I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Dean 124 in the Monster College.

The functions of this dragon people in front of the dragon people are still more obvious. Therefore, Long Pinxuan simply controls the West Lake Academy follows Nalan, and seeing his look should also go to Long Island.

After flying a few days, Long Pinxuan can see a huge floating island that floats in the air.

Dragon is stuttering in Long Island, shouting, "Yan Qing returned to the dragon industry, there is something to report!"

After a while, there was a co-winding dragon in Long Island, slowly opened his eyes, and looked at the dragon, and then closed his eyes.

This dragon person did not wait until any news, but see that the dragon is ignored, but it is loose tone, stepping on the Dragon Island.

Longpin Xuan did not control the West Lake Academy once again, he felt a sense of strong crisis, if you play back, once you exposed to Long Island, will definitely be discovered.

Longpin Xuan frowned and thought about it, or the West Lake Academy slowly sneaked into the vicinity of the sea.

Longhai is very large, the bottom is very deep, you can see a dragon palace every other distance, the better the position of the dragon sea, the more the dragon is changed, the Dragon Palace is more dense.

The overnight is very huge in the dragon sea, it is said to be built by a dragon's old ancestor.

Longpin Xuan surrounded by Hell, found a remote corner of no one, stabilized the West Lake Academy.

After that, they will take a break here.

Chapter 178

Many students in the West Lake Academy are constructed, they can't go out for a while, since this is the case, then practice the secret.

9 layers of practice is the world of nine hazardous levels, but when they encounter danger, they are also accompanied by opportunities, or how can they be called a secret, and the benefits are naturally very large.

Unlike the prior to the prior to the secret and Wukou Tower pure to add weapons and cultivation.

Three types of secrets complement each other, and a huge force can be pulled in a short time.

West Lake Academy is like a sleeping dragon, before the repair period, it is restored, and the strength is also growing during recovery.

Longpin Xuan also closed in his office.

He can't leave the West Lake Academy naturally not enter those secrets.

Longpin Xuan usually uses a lot of guidance surgery, but it is not in time, so the proficiency of guiding surgery is very high, but it has not reached a high degree.

It's new to get hidden, and I opened it directly at the moment. Now it extends to your own dragon palace, and it is hidden every moment.

In this way, the proficiency of hidden techniques is now slowly improved.

The promotion of guiding and hidden techniques is based on its own strength, but will increase according to proficiency.

So Long Pin Xuan is cultivating, in addition to the strength of strength, he can also feel obviously to hide the body under hidden surgery, sometimes he can even control the number of meters from the Dragon Palace, Still maintaining yourself and the Dragon Palace into the state of hiding.

And this day, Longpin Xuan is trying to stand on the sea and still keep the state of hidden surgery, because only this can be able to enter Long Island or Jaila Go see.

On Long Island, suddenly, a red dragon was rushing out of the outside, and the dragon around Long Island was only opened, and he closed his eyes again.

The red dragon rushed to the direction of Longpin Xuan, there were several dragons behind him, and they were chasing.

Longpin Xuan slightly, what is this?

He immediately found that this red dragon is not red, but the blood on the body is dyed in red.

The original cyan dragon is long, the voice spread throughout the dragon sea, "Dragon is in danger!"

All the dragons in Longhai have heard it, and they have broken the water, and a human figure or step on the water, or step on the clouds to see the cyan dragon that is reddish by his blood.

"Hey? Is this not awkward?"

"I saw him back from the entrance."

"He is going to Long Island to report it? How to make this?"

"Dragon is dangerous? What is it dangerous?"

Those who doubtfully wanted, there are several dragons to ask.

However, the number of dragons followed immediately after the Yongqiao made these dragons parked.

I saw a hand-black dragon opened the mouth, a Dragon Yan was sprayed from the mouth, playing directly in the eyes of the public, "Yan Qing, you dare to steal the dragon is to the treasure! We will not Let you escape! "

Other Dragon heard this sentence all suddenly realized that this is too cold, and I went to Long Island to report, and I dared to steal Long Island to treasure.

However, there are several older dragons that have a little suspicion, and I have seen the dragon in the winding of Long Island.

There is a dragon and unintentional, "If you steal the dragon to treasure, don't reason the Holy Dragon Soul will let him pass the Long Island?"

The hand-black dragon ears are still very spiritual, and the eyes look at this talking dragon, cold, "Long Isao is not so stolen, he is coming to steal the results."

Zhonglong was all insected.

Only Longpin Xuan does not believe.

