I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 119 in the Monster College.

Longpin Xuan nodded, "Since this is the case, then Teacher Sun will save Xu Shilin, oh, it is the last teenager who comes to the meal when you get off."

Sun Wukong thought that there is a born in the body, "Is him? You can rest assured, even if others don't save, he, I will definitely save!"

Longpin Xuan listened to Sun Wukong, and the heart was loose.

One person and a monkey quickly came to the battle field here.

I saw that Bai Suzhen has changed from the original shape, and a huge white dragon circles is in front of the Guanyin's Guanyin.

However, Guanyin handed a net bottle, and another hand took out the willow from the net bottle, and began to pump Bai Suzhen's body.

"But a small Xianjun, dare to shoot me, it seems that it is really not to die in the Yellow River. Unfortunately, you must die today!"

Guanyin originally wants to catch Xu Shilin's looks, but now, since the battle, it is ruined.

The task before Guanyin is also destroyed here.

"Hey! Eat the old grandson!"

Sun Wukong saw that Liu Zhi pumped into Bai Suzhi body, the golden hoop picks it, directly put the Liuzhi in Guanyin.

In terms of reason, if there is a branch of Guanyin in front of him, then the net bottle and wicker in her hands should be bordered or obedient.

However, this wicker can be flying, naturally, this net bottle and wicker are true, that is, this Guanyin in front of it is also true.

Sun Wukong and Longpin Xuan are nervously look at the momentum of Guanyin.

If it is really a real body in front of Guanyin, then it is not good.

After Bai Suzhen's body, it was Xu Xian and was held in his arms in his arms.

Xu Shilin's entire person has fallen into a coma, I don't know what happened before.

Guanyin looks at the wicker in his hand, it is not anxious, but looks to Long Pu Xuan and Sun Wukong.

"Sun Wukong, why don't you go to Xiotian with Tang Yan? Remember that I have said to you, your fate is to worship a master, and escort him to the West day to learn. How to get the West Lake Academy!"

Sun Wukong did not have 500 years ago, the mary is like, and the whole person has learned a lot of etiquette and common sense, and the temperament does not lose to Guanyin.

"All said that the Buddha is sentient, but now you are not coming to the Buddha, it is already demon, this big holy, will never be with such a magic!"

Guanyin squatted, "Is it? But you know? Just because you don't go to the West, you will lead to the Hangzhou and West Lake Academy have so many people and monsters because you die."

Chapter 170 moves away

Sun Wukong was slightly smashed, and he didn't talk, but Dragon Quan Xuan is open.

"Is it? What kind of labor is going to learn the way? Isn't you engage in the causality you come out? I have a face saying that others. If Mr. Sun is because of the cause, you will not come to kill it!"

"Don't I say, just because my own purpose is not reached, I will come to the big kill, which is the Buddha world in Xi Tian! It's really open!"

Longpin Xuan ridiculously said that the looks of the looks of the looks, it is to let Guanyin's eyes narrow.

Guanyin naturally saw that Long Pin Xuan's current repair, although it is much stronger than before, but in general, it is not strong.

"You are the Dean of the West Lake Academy Long Pu Xuan? If it is a big energy, then take your hand, let me see the ancient power!"

Guanyin snorted, and the net bottle in hand floated towards the air.

The strong energy of the net bottle has a strong energy in the mouth, and it is even a small energy ball in the bottle mouth, and it hits the Dragon Pin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan's face is ugly, and the flying in the brain counts what should I do next.

To be honest, he has improved his strength as much as possible.

If Xu Shilin is a short time in this short time because of the reincarnation of the rebirth, then he is not very old. In this short time, it is also flying into a fairy, his qualifications are also very All right.

But the old man did not give him too much time.

Looking at the increasing energy ball, Longpin Xuan's heart rose a desperate, is he going to pay here?

I saw that Sun Wukong, who was wearing a western Lake Academy, gently in front of Longpin Xuan, and his hands and gold hoops were fast, and they went to the energy.

I saw that the energy ball that exuded the horror atmosphere was like a trajectory that was smashed by a stick, and turned out to the sky.

Just listening to a huge sound, the energy ball was blown up on the sky, and there was a lot of patches on the top of the sky.

But with the operation of the sky, these cracks quickly repaired.

Sun Wuki knows the terrible of this energy ball, he will not wait for Guanyin once again launch a such energy ball again, and quickly hold the golden holes, and go to Guanyin.

Longpin Xuan Lei quickly reached out to the tired Bai Suzhen body, helping her to resume human form, "Fast! Let me go!"

