under the mountain, and it is a teacher in our college, because young people are strong. It was suppressed here. "

"I saw the master today, I finally learned that my teacher's punishment is to this day, this is the master of the master, put the teacher out!"

I heard Xu Shilin and Sun Wukong's dialogue, I finally knew that there was still one person, but I didn't see people, I heard Xu Shilin said that it was.

"Can the donor notified, why?"

Although Xuanzang is willing to help Xu Shilin, but can not put the people who will put crackled out, at least, do you know who this person is, it will also be harm to others.

Xu Shilin laughed. "My teacher has been called Qi Tian Dasheng before the Tianda, now and Erlang Zhenjun, Too Shang Laojun is the teacher of our West Lake Academy, a teacher, teaching a lot of students."

Xuan Wei heard the four words of the "West Lake Academy", the face was slightly surprised, rushed to Xu Shilin, "It turned out to be the students of the West Lake Academy, and did not expect it to suppress a teacher of the West Lake Academy! Since This is the case, then I naturally help, but I am not born, I am afraid ... "

Xu Shilin shook his head, "Master is awkward, this matter can only be achieved!"

Xu Shilin pointed at the place where the five-pointed hill, "said Master to see the papers on the mountain? Just need to go to the mountain to open the paper."