It is not that he deliberately does not believe, but this paint black dragon says that he does not believe it.

As a time, it is a big , this paint black dragon is obviously in place.

The strength of Yan Qing, obviously did not reach a person who went to theft.

And from the time of the opening of the dragon entrance, he came back to tell, and the motivation was very simple.

If you start pretending from that time, then unless he can hide strength.

But in the current perspective, no one can hide the strength under the guiding surgery of Longpin Xuan.

The strength of Yan Qing, said that there is no achievement of Longpin Xuan, in Long Pinxuan, his blood is only the degree of middle, and it is sent to the disciple of experience.

Especially now that Yan Qing is present, let Long Pin Xuan more think this is a greasy.

Yan Qing was turned over by the Dragon Yan, but it was still screaming. "Fart, I will not be self-discouraged to steal Long Isao to the treasure, I found your secret, you have to kill the dragon Extinguished! Everyone is careful, they have become ... "

If Yan Qing's words have not been finished, the dark dragon has already rushed to his face, biting his neck, directly stopped his next thing.

I only heard a clear "" sound.

Yan Qing took directly to the paint black dragon, and then his dragon body was soft and sluggish, lost his life.

Other Dragon people see that this is slightly smashed, and look at the eyes of the dark dragon with some exam.

You must know that they fight for so many years in the Longhai, truly kill the other party and less, especially the dragon's reproductive ability, so once the blood concentration exceeds a certain extent, those dragons have made great mistakes. It will be sacrificed, but it is detained in the prison.

Although the Qing Qing made a mistake, the crime is not dead. The key is that his blood concentration has been to reach the critical line, although it has not reached, but it is close to, many things will be extra generous.

However, in the dark dragon, it is not a little bit of light. It is directly "" directly.

Longpin Xuan saw this, his eyes suddenly squatted.

If you say that the things of the black robe make him doubt about the dragon's incident, then now the "stealing" incident of Yanyan is more confirmed, and this is not simple.

Or this halo headed in this dark dragon may also be related to the black robe?

In this way, the words of the Qing Qing may be true.

Longpin Xuan looked at the black dragons and other long-term trees, rushing to other dragons in the dragon sea, and then returned to Long Island.

Longpin Xuan touched the Pakistan, maybe, he should also prepare to go to Long Island to find out.

Chapter 179 Golden Island

In fact, Longpin Xuan wants to find out.

Only need to stay in the West Lake Academy, all go to major secrets, and then the West Lake Academy will be harvested by Longpin Xuan, the secrets of the secrets, and Longpin Xuan will open the hidden operation.

It is because all the students are hurt, and now I have a long time, I can't catch the secrets.

It is now cultivating, those young, old age, can practice in the secret of Wu Dao Tower, and then only need each offered the Valley Dan or other food and water.

Longpin Xuan slowly sneaked into the dragon sea and returned to the college.

Since I saw this state, it is a bit of trouble, or I still need to explore.

Maybe this is also an opportunity.

He will never forget that his father will send him the last look, including nostalgia and disgusting.

His father is a golden dragon. He bornly inherited a high concentration of blood, which was the Jinlong King.

Longpin Xuan returned to the college, declined the requirements of Sun Wukong to help Sun Wukong entered a hidden state, he must grab the hand of Sun Wukong, it is too inconvenient. After all, he incorporated the West Lake Academy.

After doing everything, Longpin Xuan is slow to break out.

He stepped on the clouds, although his hidden surgery couldn't see him, he couldn't feel him, but he can't be sure, what kind of strength is not aware, what kind of strength It is an ideal.

Therefore, once exposed, he can quickly escape.

Also, if the speed is getting up, the action on the body will take the wind and it is easy to be aware of others.

Longpin Xuan carefully went to Long Island, but when his footsteps were about to embark on Long Island, a difficult description of a difficult description made him step down.

He saw the dragon on the Dragon Island opened his eyes and came directly to him.

Longpin Xuan only felt that all of his own seems to be worn, the heart jumped quickly, he slowly recovered his footsteps, standing there, did not dare.

Such a horrible feeling, let him have a sense of crisis that he has a move.

And hovering in the most peripheral dragon of Long Island looked at Longpin Xuan. After seeing he had no action, he closed his eyes.

Longpin Xuan was at the moment of the dragon, and the feeling of the like in the back disappeared.

His breathing is gas, if it is not a hidden surgery, it is estimated that he has already found it by other dragons. That kind of life is in a moment of life, the sour.