I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Dean 125 in the Monster College.

That is called the Holy Dragon Soul around Long Island. It is said that a strong dragon king in the Zulong generation sacrificed his body, turned into the Shenglong Soul around Long Island, guarding the Long Island.

All people entering Long Island must explain their own purposes, do not say the result, Long Pu Xuan has already felt, it is definitely the end of the soul.

He is actually known to have such a holy dragon soul in the inheritance memory, but thinking that he is in the case of hidden surgery, or does not need to explain his own purpose, it is obvious that this is not good.

Maybe in the eyes of the Holy Dragon Soul, what role does Longpin Xuan's hidden surgery does not work?

Longpin Xuan didn't know, he only knew that it would not work.

Or change?

Longpin Xuan said softly. "I entered Long Island to explore whether there is a change in Long Island, whether it is controlled by the people of the Buddha!"

After finishing, he looked at the holy soul that was surrounded by Long Island.

He said this time is very light. If you don't make your ear, you can't hear it.

I saw that the eyes of the Holy Dragon Soul were once again opened again, and looked at Longpin Xuan and closed.

Is this agreed to mean him in?

Longpin Xuan carefully lifted his feet and tried again to go to Long Island.

This time, until his feet was on the top of Long Island, he did not feel the feeling of the previous kind.

It turns out that even if the sound is so light, the Holy Dragon Soul is also seen!

Longpin Xuan slowed away, stood on the top of Long Island and walked towards it.

Dragon Sea, two people appeared around Long Island.

"Ming Ming, do you have opened twice before you confirm the Holy Dragon?"

"I have practiced the rain in the air before, I did see it, but I didn't see someone entered Long Island."

"That is to say, this person is likely to be stealth, or what is going on, calling the rest of the two brothers, we look at Shanglong Island!"

"Oh Guangda, will n't you be a doubt?"

"No, in addition to this matter, I have doubts about the death of Yanyong before, I am trying to go to Long Island!"

"Good! Then I call Shang Yu Shun and Yuji!"

Longpin Xuan walked into Long Island and looked at the surrounding scene.

In the foreigner, Long Island special mystery, especially many Dragon people like to live in Longhai, is it because of the big coffee character?

Standing on the Dragon Island, the first eye of Longpin Xuan is "".

Because the ground that extends out from his feet is golden.

Those bricks are all made of gold, and the real golden face reflective, almost bright the eyes of Longpin Xuan.

There is also the rich palace!

There are several black dragons that have seen the same black dragon outside the palace to patrol the door.

Scorpio, are those dragon eyes? Such a luxurious palace, they are all in the dragon sea?

Ok, Long Pin Xuan is booth, who makes those long blood concentrations!

He is gently walking on the road.

The entire Long Island is a gold shop, and the gem is inlaid, and there is a huge palace in the center of the center.

He stands at the door of the palace, browsing micro-wrinkles.

Inside his blurred inheritance, Long Island is not like this, although the palace is very gorgeous, but never said that the entire Long Island is gold, and the door guard is not all black dragon.

He looked at the gate of the palace.

This door seems to be open, now how it is closed.

However, since the door is closed, he can't rank to open, just have to go to the palace else to see if you can go in any place.

He found a side door in another side, there is no black dragon to guard, just three different five will have patrols.

Longpin Xuan saw the time, quietly entered the side door.

This palace is very large, living in a lot of dragons in life, they are all blood concentrations, which can be allowed to live here.

But on their faces, Longpin Xuan couldn't see the joy of daily life, and everyone's face was covered with a cloud.

Chapter 18 Disappeared

Longpin Xuan carefully observed the people of these dragons, but found that there were no one in them was a dragon.

The blood concentration to reach the level of five claws can be called king.

But it is often possible to have a five-way dragon king.

However, he has seen two or three hundred dragons, no one is a five-way dragon king.

what is happening?

Longpin Xuan strolls in the crowd and looks at them living and cultivating, and there is no one can notice him.

This is the benefits of hiding surgery.

"Mother, when will I come back?" A tender little dragon asked.

The tears of the mother's eyes, "may have been a long time ..."

"Ward for a long time ... I have been ..." Longpin Xuan considers these words.

He found out that many families living in the palace, many families have less, so they will only face the clouds.

The places where these families live are divided into several courters, in fact, they are considered to be the outer circumference of the palace.

When Longpin Xuan was appropriate, followed the patrol team, entered the inside of the palace and wanted to find the reason.

The patrol is now replaced with black dragon in the arms, but it is still in the palace, or you can see some other type of dragon soldiers who look more normal.

The inner Temple is divided into dozens of long and old halls, as well as Dragon Ethletics and place where you live.

Longpin Xuan did not dare to go, if you encounter one or two strengths, it's bad to see his hidden.

In the eyes of the Holy Dragon, his hidden appearance is like playing.

Several Dragon's elite children whispered, Dragon Pin Xuan stopped and listened carefully.

"Have you heard of it? The 18th elders have been closed?"

"No? What reason?"

"Said to gather in the rebellion, inciting the people."

"The family didn't come back, and those families only didn't have to discuss, how did you hang up with the 18th eighteen?"

"I heard that there are several families to find the 18th eighteen, saying and inquiry before, and think that this thing is the 18th elders."

"No, just put it in this way?"

"Yeah, it's too grassroots?"

"Now a few elders are basically closed?"

"Don't say long, as long as it is the blood concentration to reach the dragon king level, it is all passed, and you will be careful, and you will be able to promote it once.

"I don't believe in law enforcement halls, no matter what!"

"What? The law enforcement hall is the first ruler that is controlled, and the long life is can't play!"

"Then look for a family! Let the family have presided over the overall situation!"

"But it is said that the family is close to the guest!"

"Then we sneaked in to find a family? When you get the original committee of the family, you will not blame our!"

"Good! That's it!"

Several young dragon children's heads are hot, they begin to formulate planning to sneak into and secretly go to the Dragon family.

Longpin Xuan frowned next to him listening to their conversation.

You can hear a lot of information from their conversation.

All the Dragon King in the first family were put into a place, and they were all looking for various reasons.

These dragon kings include living outside the palace, which is why there are so many dragons outside the family.

However, Longpin Xuan also worshiped, why do you want to get all the dragon kings like this, and what is the relationship with Yan Qing?

He looked at the movements of the young dragon children, quietly followed them, since they were looking for Dragon family, then he also looked at the last far away, see how the Long family will handle such a thing.

These young dragon men are familiar with the situation of the inner temple.

One of them attracted the attention of the patrol team in front, and the rest of the rest of the house.

Longpin Xuan is more relaxed than they must be easier, and goes into the main hall early, when there is no strength, the people who have strong strength, they will hide.

There is a lot of roads that they have a way, Long Pu Xuan is a lot.

Occasionally he will also help these small young people.

For example, when you see them at the patrol, you will throw a stone, and you can guide the patrol.