When I came, Long Pu Xuan was so good that Sun Wukong said that she was in the side of the Guanyin, and Long Pin Xuan immediately leaving people.

Just, the energy ball is too horrible, leading to Long Pin Xuan to have doubts about whether Sun Wukong can resist, which will rise to despair.

However, when he saw Sun Wukong to fly such an energy ball, that is, Sun Wukong was so weak than Dragon Pin Xuan, he can rest assured.

Other places, Sun Wukong's change is divided into the boss of Guanyin Bodhisattva, many of the students and the people are saved.

Longpin Xuan quickly took Bai Suzhen, Xu Xian and Xu Shilin, directly to the West Lake, he stood in the West Lake, said in the West Lake, "Hey, I will wait for me, if you see other students, inform them all here. !I'll be right back!"

After that, Long Pinxuan wondered, the water in the West Lake broke a road, he quickly rushed in.

After Longpin Xuan entered the bottom of the West Lake, he quickly went to the back garden of the college.

He directly puts the space with the work, and the three secrets have received the system.

Then Longpin Xuan let the five ghosts inside the college, with the boss to hide in the dark, and they will guide those people and the students to come to the West Lake.

Longpin Xuan stood at the gate of the West Lake Academy, looking at the four big characters of the "West Lake Academy" engraved in the door, some sigh.

He began to fly quickly.

This is the unique dragon palace of the dragon.

Because the Dragon Palace can have the functions of mobile storage when they are built, but they need to pay a small price.

Longpin Xuan is directly sacrificed the feature, as long as this dragon palace can be moved, then everything is good.

In fact, the general Dragon King is in selecting the properties of the Dragon Palace, and there are very few Dragon Kings will choose the function of moving. It is usually the choice of storage capabilities, which can accommodate many subordinates in the Dragon Palace.

But so that the Dragon Palace will become very large if it narrows the restrictions of the relocation.

Long Puxuan sacrificed the function of storage, not to refer to the items inside the Dragon Palace not to accommodate, but not to accommodate live in the Dragon Palace.

This is also the reason why Long Pinxuan should bring out the rear garden and the secret.

It is possible to know that the flower herbal medicines in the placement space can be live.

Longpin Xuan has made a form of the West Lake Academy into a Dragon Palace, even if it is running, he will not have a rest and sleep.

Longpin Xuan came up from the bottom of West Lake. It was a more and more people and monsters to lead the West Lake under the leadership and guidance of five ghosts and students.

Longpin Xuan is busy picking the stone door of the 2nd grade proud road tower.

Now that you have come to such a situation, Long Pinxuan is also the rule of the proud channel tower secret him.

"Everyone queues into the Wu Dao Tao, I will take you out!"

Longpin Xuan promised the road, and quickly opened the proud road tower to let all people entered the provenapa.

After the five ghosts finished the mission of Dragon Pin Xuan gave him, they also entered the Tower of the Tower.

Hangzhou has a lot of people, and the cultivator and monsters have not evacuated.

But Longpin Xuan saw that true, basic participants in the inner courtyards have blocked many Guanyin, let the partners behind the prognosis tower.

"Quickly enter the tower, staying in Qingshan is not afraid of firewood!"

Longpin Xuan rushed to shout, many inner courts of the school, rushed to Long Pu Xuan, laughed, and then broke out his most powerful skills again, and then fly quickly to withdraw.

When the Guanyin wanted to chase, Sun Wukong's branch was too.

Time has not yet been too late, Long Pin Xuan can see it clearly, he has come to the direction, the weather in the weather is shocked, and now it has slowed down.

After the Long Pin Xuanjian, all people entered the Tao Tower. He instantly took these customers in the secret of Wu Dao Tower, all sent into the system.

Wu Dao Tower can be loaded with more people, but this is not casual!

Chapter 171 Culprins

Wu Dao Tower is divided into many layers, and the time level and energy concentration of each layer are different.

Different strength can withstand different levels of pressure.

However, after entering the secret of Wu Dao Tower, it is actually an enlightened road tower immediately, but it will appear in a hill, and this small tower will appear in the center of the hill.

Now, the top of this enlightener tower is on the top of the tower, or standing or sitting, crowded with people.

Many people's body is bloody, there are many people who are helping to dress up and treat.

It can be seen from which many monsters who are planting are doing treatment.

The cultivator of many battle lines is also good, the monsters are good, and all the body is a wound. Some people have lack of arms, but most are still good.

Many people are helping these to block Guanyin in the first line, saving their cultivator and monsters.

There are also the people who have the head of each other.

"What a shit! Oh is not the teacher of the college!"

"Right, it should be the bodhisattva!"