I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 118 in the Monster College.

Or, they must have a certain purpose this time.

And this purpose, Longpin Xuan has already had a little guess, but this guess is that it makes him feel cold.

Who is these people?

Sun Wukong is a brow, a wrinkle, in the air gold hoop, "Hey, Tibetan Tibetan! Let me see, who is it!"

After finishing, his eyes, two golden light shot in the air, go to the black shadow.

At this time, the black shadow suddenly threw a round ball from his hand.

This sphere suddenly exploded in the air, Jin Guang let Longyu Xuan's consciousness closed his eyes, even Sun Wukong's fire-eyed golden eyes did not take it in Jinguang.

At this time, those black shadows disappeared in the same place.

Jin Guang is scattered, Long Pinxuan opens my eyes, looks to the West Lake, see that there is no one in the air, the face is magnificent, "Not good!"

At this moment, the entire Hangzhou is over, a huge array of blocks suddenly pressed down, and directly enveloped the entire Hangzhou, isolated from the outside world.

At this time, the long-lost system sound suddenly appeared in Longpin Xuan.

"Trigger the task, retain your green hills!"

"Task content: The main force and secret of the college, escape from Hangzhou!"

"Task completed reward: 9 level experience, secret * 1, hidden!"

Longpin Xuan finished this task, the original unhearted face is more ugly!

The system is prompting him to escape!

This is dangerous!

At this time, the entire Hangzhou is in the event of a strong breath, and the inner courtyard that is already in the upper wind is in a moment of breathing.

Some students were killed on the spot!

There is also a strong breath in the vicinity of Xu Shilin. The whiteness of Bai Sui's face is bigger. The long sword has suddenly burst out his strongest strength. It has rescued Xu Shilin.

"Niang!" Xu Xian's full body flashed, it was his Buddha's body, resisting a few attacks, and quickly came to this.

White's face is shocked to look at the powerful atmosphere, as well as the person in front of it.

The blood slow flow of a silk corner of her mouth and protects her child behind him.

I saw a young man holding a net bottle, walking out of the dust after the attack, and I got a pity.

"I went to you before, but I didn't expect that you actually refined the Buddha seeds I left, or I chose Taoism. It is a pity! But it is good to be good, more than ten years, I have reached the point of Xianjun. "

Bai Suzhen shakes the lips, slowly spitting a word, "Guanyin!"

Xu Xian also rushed to this side, falling around Bai Suzhen, "Niangzi, are you okay?"

Guanyin slightly looked at Xu Xian, "I didn't expect you to be a Buddha, it is really unfortunately! However, next life ... can do this!"

Guanyin thought of a good way to see Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian, "Two donors and Buddhas have the same, and there is still a chance!"

Xu Shilin frowned to see Guanyin, and the energy of the eyebrow is a bit messy. Some fragments in the brain are emerge, but the head begins to dizzy.

He is a jealous, Bai Suzhen is discovered, reaching out, "Shi Lin, what happened?"

Guanyin has not been concerned about Xu Shilin, but because of his strange situation, it is to let Guanyin look at a few eyes, but it is these eyes, let Guanyin face change.

"You ... it is you!"

Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian are opposite each other, and it is dignified.

Bai Suzhen fingers told behind, a small white snake turned into the ground, then the surrounding architecture, went to the direction of West Lake.

Longpin Xuan and Sun Wukong look at the powerful breath in Hangzhou, and the face is ugly to the extreme.

Due to the end of the blood, the blood broke through the ten claws of Jinlong, which flew over a few years ago, but he is hiding in the Tagneson, whose flying is not It is completely different from others to thunder.

This is a lot of trouble.

However, it is such that he also can't deal with the powerful atmospheres in Hangzhou.

Because he and Sun Wukong have discovered those powerful original owners.

No wonder I have to cover all the shackles, it is still her!

Sun Wukong face is shocked, watching the powerful strength of the explosive in Hangzhou, all of the energy is full of gold, that is Buddha!

And it is the Buddha's power of the same person!

These all are the same person!

Longpin Xuan stood in the same place, his face was a burst of white, he didn't want to stay with everyone, but the strength is not allowed!

The key is that the man is her, he is not sure, just like the system instructions, now only clamping the tail first, staying on the green hills is not afraid of firewood!

Longpin Xuan is uncomfortable.

This is his second flight, the second time I escaped.

For the first time, it is a dragon change. His father sent him to leave, and the blood enmissions have not reported, and now he is a more powerful enemy.

Now this time, Longpin Xuan's heart rose a little weak, can he really confront the enemy in front of it?

Because people are not someone, it is a famous goverble.

All the outbreaks of Hangzhou, all are the boss of Guanyin.

Longpin Xuan took a deep breath, suddenly bowed in Sun Wukong.

