I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Dean 123 in the Monsters College.

Longpin Xuan smiled, suddenly reached out in his own eyebrow, then a huge college appeared in half empty, he looked into the entrance of the college, then sit on the cultivation plaza, his own breath is wrapped throughout College.

The college is refining according to the Dragon Palace, and Longpin Xuan is directly controlled.

When he connects his own breath in the college, the whole college is like the air disappeared in the air.

At this time, Longpin Xuan released the wrist of Sun Wukong, "Ok, in the college, they can't find us, I am buried in the East Sea now, so others can't find us!"

Sun Wuki glanced at his eyes and looked at himself. Looking at Long Pin Xuan, he looked at the college around.

He reached his finger and finished the ground, refers to Long Pin Xuan, and then refers to himself, it is a bit incredible, but he thought of the previous scene, Long Pinxuan grabbed his wrist, he did not feel the dragon product. The existence of Xuan, and even you don't feel yourself.

Do you say that the entire college is out of this state?

"No, before our breath stay here, you can't stay in the East China Sea."

Longpin Xuan originally controlled the West Lake College I didn't enter the East Sea, and suddenly I thought of the movements they flew before they.

"But if you are here, where is it?"

Longpin Xuan began to think.

Suddenly, he looked at the long sword in his hand, and he thought of the black robe, his family.

Yes, Dragon!

Dragon lives is not a corner of the human world, but an additional space in the fairy and Buddhism, the dragon.

Because the dragon's body is huge, the dragon has a talent of the wind, if it is easy to cause a disaster in the world, so, in addition to some of the Tianstrong seals, the dragon is sealed as the dragon king, the other dragon people are in the dragon .

Those who are all versed dragons are usually the elders of the dragon or the children who have sent them to experience. The real dragon king is not possible to accept the balance.

Just like Long Pu Xuan's father, that is the real dragon king, just a dragon ball, now there is still a small part yet has not been converted, Long Pu Xuan can reach the way to the cactus, and after the truly transformation, it may be able to reach the fairy. Jun or even higher strength.

Of course, this is only the power stored in Dragon Ball. His father really powerful, Long Pinxuan did not know, he was born at that time, and there was no strength concept.

However, the dragon's dragon is a better place, where there is a dragon sea, many dragon's dragons like to build a dragon palace at the bottom of the Longhai.

Long Pu Xuan asks to find a corner to hide the college, then those fairy Buddhas don't want to find them easily!

Thinking of this, Longpin Xuan's eyes flashed, and immediately controlled the college to the dragon.

He has been driving, but he can't leave the college for half a step.

Longpin Xuan reappeared with the previous two secrets, including the placement of planting, all put it out.

The passage of Wu Dao Tower has been opened again, and Sun Wukong went in.

"Is Sun Teacher!"

Bai Suzhen did not enter the provenant tower cultivation, but in the outside, Xu Shilin outside, and saw that Sun Wukong came in from the entrance to the proud road tower, and served. "How? We win?"

Sun Wukong shook his head slightly, "Go out again."

Bai Suzhen nodded, and the participants organized all the people to go out of the Wu Dao Tao.

Fortunately, I was built in Longpin Xuan's construction college, and there were several teaching buildings in the college, and the dormitory building is empty. There are a lot of rooms. The people are crowded in the college or they can stay. of.

Plus food and vegetables planted in the back garden, they are hungry, but they can only be vegetarian.

However, there is a small ghost, the five-flowers of vegetarian dishes can also do the same as the leeks.

The people only feel that they are better than before, because it is too delicate.

Plus the college seems to be attacked, let them have their hearts.

Longpin Xuan stood above the cultivation square, and all people said the current situation, because the Bodhisattva has completed the devil, the big kills, the Hangzhou has become an empty city, and they need far away now, but he guaranteed, will Leading the students strive to cultivate, there is always one day.

The people have seen Guanyin to kill their loved ones, only the Xihu College and the cultivator of Hangcheng, monsters to protect them, now their home is destroyed, and a lot of people are crying. .

But the matter has been here, many bloody people have to practice, and then hit it back.

This time, Long Pinxuan directly released the principle of recruitment of the West Lake Academy. Now everyone in the West Lake Academy can become a student of the West Lake College, as long as the cultivation reaches a certain extent, it can be promoted to the students of the hospital.

There are also tens of thousands of people in the Western Lake Academy.

Regardless of men and women, whether humans or monsters, all enrollment into the West Lake Academy.

Next, they have to cultivate the whole people!

Longpin Xuan also emphasized that he can now hide only the city of Xihu College. Next, the college is closed. No people can leave the college without leaving him.

Only when those falling Buddhas are no longer looking for them, only when they have the strength of the resistance, then the West Lake Academy will unite!

West Lake Academy began to enter the model of cultivation, and all spells in cultivation.

