I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Dean 122 in the Monsters College.

However, at this time, Sun Wukong's body fiercely slammed by Guanyin.

Guanyin naturally saw the situation here, and the cold "waste!"

Subsequently, he poured a pill in his mouth, then broke out a powerful breath, and he took Sun Wukong to fly.

Guanyin does not want to eat this pill, after all, this pill is really capable of explosing power in a period of time, but there will be a weak period, and this virtual period is not short, and there is ten years.

But seeing Longpin Xuan is changing the sky, and it seems that it will be a lot of success soon, which makes Guanyin are a bit anxious. If the Dragon product is running, then their plan will be full of soup.

If Longpin Xuan is a person who escaped, they can also put dirty water to Longpin Xuan, saying that he established a college to establish a pendhy peace, just have a bureau, attracting people, then attracting it.

However, Longpuixuan is not only a person who fled, he also took a small and half of the people in Hangzhou and his students. If they really let them escape, then they are not wonderful.

After Sun Wuki was flying, he suddenly burst into a sudden, all of them suddenly fried, and they also bled their Guanyin.

Sun Wukong fell on the flying peak, hit a lot of deep pit on the summit.

He shook his head and wiped his blood, and turned it out of his head. He stepped on the clouds. He flew to Longpin Xuan's face. Looking at the same stepping on the Guanyin, rushing She has a teeth.

The blood staining on the teeth, let Sun Wukong now look deep into the hearts of people.

This is Qi Tian Dasheng, in order to protect the people and justice, he is eligible to Tian Qi.

Guanyin was cold and glanced at Sun Wukong. The net bottle in his hand suddenly aligned Long Pin Xuan, and the mouth was speaking.

Sun Wu has grilled his eyes, and the golden holes in his hand tight. He slammed to Guanyin. The target is Herbits in his hand.

They have seen the energy that the net bottle broke out, never let Guanyin make it.

At this time, several branches slammed the clouds at Guanyin's feet, directly entangled in the net bottle in her hand, and slammed into the ground.

"Pretty!" Sun Wukong saw this scene, his face immediately showed a smile, reaching For more than a thumb to Jia Xifei.

This natural is Ju Xifei.

However, he spurt all the energy to win the bottle, which caused the black robes and others, no one blocked.

They instantly on Jia Xufei, and the weapons in their hands went to him.

How to fly in Jiaxu's feet, how to fly quickly, without branches, while controlling their actions, naturally it is impossible to completely hide all of their people's attacks.

"" "The few soldiers cut in Jia Xufei, cut him into a bloody person.

"Hahahaha, you are all over! Come! Come to cut your grandfather! The net bottle in Guanyin can be made by me, I am afraid of you!"

Jia Xifei pulled the net bottle to his body, he forcibly hugged the net bottle, and then urged the gourd again. ,

However, the black robe people are also close to Jia Xifei, and the weapons in the hands are cut with him.

Jia Xu fooled looked at Longpin Xuan in the sky. "Polian, Wenchangpai rely on you!"

The green energy in the gourd appeared again. Those branches were not bundled to the surroundings, but formed a big net around these people, covering all of them, including Jia Xifei and his arms Net bottle.

Jia Xifei's body suddenly rose, "In the world, I am also a Wenchang School! Guanyin, these Buddhas and Bodhisattva will go to hell, don't die! Hahahaha!"

With Jia Xufei's mad sound, a huge explosion came from the round ball wrapped by the branches.

Jia Xufei arrived!

Chapter 175 Escape


The huge sound shocks the entire land of Hangzhou shakes.

The ground is directly blown out of huge pothole, and the infinite spiritual plug is mixed with the branches and the split body.

The broken bones and clothing that were directly destroyed by spiritual power were blown up.

Those tree branches are obviously not everything.

In this center, it is vaguely visible to a net bottle and a broken gourd.

Jia Xifei did not fly in this time, but the rich aura in Hangzhou made him also reached a larger stage, a big master's self-explosion, and the power of the produced is enough to kill those black rovers.

Although Guanyin's net bottle is a heaven and earth, it has some damage under the self-explosion of the Maharae.

Sun Wukong saw Jia Xuwen self-explosion, brows, but the figure was not stopped.

Because Jia Xuwen robbed the net bottle and wrapped the black robe and then self-explosion, a series of things, directly blocking the Guanyin several seconds.

But the net bottle is definitely not so easy to be blown up, Sun Wukong gold hoop, so that the hard bottle of the bombing center.

Sun Wukong's eyes were very clear. It was very clear that there was not much damage to this net bottle, just a bottle of the bottle was blown up.

But with Jia Xufei's self-explosion, it is a chance to break the net bottle of Sun Wukong.

Guanyin first became a net bottle who was robbed by the branches. After all, this time was very good, it was in the moment he throws up the net bottle to show the spell.

