I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the Dean 121 in the Monsters College.

I saw the palm of the palm, and there was no pause in the middle of the way.

However, the dragon product is incomprehensible, and it is straightforward, just like not seeing these two palm.

But when the two palm is close to the shoulders of Long Pin Xuan, it is empty in the air.

The two dragons that Longpin Xuan's entry have emerged in the air, like absorbing these two palm, but rushing to the black robe.

The black robes are shocked and retreat and raise their hands.

He saw these two dragon power to turn to the sky, destroying two energy.

Before you can't repair itself before the sky, the black robes just looked at it, but they didn't have two energy, but they will fix it for a while.

Just, he looked at Long Pin Xuan's eyes but hesitated in the horror.

Dragon Pinxuan said before, he saw the two points in left heart, and then broke his pinchesun.

Does he really have an ancient?

How is it good?

Chapter 173 Timely branches

Just then, Guanyin spoke.

His branching has a man, with Sun Wukong's division, the energy is flying, but there is still a situation to observe the situation here.

"The dean is strong in teaching, your cultivation is naturally obvious in his eyes, but if he is strong, it will not go to this point, and quickly kill him, killing those people who have received by him, act as planned ! "

In the voice of Guanyin, I was solemn, and the words that said it didn't care, and one of the most feared things that Longpin Xuanxin was despite.

In fact, I really want to fight, and Long Pu Xuan is 100% grasped the black robes in front of it.

But in front of him, there is only one black robe, there is a hundred more, and there is a harder, it is the person who is destroyed by Chang Zi, that is, hundreds of people at least. The power of the person.

Longpin Xuan is finally smirk, he knows, now only desperate, his strength will be exposed sooner or later, but he did not expect to expose so fast. Guanyin is worthy of Guanyin. It seems that the suppression of Sun Wukong is not a Guanyin to solve the Sun Wukong, or the Guanyin at that time is not a bit. After 500 years, Guanyin has the strength of Sun Wukong.

Longpin Xuan's original golden robe started to change, turned into a set of golden armor.

This golden robe is the fade of his blood after his blood, and the scales on the skin are not unplugged, and the direct refining has made a mood.

There is still a form of this leg, that is the battle armor.

Long Pin Xuan took out his peerless sword he got from Jianzheng, pointing to the black robe, the face is still light, "Is it? Do you want to try it! I don't shoot because I believe Sun Teacher, he will win You will lose this time! "

The black robes have hesitated, although Guanyin Bodhisattva is very right, but look at Long Pin Xuan, it is not as strong as strength.

Especially the armor on him, the black robe can feel that the blood in his body is shaking, not excited is fear, his blood in his body is facing the full body armor's Longpin Xuan scattered awe and fear.

That is to say that the other's blood concentration is higher than yourself.

Guanyin saw that the black robes were not going to, "how, can't still go? You don't forget who you are now, don't forget your people!"

The black robe is a glimpse, and the horse will play a strong killing, "death!"

After the dragon product changed the armor form, the horse felt that the opponent's blood, his eyes flashed, the long sword in his hand did not hesitate to talked to the other side, "as a person of the dragon, this is the world of the world Look at your blood, the status of the family should be nor low, even if the Buddha of the devil is, I am really sad! Such a person of the dragon, should not survive in this world. On! Let me clean up the portal! "

The murder of the black robe did not decrease, and the white light was blown out, the long gun shake, no longer used the palm, but took out his strongest gun.

That shot, like a white long dragon entanglement in the gun, and slammed to Longpin Xuan.

Longjutux originally tatched the long sword is a sudden change, and a shadow flashed a blurred shadow, the long sword is like a rain, surrounding the long gun point.

The black robe only felt that the long gun in his hand was brought by a heavy blow, and his hand couldn't help.

At this moment, the gun head of the white dragon is instantified into a powder dissipated in the air.

The whole gun is only half.

"Tour Dragon and thousands of dragons! Who are you?" The black robe saw the body law and combat form of Longpin Xuan, shocking could not help but drink, "This is the heritage of the dragon king! And Dragon King! All

Longpin Xuan snorted, did not answer, the long sword in his hand continued to come to the black robe.

The black robes have burst, and they directly threw away the long guns in their hands. The palms were played again, and they raised them again.

At this time, the few people next to them are also bulky, they will not pay attention to the singles.

