I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 120th of the Dean in the Monster College.

"I look at it clear, that is to take a net bottle! It should be Guanyin Bodhisattva!"

"What Dog Guanyin Bodhisattva!"

"I still sleep at home. If I don't have the green children in my home, I will escape, I am estimated that I can't wait for the rescue of the adults."

"Green? How is your home? Is it hurt? I have medicine here ..."

"Hey ... Green ... ... Green For me, I was killed by the devil ... ... my green ..."

The people took a blue-green rattan from arms, and there were also strong demon spirits, and there was no complete spread.

"Quick, give it to me, your green is still dead!"

Xu Xian took Xu Shilin to put it flat, Bai Suzhen was sitting around Xu Shilin.

And Xu Xian is coming to the mountain to turn a turn, see if there is any need to help, his medical skill can also be used.

When he saw the blue-green rattan that the people took out, immediately rushed over.

The people saw Xu Xian, and the blue-green vine in the hand was in the hands. When the tears came, I was so eager to ask, "Xu Xianner, you said green, there is a saving? You take it, save her ! "

Xu Xian carefully took the green vine with this people to go to Wu Dao Tower.

He directly pushed the door of Wu Dao Tower, after walking, planting the green rattan in a soil in the first floor of Wu Dao Tower.

That green vine is buried in the soil, and the roots begin to gradually take energy, and the branches are gradually thicker, and they have begun to recover a little spirit.

The people naturally cannot enter the Wu Dao Tower, but he stood outside the tower, stretching the neck to see it, see the change of the green rattan, and the face naturally exposed the look.

In the hearts of these people, the monsters and practitioners who live with them are now, they have become their kinds and relatives, and many people are also saved by their own life.

"What should I do now? President will not ..."

"Will n't, the dean is so powerful, it will be able to defeat the Guanyin Bodhisattva!"

"It is no wonder that I haven't so much better than the Buddha. The original Guanyin Bodhisattva is the devil who is indispensable! I worship him? Hey!"

"Just, even our ordinary people don't let go!"

"I still have some relatives in the eastern part of Hangcheng, I don't know what results will there be?"

"Hey, the festival, I heard that it is survived to the West Lake, the other all ..."

Strict political and dragons are the most serious, because they are strong, naturally bear the main combat mission.

After two people changing, they slowly opened their eyes. I saw that the opponent's eyes were full, fortunately, I was alive.

Some other injuries are not too heavy monsters and cultivators. After the interest rate, they have entered the Tao Tower cultivation. After this battle, they knew that their strength could not be seen in front of the strong, and also Unable to protect people you want to protect.

Therefore, enhance strength has become the goal of all of them.

Some ordinary people who do not have the opportunity to cultivate, have also begun to ask the students and teachers to ask.

Five ghosts in Wu Dao Tower, naturally transferred the meaning of Longpin Xuan.

Now Wu Dao Tower is open to all of them, as long as you get the pressure in it, just to improve your strength!

The little ghost also brought a lot of food. It is enough for these people to eat a while, and as long as Long Pin Xuan won the victory, or escape, they can find a place to start.

Dominant Tower is in the secret situation, Long Pinxuan doesn't have time to do it again, and now he has to face the black robes.

Sun Wukong kept pulling his own brain spoon to stabilize his branching quantity and guanyin's branching, his body and Guanyin's bodyburned the body, the flag is quite, it is not easy to divide the win.

But Guanyin is not a person.

There was also a batch of people who worked in Hangzhou before.

One of them took off her hat and showed the true capacity and smiled and looked at Longpin Xuan.

"Since your West Lake Academy has been strict, I want to put you a pot, but unfortunately I didn't find the way to enter the college, plus so much can and the gods, if there is no Bodhisattva, I really want us, it is also disappointed. Return. "

Longpin Xuan's eyes flash, the Wenchang sent incident in the world is also what they do.

In this way, Wen Chang Emperor is what they do?

This is a big thing!

Longpin Xuan thought of Xu Shilin, who was received by him, stratented in his heart, began to find breakthrough files.

He snorted, "Yes, now your Bodhisattva is blocked by our teachers, I will rely on you, why?"

The headed black robe said, "If we are before, we are not sure about your repair, naturally, it is not dare, but now ... ..."

What he said let Long Pu Xuan's heart suddenly, is it to say that your true strength is broken?

However, he is now the strength of the immortal level, nor is it afraid of them.

"Before your student fights outside, I haven't seen you to help, that is dead, oh, there is Sun Wukong, a person deals with Guanyin Bodhisattva, don't look at him now, but actually being pressed by our Bodhisattva hit."

"If you really can play, I will go to help, I will stand here and we are ? It can be seen that your strength is not as passing, or the actual strength, even the realm of showing is not achieved? "

The headed black robe stared at Longpin Xuan, hoping from what was seen from his face.