Then it is self-burst, and the hot waves of the self-explosion block the sight of Guanyin.

When he waved his sleeves to disperse the smoke, he saw that Sun Wukong, a stick to the net bottle.

"Slogon, Rare!"

Guanyin is angry and drinking. It is necessary to catch Sun Wukong, but he suddenly remembered the head of Longpin Xuan, who was bucking the sky, stretched out, but turned to Longpin Xuan.

Since it is necessary to catch Sun Wukong, it is not as good as it is, it is better to grasp the dean, and maybe it can also save Zhao, let Sun Wukong gives up the bottle.

At this time, hundreds of spots on the sky, suddenly lit up, and a bit of a spot is even connected to the sky.

Longpin Xuan suddenly "haha" laughed, seeing Guanyin, "Unfortunately, your heart is going to pay the east!"

Guanyin snorted, the speed of reaching out is not reduced.

Sun Wukong has now smashed the net bottle and looked up and saw the movement of Guanyin. He burst into the sound.

At the time of Guanyin's hand, when the Dragon Pin Xuan did three feet, the clouds on the top of Longpin Xuan suddenly reversed, a new method suddenly appeared in front of Longpin Xuan, actually put Guanyin Directly enveloped.

Longpin Xuan immediately broke the hundred meters, shouted in Sun Wukong, "Teacher Sun, go!"

Sun Wukong saw Guanyin trapped, and his face was revealed. He turned to Longpin Xuan. He reached the arm of Long Pin Xuan, and he went to the distance.

"Hahahaha! Guanyin you become the Buddha's Buddha, waiting for the revenge of the old Sun!"

Sun Wukong arrogant is far away, and trapped in Guanyin faces in the big array.

Why didn't he think that Long Pinxuan will use the cover of the sky and trapped himself.

In fact, this covert in the eyes of Long Pin Xuan's eyes, he really wants to take it at all, if he is used for so long, it is to change the shape and control of this cover.

Because it is broken, there is Guanyin, he and Sun Wukong want to escape, and it is also difficult.

Only when you seize the control of this covered sky, then make up a few vulnerabilities, strong enough to trap your Guanyin, then they will have the opportunity to escape!

And Longpin Xuan stands there, waiting for Guanyin to catch him, naturally the distance from Guanyin enters the sky calendar, if the distance is too far, he has not come to the big array, Guanyin may run, His now is unobeding, it is impossible to trap the Buddha who is alert.

So this opportunity is only once, and you will not succeed.

Longpin Xuan's opportunity is very good, Guanyin success is trapped!

Sun Wukong pulled Longpin Xuan's arm, racing in the air, and the mouth of the mouth exudes the blood, "Dean, where are we going now?"

Longpin Xuan is slightly sick, "the West is the land of the Buddha, goes to the east, there are many islands there, you can hide, then let me think about it."

Sun Wuki nodded, with Longpin Xuan to the East Sea.

Long Pu Xuan is now looking at the next task situation in the brain.

The system tasks in his brain have been obviously completed. Long Pin Xuan picked up a panic mood, before face to Guanyin, the second desperation, and in despair, I can't help but emerge in his brain. .

After two life and death, the expression on the face of Longpin Xuan is even more decent. In this case, he can keep the state of "normal", it is really not easy.

Sometimes it is put it down, but it is installed in a lifetime, then you will look like this.

Longpin Xuan deeply took a breath, "collect rewards!"

After the secret is received, it is naturally stored in the system. When the Long Pin Xuan needs to use, it can set the coordinates, release it.

But hidden surgery is not.

Longpin Xuan only felt that his head was hit behind, and then fainted directly.

Sun Wukong suddenly felt that the hand was sinking, and the next consciousness went to Longpin Xuan, but this look, but he made his eyes.

I saw that Long Puxuan's weekend suddenly had several stars, and his head was rotated, and the transferred flying formed a nebula, and then did not disappear in his mind.

Not long, Long Pinxuan woke up.

He found that he was in a cave, Sun Wukong squatted next to him, a pair of eyes stared at him, like something rare.

"Dean, you ..." Sun Wukong wants to ask Long Pin Xuan, what he is something, but read Longpin Xuan's current identity, he really can't say it.

Longpin Xuan is smiling, reaching a hand, grabbing the wrist of Sun Wukong, "We can't escape, will be discovered!"

After that, he directly launched a new test method and hiding!

All the breath of Longpin Xuan and Sun Wukong did not see it in a moment. Because it was hand-held, it can also see each other, but Sun Wukong discovered, or Long Pin Xuan sculled him, he simply I don't feel this person in front of it.

Chapter 176 National cultivation

The key is that Sun Wukong seems to feel his existence.

This is really strange!