Long Qixuan's hands and long swords, blocking the attack behind, the body turned, the sword tip will go down, from the bottom, a sword is sprayed, and it is rushing up. On one person, he took him directly into two halves.

Long Pin Xuan, the longjian flying in the air, the number of "" blocked the weapons around.

Longpin Xuan's foot steps, a Xiangyun appeared directly in the foot, the whole person rushed to the sky, and the long swords in his hands went to the black robe.

Since it is desirable, then you must zoom in.

Longpin Xuan released all the best in the body to release it.


Huge sound and dust directly buried a black robe.

The hundreds of swords in the hundred swords are struggling to the black robe people.

The black robes are not so simple, they will fly into the air like Dragon Pin Xuan.

At this time, there is a lot of branches on the ground, and they directly pull their feet.

The black robes and others immediately cut off those branches with weapons, and they can be lost.

The hundreds of swords in the hundred swords directly broke their body.

The hundred people have been directly lost in this trick, and the left is also hurt.

Longpin Xuan stepped on Xiang Yun, but went to the air of the sky.

The black robes see the action of Longpin Xuan, go to the sky, drink big, "Don't want to go!"

At this time, the branches on the ground come again, bundle of those black robes and other remaining people who want to fly to the sky.

The black robe is angry, the body is out of the body, and the branches of the bundles of the branches are shocked. However, when it is going to fly, those branches are not disappeared.

"Others find this person!"

The black robe took out a long gun from his own storage space, but this time the quality of the long gun was obviously not more than before.

He began to fly with a long gun to open the branches on other people, let them get away from people who control these branches.

Long Pu Xuan inside this time, the long sword in his hand stabbed in several nodes in the sky.

He remains the 2nd Year of the Dragon, can't waste!

A shadow finally was found by the black robe. I saw him long-term white hair. He stepped on the long sword to avoid it in the air. "Haha" laughed in the mouth.

"You are all over! Let me chase me! So many people are not old, really useless! The strength is long in the dog! Hahahaha!"

Chapter 174 self-explosion

The old man stepped on the flying sword, the body is very flexible, holding a gourd in his hand, and the other hand is in touch, the continuous green energy is sprayed from the mouth of the gourd.

When the green energy is ejected, the ground will grow a constant branch, and the people who chase him and the black robes will be tied again.

This skill does not have an attack ability, but the delay time is top.

"Dean, there is a old man, you can rest assured that the sky is broken, remember to be strictly left, all of our Wenchang sent all the hopes!"

The old man shouted with Long Pin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan's eyesight aimed at the situation in the field, seeing the old man, could not help but feel slightly.

That is the life of the Wenchang School, Jia Xifei!

Before Jia Xifei left the West Lake College, he did not leave Hangzhou. Only when he strictly strictly goes out to make a task, he will secretly follow it, protect it, and do it at other times.

If you really want to revitalize Wenchang School, it is only strictly strict, only strict political strength reaches a certain height, naturally you can contact the upper bound, and then revive the Wenchang School.

Now, it is the best period of Jia Xifei, he only needs to drag these people, the dean will definitely break the sky.

Longpin Xuan turned back to the eyes, the long sword in his hand kept to the crackdown.

His guided surgery is really a good place, the system, and the boutique cannot be boutique.

In guiding skills, this covered sky can't be considered a big array, but a living creature, because in the cover of the sky, it has formed alert, so you will repair itself.

Guanyin is not easy to make such a cover, but this is a flaw in the eyes of Longpin Xuan.

He destroyed, and even a lot of time to fix it.

However, under his continuous destruction, the debug is not fixed at all.

Just give him no more than two minutes, this sky is definitely broken!

Originally Longpin Xuan can also release the students of the inner court to resist, they go to break, but most of the students have been injured, especially if there is a fairy strength, the injury is more serious, really wants to fight, may only Death to drag their pace.

If you want to use the blood of the children to escape, Long Pu Xuan has self-can't do this.

In particular, Jia Xushen after giving him the sound of the sound, saying that he can drag these people, which will let Long Pin Xuan have determined that all the students will enter the Tao Tower.

Sometimes, with Xiaobo, the sacrifice is inevitable.

But let Long Pu Xuan choose, he will definitely choose to sacrifice small people.

He looked at Jia Xu Wen, must stick to it, only two minutes!

Longjian's long sword is faster!