Chapter 172 Breaks Spinvice

The black robe doesn't want to immediately give Longpin Xuan, but they are also awkward.

After all, the black robe said, it is also their own guess. If Long Pu Xuan's strength is really high, just because some reasons can not be shot, they will force him to shoot, things are not wonderful.

So the talents of the black robe will launch an attack in the first time, but with Long Pin Xuan, I want to try him.

How does Longpin Xuan will easily release the flaw, to know that when he is from strength or a big demon, he will flicker the cultivator and monster of the baby period. It is just a little pleasant method. How can he wave? Uncomfortable faces up!

"Yes? Then do you want to try it?"

Longpin Xuan looked at him bluntly, then continued, "For example, you can use your cross-school, spoys, to deal with me, because I don't know if it is true, the probability will use the fifth style, but in the palm of the palm When you follow, you are eager to seek, "

"In order to quickly achieve it quickly, I walked, I added it to cultivate it on the arm, it is, it is with some sandbags or iron blocks, although adding the power of the palm, it is abandoned. The essence in this palm. "

"So, I just need to force the left heart of your palm, immediately break your trick."

Long Pu Xuan's long-standing language said, directly let the black robe people are in place.

I don't say that Long Pin Xuan has a diploma of his cultivation, and Long Pin Xuan said that the problem in his cultivation, he has already surprised him.

It is necessary to know that he has not taken out the hat in the black robes, and the other party does not know, it is actually able to say that he cultivated the palm and cultural problems, and directly gives a crack. the way.

This is not a common man to do it.

But the black robe is not believed.

"Hey, with your speech, but not guilty!"

Said, the black robes are playing towards Longpin Xuan, "Then you broke down to see my tricks!"

It is a palm, in fact, this palm has a different two palm, whether it is hiding to the left, it will get in touch to the palm, and the palm of the happiness is very fierce, once exposed, unless hard Fighting, the strength of itself is too too much, or it will inevitably be injured.

Moreover, the degree of injury should also look at the strength, it is necessary to be slightly weak, it is not a little injury, and may even be killed.

So this trick will become a source of around.

This trick can be considered a big palm of the pineh, if you don't know the strength of the other party, then use this trick at least a little power, dealing with some hidden strength, this trick is well use.

Therefore, the black robe sways to play his own trick. He didn't believe that Longpin Xuan only could break this trick, the result will be a little power.

As long as the strength of Long Pu Xuan is not as good as they think is the strength of the ancient ancient age, then this time, Long Pinxuan can't run, don't say Sun Wukong, even those people who have received dragon products. They can't run away.

They pursued from the distance, starting from the master's master, they got out of Guanyin, they naturally hide, and then chased the people who fled, and naturally saw Long Pin Xuan's secrets, and fascinated. A scene.

But under the smock of the sky, it is impossible to transfer it, so they guess this is a treasure that can accommodate the soul.

If you can get rid of Longpin Xuan, they will set up the power of everyone to deal with Sun Wukong. In other words, you can also give this destruction of Hangzhou and the West Lake Academy to give Sun Wukong.

For example, after Sun King, after the sky, the sky is still in the Hangzhou, and the West Lake Academy is destroyed, and the heart of the madness is mad, and it will lead to the world's master, this is a success.

This is also the reason why Guanyin is in the wind and does not desperately kill monkeys.

One is because Sun Wukong is born in the world, but is a monkey, not so good, to the end, if you fight, it may miss a lot of good opportunities.

And the second stop is the reason for the pan, the West Lake Academy is now shocked by the world, and is deeply loved by the people. If there is no reason, it will definitely be deep, after all, this is also a great merit.

And once the Hangzhou people have lived, it is the Buddha, so things are big.

If the pot is given to Sun Wukong, then there is something to say, because he will be 72 change, he has become a Guanyin Bodhisattva and then makes a big mistake.

After that, Guanyin had a war with Sun Wukong, and finally reboots, it is a great merit.

This reason, I have already discussed it before the start of this battle.

So they just took Sun Wukong in the college, Erlang Zhenjun and Tai Shang Lu are not coming, and this covertant calendar does not let the people of Hangzhou out of the city, there is also a function.

Covered the sky, covering the sky, nature is covering the sky.

Many fairy will fortune, count the cause of a thing.

But there is this shocking big array, this is not out of the consequences, naturally no one knows this truth.

The black robe is proud of his heart, the palm of the hand is two floors.

Longpin Xuan's face is so often, and a folding fan in his hand suddenly appears, and the body will rush forward.

The breeze came, the figure was sudden.

The folding fan passed through the winds between two palm, and the left and southwest left Hexin Xuan points were slammed down under the left and right palm.

Two Dragon Forces suddenly integrated into these two palms along this left.