I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 128 in the Monster College.

The four sides of the gate temple responded, "in!"

The hallway next to the hall sounded a neat footsteps.

Several young dragons rushed out of the main hall, some panic, did not know where to go.


Longpin Xuan fierce the wall, rushed on them.

A young dragon is at first glance, so you have to drink, "How can you step on the wall of the main hall, that is ..."

Next to him, another young dragon family, I call it directly on his head. "You are a pig! When is it, you can't overlink! Go!"

Said, the other people have chased the direction of Longpin Xuan disappeared.

The young dragon booked his head, somewhat embarrassing, but it didn't fall behind.

The worship will follow it.

Longpin Xuan does not go to the road, with these young dragons, directly over the wall, go to the outside.

If it is not flying in this palace, they have long been in the cloud.

But even if anyone thinks over the wall, are they a pig brain?

In fact, it is not, but there is a very strict rule in Long Island, no one will go to make it, because the wall is the entire dragon and the upper level.

Over time, everyone forgot this.

Instead, there is no such thing as this scruple.

But with this, I want to come to the Black Dragon Elite when they catch people, they will have a lot of strength.

For example, now.

If only a few young dragons them have, they have been caught by the Black Dragon Elite.

But there is a Jindong King, which is a cactus, which has a fairy, it is different.

From time to time, he uses the spells of each department to hinder the pursuit of Black Dragon Elite.

"Ice system, fire system, water system, wooden system, earth system, gold department ... who came in the end?"

I worshiped all the way, since I also saw the traces left in the Black Dragon Elite, there have been a lot of suspicions for this enemy without cover.

However, continue to pursue the periphery of the palace, and worship the route they escape, and the face is revealed.

Longpin Xuan originally told the movement of the wall, turned a bend, and directly toward the gateway.

Not he didn't want to turn over the wall, but he saw a small holy dragon soul on the wall, and the strong crisis rose again.

Longpin Xuan knows that if he dares to turn over from the wall, then today, today is his hacking day.

The rest of the young dragon is naturally tightly followed by Longpin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan stood in the channel, facing the black dragon elites in front of the neatly arranged, the brow was slightly wrinkled, but his hands were there.


It is Long Island, there is a holy dragon soul. If Long Pin Xuan dares to release other people in the system in the school, then the willingness will be dead.

So now, you can only rush out themselves.

However, this door is peripheral, as long as the other dragon people heard the fight, they still have the opportunity to escape.

Longpin Xuan suddenly thought of what the face showed a deceitful look, and his hand made a print, and the Zhangkou drunk.

"Shu worships the outsider, and now we must kill the dragon, our dragons must be united, don't be blinded by them!"

Chapter 184 is coming to the four dragons

The worship of the worship, I saw Long Pinxuan and others were stopped, and the face showed a happy color, but he immediately heard the voice of Longpin Xuan, and the face was turned back.

To know that in the palace, all the sounds can only be passed in a certain area. The "person" shouting before he passed the special printing eliminate to let the black dragon elites in other surrounding areas. .

But now, what he heard?

He also has a distance from Longpin Xuan, but that sentence is like shouting in his ear, it is very clear.

"How can he know this print?"

The worship is shocked, and the other black dragon elites will be prepared to suppress the remaining dragons.

Because from this sound of Long Pu Xuan, he can see that the print can make his voice to the outer circumference of the palace.

This is the advantage of Longpin Xuan's guiding surgery.

When he walked forward, he had seen the worship, he quietly followed the body behind him.

Long Pu Xuan lost a guiding surgery directly on the worship, and saw the printing in the information, it took directly.

I didn't expect this effect so good!

At this time, behind the gates of the periphery also came together.

Because Longpin Xuan et al. Recently, he heard the voice.

I saw that the four young people took a variety of weapons and the black dragon elites to fight. At the same time, they were still shouting. "Don't be blinded by these black dragons, and the same respects have confirmed that the family is eager. It is because of these black dragons! "

The black dragon elite is exported to deny, "Without this, you are illegal invasion, if you are guilty of the family and the elders, you will definitely turn you into the prison!"

