I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 117th of the Dean of the Monster College.

Xuanzang nodded, "It turns out, then try it!"

When I finished Xuan Yu, I would like to climb in the mountain.

Xu Shilin stopped Xuanzang, "Master is motivated, let Master will send a master."

Xu Shilin said in his hand, he raised Xiang Yun at his feet, carrying Xuanzang directly lifted, came to the vicinity of the paper, reached a "Please" action, "Master, please!"

Xuanzang nodded and gently reached the torn paper.

It is also strange that when there is no mysterious, those students can close to this paper three feet, but with Xuan Yan, but it is easy to come to the vicinity of the paper. The hand was reversed.

Sun Wukong only felt that the heavy feeling of stress in his body was pulled out, but he didn't use it right away, but shouted in the air. "You take the master to fly, I want it!" "

Xu Shilin took the sound, flew in the distance in the distance, and stopped in the air.

Subsequently, he only heard the sound of "rumbler", the five-pointed mountains, actually shaking dramatically.

Suddenly, the mountain was split from the central coast for more than two halves, and slammed a figure from the middle.

Sun Wukong's new clothes were sent by the students, but after all, only half of the body, when he rushed out, it felt the air slamming a new suit.

This clothes naturally throwing Xu Shilin.

Sun Wukong was big, and immediately took it on the ground.

Xu Shilin will also come back in this meeting, and fall in front of Sun Wukong.

Xuanzang saw that Sun Wukong's appearance was shocked, but it was clear that it was a monkey face, slightly, "even Mystery!"

Xu Shilin continued to rush in Xuan Yu, "Thank you master!"

Xuanzang also gave a gift to Xu Shilin, "no need to polite."

Sun Wukong also licked Shi Lin, rushing to Xuanzhu, "Master Gorn, if it is useful in the later period, although looking for people to visit the West Lake Academy, Sun must try!"

Sun Wukong's speech at this time and before he simply judged two people, culture and no culture.

To know this 16 years, in addition to common sense, Longpin Xuan also has brought a lot of books and etiquette behavioral norms, and the way to people.

With Sun Wukong, it is so increasingly, it is naturally a lot of bad habits for 16 years, and has a deep understanding and thinking for a lot of things.

Coupled with different students and talks, Sun Wukong also learned a lot, becoming the stabbracence.

Xuanzang and one person a monkey, and they have a polite, they once again embarked on the road to the West.

Sun Wukong is followed by Xu Shilin to the West Lake Academy of Hangzhou.

In the past, there were 4 people in the West, and the most critical one of the most critical is the corner of Longpin Xuan. What is this Western?

Chapter 167, Hangzhou

Westerly the Buddha seat, a silence.

If you turn your eyes, you will not speak.

There is no expression on Guanyin's face, can't see her ideas.

"The fate has changed, and it can be done in another direction, but there is any factor."

The silence of a long time, finally broke it.

Guanyin frown, "Destiny changes this, will there be a change?"

If you turn your eyes, the beads in your hands slowly turn, "There must be fruitful, and look at it first, but you can westward."

If I paused, I continued, "There is a monkey in the south of the West, and the positive and intelligent potential, can teach it."

Guanyin asked, "Is it a six-ear macaque?"

As you have headed.

Guanyin went to the ritual rhetoric and went to Yuexi.

And not to mention how Guanyin teaches six-ear macaques, teach him a variety of spells and changes, Tang Yan has encountered Xiaobai Long, and he serves as a teacher, embarking on the road of Westerday.

Hangzhou is as lively.

Although the day has entered the night, Hangzhou, which has many entertainment projects, is a bright light.

The lanterns of one by one are high, the charcoal candle fire, the top of the major squares is playing different movies with projection stones, a lot of people, monsters and cultivators gather together to Tianjin's taste.

At this time, a black shadow slowly emerged from the dark corner.

"Hey, you said, how will the teenager choose?"

"I don't know, my parents become like this, and I don't know what the teenager will become."

Two people talked about walking towards this dim, this is the way to the totro. They are in a hurry, and they are going to hurry back and continue to watch the next half of the movie.

