I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Dean 126 in the Monster College.

After an hour, they came to the top position of the entire palace. It is a huge ancient temple. The door is closed, and two dragon statues on both sides of the gate.

The few disciples swallowed with saliva, and some of them were uneasy to look at the majestic gate, some timidity.

"You said that we will see the family like this, will it be also blocked?"

"Will not? I heard that the length of the family is the most fair, we just come to send him a message. Should ... no ..."

"Outer Hell?" Longpin Xuan heard these two words. It seems that they should be concerned, it should be referred to as being blocked, that is, those dragon kings have been related to the prison?

The top of them is strong, and they have to knock on the door. You can then find that this door is hidden.

"Come! Come! The door is covered!"

The rest of the friends have played up, and the head is in the door, I want to see what is like.

With their push, the door is gradually opened, revealing the scenery inside.

The few people stood there and becoming unparalleled, and one of the eyes widened.

I saw that in the hall, a golden blood and scales of a beach, as well as the destroyed walls and stone pillars, all in this hall, had a fierce battle in this hall.

And the center of the battle is the owner of the Dragon Scales.

They look up at the top of the front seat, there is no one, but the original throne is overturned.

There are also surrounding walls, that deep traces, there are claws and whiplars, and the traces of the dragon tails, they are shocking.

To know that all the palaces here are built in accordance with the pattern of the dragon palace, especially the hall, it can be said that it is a baby. If you want to leave traces in the main hall, you have to be the dragon above the dragon level?

"Is it clear?"

A sound is gently sounded behind them.

Several young dragons were shocked, and immediately turned around, and retired from behind, and they took them directly into the hall, and the door of the main hall was completely opened.

Longpin Xuan stood in the distance and saw the scene in the hall.

Scorpio, what is this?

Dragon family?

Is it a hit with someone, then killed?

Still being tied away from others?

In short, this Dragon family is missing, and I don't know if there is still alive.

Chapter 181 Empty City and Rumor

In the small village on the edge of Hangzhou, many people in the suburban bus stop.

"How did this buse today?"

"Yeah, although time is not so accurate, it is always coming so long!"

"Yesterday, my family Sun didn't come back, I don't know what it is in Hangzhou."

"Will not do something? Is there a variety of clouds and colors yesterday?"

"It's impossible, where is the place where Hangcheng is, there may be something else, Hangzhou is impossible!"

"Do you have any clouds and colors? It is definitely those who have advanced! It didn't have this situation many times before?"

"That is, so many monsters and cactors!"

"Just! I have to go to Hangzhou to send dishes today. This bus is not coming, then it is trouble!"

"Is there a bicycle at home? You let him help send it, great to give him money!"

"Hey! Summer is the bicycle to the bike! Let a lot of money!"

"Then you are not going to send it today?"

"That is also, hey, it has to be bleeding."

Several people talked to each other, a big mother hurts their own vegetable baskets, walking towards the most on the side of the village.

Every place in Hangcheng is almost playing the same drama. It is not that the family is not coming back. It is necessary to take the bus.

Then many villages have bicycles in the village, riding on the car, come on the Hangzhou City, they have to see what happened in Hangzhou.

Ernenia rides a bicycle, squatting a small song, flying on the road.

Since he bought a bicycle, someone has given him the door every day, let him help to send things in Hangzhou.

He has made two boxes behind the car, which is used to install these things.

Two Neapi rides the car to the gate of Hangzhou.

Where is the people who go to the door today?

He looked at the brain and took it directly to Hangzhou.

But when he entered Hangzhou, the whole person almost fell from the car.

Summer trembles with legs look at the scenes in front of the scene, fear and scared in his body.

I saw the streets of Hangzhou, everywhere was cut in the seven-zero bodies, blood flowed from the street to the sidewalk, after the evaporation of the night, it looks an unusual shock.

There is also the destroyed houses and streets, and there is no way to talk about the wars of Hangzhou.

"How ... how can this ..."

Ernenia rides a bicycle, shouting above the street, "Is there anyone?"

"anyone there?"

The entire Hangzhou has no sound, and the Songzi only heard his own echo.

Suddenly, there was a sound of a car, and the Synmeli had a shock. I quickly looked back, the little heart was scared and jumped.

But seeing a one of the people, there is a bicycle to come here, "What is it in front?"

After the people came to the people, they were also scared in their place.

Not much for a while, many people in Lu, continue to Hang Hang City.

Many people are crying, and one by one begins to find their affinity in the residue ruins.

"Many things in my family have packed up, didn't find the body!"

"My family is also, watching footprints, I went to the West Lake!"

"Go! Go and see!"

Many people's hearts rose a hint.

Because there is a West Lake Academy in Hangzhou, maybe the other people have been saved by the West Lake Academy?

They ran to the West Lake Academy, but they saw that the footprints gathered to the West Lake, they disappeared.

It seems that they have entered a place, all disappeared.

However, it seems that it is one or go in or runs in.

Maybe they are not dead!

But why did the Hangzhou have this situation?

The other people have begun to pass a rumor when they are in Hangzhou.

"Have you heard? Sun Wukong in the West Lake Academy is the Qi Tian Dan Sheng, which is a big Tianguo, but he is a big devil. ! "

"real or fake?"

"Nature is true, and I heard that it is not just a person, even the monster kill!"

"I have relatives who live in the border of Hangzhou. I have seen a variety of energy in the evening sky. I want to come to those cactors. It is a pity to be far away."

"How can anyone find it?"

"I heard that, the Sun Wukong will be a spell, which can change thousands of framed, definitely killing all the West Lake Academy and Hangzhou!"

Erlang God and Tai Shang Lao will change to ordinary people, sitting in the tea house, drinking tea, listening to the people next to him talking about this, face is a little dignified.

"Teacher Yang, do you really believe that these are Mr. Sun did?" Too Shang Laojun asked.

Erlang's god shakes his head, "I also clear in the heart, there is a dean, how may it be given by Sun Wukong guys."

Too many olders nodded, "It is indeed, I have seen it from the traces of the West Lake, it should be that the dean has used some kind of secret treasure with the people and the people of the whole Hangzhou and the college to withdraw. Just I don't know where to evacuate. "

Erlang god frowned, "But I am worried about there, they are talking about the words and these people say that there is no difference. What is the reason you think?"

Too Shang Lao Jun is silent, what can he say? Say that he doubts this thing is the Buddhist border? If this is to say, depending on their current mana, once the words say that two words, it will be in a great victory, then ...

Erlang god drank a tea, looked to Tai Shang Laojun, "It seems that the old monarch is observed, this is not right. In fact, for the confmahing of the dean, I am not worried, but I care about why, why do they want? Give the college? "

"If this is not clear, they can deal with us ..."

Too God is noddy, and the heavy sigh is tone. "Yes, I really don't know why I will deal with the college, the college is just teaching and educating people, teaching a lot of immortals ..."

I haven't finished it, I'm trying to face each other with Erlang God. Maybe this is the reason why the Buddha is about to destroy the college?

Don't want the college to teach more gods to the fairy world?

The two fairy faces "" changed, they instantly disappeared in the original place, go to the sky.