"Teacher Sun, this is what I dragged you, I was originally, if you follow the Master of Xuanzang to learn the scripture, you don't want this to drink."

Sun Wukong was shocked, and he was so fast that he quickly calmed his mood. He didn't blame Long Pin Xuan. Instead, he reached out to Dragon Pin Xuan Xuan, "The dean said heavy, sixteen years , I have learned a lot, I have learned a lot, you said that I followed the master of Xuanzang to the West, this is the same as the Guanyin, but I don't want to take the scrub, it is my own choice, but I didn't expect that they would do this. "

"As a bodhisattva, there is such a killing, they are not worthy of being called the Buddha, the Buddha has become a magic!"

Sun Wukong said, "Dean, you will take the students first, I will give you a road, the college teaches people, inheriting the culture, there is no class, is Dad, can't be The Buddha is taking the roots! "

Sun Wuki reached out and pulled a grown in the brain, blowing a breath in the air, thousands of Sun Wukong jumped out from the air, and went to Hangzhou.

At this time, a small white snake rushed out from the shadow of the building, "Dean!"

Longpin Xuan saw the little white snake, I suddenly remembered Xu Shilin with her, and suddenly, "Wen Chang Emperor!"

Chapter 169 Save people

Sun Wukong's furniture is going to find Guanyin's branch, and his book is the little white snake who came out with Bai Suzhen, flying to Hangzhou.

Longpin Xuan knows that Xu Shilin's life is natural, and the inquiry of the Siri Monarch and the Too Laojun will have revived.

But the information obtained is that he is very surprised.

Because in the mouth of Erlang Zhenjun and Too Old Jun, Wen Chang Emperor is harmful, and it has already been flying.

After learning this news, Li Ma did not asked, knew himself, and did the news that Wen Chang Emperor was swim. At the same time, I also found the Fahai, let him not put Xu Shilin's hometown. Go out.

The legal sea is deeply deep, especially after joining the West Lake Academy, the skills of the calculation are stronger. He can see Xu Shilin him with the stars in the sky. If this thing is known by others, it is impact to heaven. Things think.

It is to know that Longpin Xuan is only thought that Wen Chang Emperor is also known as Wenqu Star, because the world is turmoil, the traitor is said, and there are all to stabilize the bureau, Daxing.

However, now, the real reasons of Wenchang Emperor will be persecuted, it is estimated that it is to escape from a soul.

I still don't know who is the hand, if you let these people know that Wen Chang Emperor is still alive, it is not immediately found here.

So Long Pin Xuan knows that after this message, the first time the action is a blockade message.

However, now the West Lake Academy attacked Guanyin, he naturally thought of the culprit of the Wenchang Emperor.

Is there any possible, is it the buddhism?

Although Longpin Xuan did not know that Guanyin was because of what would be attacked to Hangzhou and West Lake College, but he still guess.

He secretly aimed at Sun Wukong, and the big probability was because of this?

Asked Long Pin Xuan, he will not regret it, he will only regret that this thing does not hide.

Previously, the college students knew that there was such a teacher, but because the students who have been classic in the past were blocked, they did not wear.

The key is that Sun Wukong is now tackling, and he has not followed Tang Yan to Western to learn, which will directly be found by the Buddha.

And Sun Wukong came to the West Lake College. It was discovered by Erlang Zhenjun and Too Old Jun. They saw that Sun Wukong came out from five finger hills, and she didn't urgently ran to Tianstroom.

In this way, how can the Buddha boundary don't know Sun Wukong here.

That is, the bright face of the Buddha.

You must know that if it is in order to take Sun Wukong, it is 500 years old. Later, he found the emperor. Many gods. He made a nine nineteen eighty-one difficult. It's still not letting Sun Wukong followed Tang Yugui, more learning more, and then converted to me Buddha.

However, now is the teacher of the West Lake Academy, when the Xihu Academy is directly went to the West Lake Academy, how can the Buddha will bear.

Since this point, Longpin Xuan's way to make up the way does not help, now the key is to gather other cultivators and people from Hangzhou, escape from this cover.

In fact, this covert is also good in harm.

The disadvantage is naturally the situation in this, will not be known by the outsiders, and the Guanyin Bodhisattva does not undertake out.

The benefits are natural and the combat situation in this will not be known by the outsiders. If you can put Guanyin here, then you can escape, and you will not be promoted.

Long Pinxuan followed the little white snake, while looking at Sun Wukong, "Teacher Sun, is you a Guanyin Bodhisattva, is there a win?"

Sun Wukong brow wrinkled, "Not saying that Guanyin Bodhisattva is a Buddha, in a fruit, the key is the Level 16 of Guanyin Bodhisattva may be a 16th bodhisattva, but I am just a 15th large Luo Jinxian strength, if I promoted to Level 16 Lu Luo Jinxian, then add my energy, there should be no problem. Now the probability is also a flat hand. "