At this time, behind the people, the dark projection, a black shadow flashed out, a sharp knife sword chooded into the people.


A monster look at the surroundings, he felt like many people were approaching.

At this moment, the demon movement in his body was stagnant, and there was a strange golden light behind him. With the golden light, it was the sharp sword.

It's just a flashing effort, the monster's skull fell on the ground, and the eyes were shocked and doubts.

How to shocked his monster suddenly appear problems, and if you don't have the force of resistance.

And such things appear in all corners of Hangzhou.

On the side of the West Lake, the night is high.

The black shadow is standing next to the black shadow finger, and a law is intertwined in the air, forming a huge array. In the array of law, strong energy is gathered, toward the water within the West Lake. Go straight.


The entire West Lake Academy began to shake the mountain.

Dragon Pin Xuan shocked the top of the head, what is the situation?

It is not enough, today, Erlang Zhenjun and Too God have returned to heavens because some things go back.

Because natural is to report the things of Qi Tian Dasheng Sunkong to the college.

Sun Wuki sat opposite Long Pu Xuan, feeling the ground, it is a little curious. "What happened?"

Longpin Xuan brows wrinkled, standing up, "Go, go out!"

After Long Pin Xuan and Sun Wukong came out of the office, he saw two ghosts rushing, rushing through the two people, "Dean, Sun teacher, not good, college and Hangzhou are attacking!"

Longpin Xuan has grown up at an instant, "What? Organize students to counterattack!"

The two ghosts showed the color of struggle. "Dean, the strength of people is strong, and the sneak attack taken at the beginning, there have been a lot of students and innocent people."

Longpin Xuan face is anger, turning to look at Sun Wukong, "Teacher Sun, can you meet me?"

Sun Wukong "Haha" laughed, in his hand, a red golden gold hoop didn't appear in front of everyone. "Since I hit our college, I got Qi Tian San how to retreat!"

"Good! Go!"

Longpin Xuan felt the power of the body, with the respective students in Sun Wukong and the college, from the bottom of the West Lake College.

On the West Lake, only heard the huge water flowers, and a huge energy rushed out from the bottom.

This powerful attack directly broke the array of abandons above the water. Sprinkle the water drops in the night sky, and the powerful energy of the power is bright, and each of the Hangzhou City is warned.

Every monsters in each house are amazed, and they have been protecting their own people, the martial arts and families have tangled their power and start tissue resistance.

Although the beginning of the attack has brought huge losses to Hangzhou, the strong force of Hangzhou has a special situation of practitioners and monsters in every household, so that Hangzhou has reacted in a short time.

For a time, all places have a fierce fight, and many people have begun to find a place to hide, watching the "family" living together in their own family, and fighting for themselves and Hangzhou.

The whole unprecedented anti-unpreparedness of Hangzhou.

Longpin Xuan and Sun Wukong stand above the clouds, and their back is a hundred recently flying cactus.

Hundreds of cactors' combat power, in any force, they are unmisting, they directly form a key force that reverses the current situation.

Started to show their power in all areas of Hangzhou.

Although many students of the West Lake Academy have only been mainly cultured in the past ten years, few experience, but most of the students who have been incorporated in the hospital are universal, except for some levels of cultivators, Other students who fly into gods, they have experienced wind and rain before these sixteen years.

Xu Shilin stationed behind Bai Suzhen, fighting with his mother.

He is from the tender shot, and it is a sword, and the transformation of this is a bit gratifying.

Longpin Xuan and Sun Wukong's first note is the number of black shadows in the West Lake.

The headless black shadow is shrouded in the black robes, but from the chin he exposed, the lips showed a little and disdain, so that Long Pu Xuan's heart was somewhat.

Longpin Xuan looked around, in fact, as he and Sun Wukong rushed out with the inner hospital students, immediately controlled the overall situation, how can there be such a panic feeling? What is he missed?

The black shadow of the head said with a hoarse voice. In useful, it will not be re-flying for no reason. It is not a tattle of it! "

"Take a look, but once a test attack, all tried it!"

Chapter 168

The black shadow brugged and said this, but it was a big change in the face.

These people have taken so many hits to test attacks, that is, do they still have it?