Longpin Xuan has also opened a minimum of 9 levels.

This 9-level experience has 9 layers, every layer is a space, inside experience according to everyone's experience, may gain a strong inheritance, may get a powerful weapon, and there is always everything.

But the opportunity is also accompanied by risks. The risk level of different levels is different. Light may just receive a bad injury, do not say that the bones are not deprecated, maybe it is the soul.

And only after a certain strength is reached, it can enter the next layer.

However, with the opening of the secret secret, the power of the West Lake Academy has become more.

They have entered, no back, but desperately want to improve their strength, because they have a goal, hit back!

Of course, there is still reason, that is, there is a bad heart thinking. After the end of the experience, everyone will experience the mirror of the mirror, and then the people who have found it will be killed by Sun Wukong.

Chapter 177 Longhai Settlement

At the end of the West Sea, the huge schools who couldn't see it, flew to the end of the nodes in the end.

Longpin Xuan feels the orientation now through the same sensory with the entire college.

He stopped the college near the node, waiting quietly.

In January, a picture appeared near the node.

That is a fairy wearing a golden robes, and his head is a pair of dragon corners, and it should be a dragon.

However, there is no difference between the blood concentration, and there is no difference from human beings.

However, the key is that this dragon blood concentration in front is not very high, and it should be that the dragon is sent to do the task.

After such a dragon is sealed by the Tianstroom, it can also be a dragon king in all seasons in the world, and only the status is not so high, it is responsible for the wind and rainfall around.

After the Dragon is standing after the node, the face is a little hesitant, but then use his blood and starts opening the node.

If you are close to him, you can hear him on the opening node, while still muttering.

"I will know that those people are not reliable, saying that they are the elite disciples inherited by the dragon, and there is no longevity to give the book, and then there is no news, and I haven't been there. I heard that Hangzhou and Xihu College have an accident. Do you know if there is any relationship with the batch.

"If there is a relationship, it is bad!"

The dragon is still opening the node, and apologizes, "If it is really related, then there is a master, and there is no relationship with me!"

Longpin Xuan inside the West Lake College, heard this dragon person said, "" smiled, this dragon is still very interesting!

I saw that the node slowly opened in the hands of the dragon, showing a huge hole.

At the end of the West Sea, the entrance to the dragons is blocked, and it is the state of blocking. Unless otherwise, the talents in the dragon will enter and exit.

Once this entry is opened, it will last for at least half an hour, and the size of the inlet is not controlled, once opened, it is all open. And as long as there is a dragon industry into the dragon force in the dragon, this entrance can maintain an unanimous open state.

These are all the memories of Longpin Xuan, and the inheritance of the dragon is a very strange thing. If the vision reaches a certain realm, it will uncheck a shackles in the brain, and then obtain the next practice and some important Memory inheritance.

Long Pu Xuan waited for this dragon to go in, and also controlled the slow flying in the West Lake Academy.

The sky of the dragon, there is no difference between the world, but all the sea is the wind and rain, the rain is on the sea, and occasionally can see some people into and out of the sea, or a bar dragon into and out of the sea.

Everyone in the world has its own own sea area, and does not infringe each other.

However, here, the dragon and dragons can often see that the sea area of ​​each dragon is completely determined according to the strength of this dragon.

Longpin Xuan controls the Western Lake College to avoid these battles, now it is close to the entrance, here can be said to be the most chaotic city throughout the dragon.

Before the dragon people came into the entrance, they were seen by many dragons. They saw the entrance to the open, and the attention of one by one carefully carefully.

If it is not the Western Lake Academy, the West Lake Academy is not existed, it can be exploded by these dragons.

This is the entrance of the dragon!

Even if the entrance is all opened for half an hour, you don't have to panic in the enemy.

Because these dragons fight in the entrance, it is also the guardian of this entrance.

Naruto did not pay attention to these dragons, and directly went to the center of the dragon industry.

There is only one Long Island throughout the dragon industry, all of the four sides are sea, and only the blood of the blood can live in Long Island.

Long Island is floating on the sea. It is also a Dragon Palace, named Jold, which is used to locate the people who have made a big mistake, and these dragons have Dragon. Nice blood, for the continuation of the blood veins, Dragon's blood concentrations have reached a certain extent, this dragon can't be killed by the big mistake, can only be held in the prison.

The goal of Longpin Xuan is Job.

He wants to move the West Lake Academy to a place close to Jail.

Here, you can rarely be disturbed by some dragon people to compete for the land, save him always relocation.

There is also a very special reason, naturally the black robe.

He found that it was the merits of the dragon king before, and he can be seen that he is surprised by this dragon king.

But in the dragon circle, the dragon king lived on Long Island, including the one of his father, and a Dragon King.

So getting closer from the Dragon, the closer to Long Island naturally, saying that you can't listen to what.