Those of the dragons in the periphery, one hesitated, after all, they lived in the palace for many years, always listening to the arrangement of black dragon elites, I am going to stand up to resist them, and I will not be so easy to be incited.

Longpin Xuan increased the attack in his hand. He continued to shout in the mouth. "I am the son of Jincheng. For the father's victim, I will leave me out, leaving a life, this is coming to explore my father's truth The reason, but I don't want to be explored so huge secrets! No matter what, first take these black dragon elites, even if it is wrong, I will also bear one person! "

Longpin Xuan has now seen hope, how can it be given up, directly moved out his father, his life.

The few young dragon's eyes that fight behind him were in an instant, and it was unbelievable to Long Pin Xuan. This is actually a child? Gay it? The wife of Yinjin did gave birth to an egg, but how many years is it now, there is such a powerful strength?

They have no time to question now, I want to come to this predecessor is the name of borrowing the son of Yinjin.

Longpin Xuan said, many of the dragons in the periphery turned up, especially the Jinlian Dragon, their Jinlong King is Yinjin.

Yin Jin has not appeared in front of their eyes, even the news of his wife and birth egg.

Now I suddenly hear this news, people are sensational.

"Really? The golden adults also have an accident?"

"That person said that he is a child of the golden adult? Really fake?"

"Take him really fake, when is our Jin Tai Dragon afraid of fighting! It is not wrong, it is wrong, it is wrong!"

"Yeah, as long as the golden adults are, it will definitely protect us, if this is true, then it should be shot!"

"That will be!"

"The little scorpions of the Black Dragon king, hurry to stop, let us come out and talk about it clearly!"

There is a golden dragon to scream in the black dragon elite outside.

The Black Dragon Elite shouted with the four youths fighting, while shouting the gold medal dragon, who was awkward, "Do you want to provoke a battle between different systems? This is a rebentman, Jinlong Wang Yin can't keep you! "

"Hey! I can't keep it, it is not the calculation of these little scorpions, let's open!"

A few golden dragons can't help but I know that the golden dragon is the most powerful battle, seeing such a scene, plus reasonable reasons, and is the easiest to shoot.

With the joining of these gold dragons, the black dragon elites outside are quickly spread.

Longpin Xuan took the young dragon to rush from the gate.

The worship also appeared at the gate at the same time, his face quickly turned green.

His speed is already very fast, and it has come to this door, but it is still a step.

Long Pin Xuan's sleeve, pushing the young dragons behind him, and staying in front of him, she stayed in the end, and she looked at the worship from the gate.

"See the ethnicity!"

When I worship, Black Dragon Elves were kneeling.

The rest of the dragons will also be grateful.

But Long Pinxuan drunk and stopped their actions.

"Worship, your despicable shameless dragon, actually hurting the family, you can know!"

The rest of the dragon people heard the dragon Pin Xuan said that one by one was widened to see the worship, before they had heard this voice, but most of them think is a deception, but now, this person I still have to say this, I have to say this, this has to guess the authenticity of this sentence.

That a few golden dragons came up and turned around Long Pin Xuan, and I felt the breath of his body. The subsequent action was shocked more than the people around the dragon.

I saw that they actually gave them directly to Longpin Xuan lichen, "Jin Taijiyi, Yulier, Yuli San, Olio ... see Jinlong Wang!"

"Golden Dragon King? This is a gold dragon?"

"The blood concentration directly reaches the extent of Jinlong Wang, the natural golden dragon king?"

"Yes, I feel that it is not the crowned, it is the natural golden king!"

"Scorpio, is it really a child?"

"If this is the case, is it true?"

Many Dragon people look at the young dragons from other people.

They are all kinds of young dragons, watching the scars on their body, is obviously a good thing to do with Black Dragon elites.