I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Dean 129 in the Monster College.

However, they dare to break into the palace is also a big bold, being hunting is also true, and see how they say.

In those young dragons, the young dragon tongue said hello to the scene seen in the main hall.

There is also a young dragon and shouting. "You can go to the main hall to check! I am lying, I will thunder!"

Everything in this many dragons look at the black dragon elite and the eyes of the worship.

Chapter 185 Black Dragon

At the dragon, the king of different sides is named by the name of this department.

For example, the king of the gold medal, Jinlong Wang Yujin, it is a golden king after coronation.

It is very low that the chance of Jinlong can make a cash Dragon king is very low. After a period of time, it is not followed by the dragon king, it will use the crowned procedure, and the next heirs's blood concentration has reached the nine claws. Become a dragon.

As a long and long, the blood concentration is nature, but it has not reached the extent of the dragon king, but because he is extremely high, it is a long nephew, so in the past few years, the Long family is committed as a minor After the time is mature, after the experience, it will be a chance to get crowned by most of the elders of the dragon.

Once the crowned is successful, then the worship can become the whole of the dragon.

So the people of the dragon present are not very tribute to the race of the race, and the people who have hooked others to harm the family. He can easily get the length of the family, why do you have to do this?

Longpin Xuan's mouth slightly tick a smile, looked at the worship in front of it, "everyone may be very strange, or questioned, he does not need to harm to the ethnicity as the elixir long?"

Many people of Dragon are nodd, although they believe in these young dragons, it is only a bit of trusting, this big thing is not completely clear, can't put this dirty water in the ethnic body .

Besides, even if there is a trace of fighting in the main hall, the family is really a matter, and it can't be said that the minor is long.

Longpin Xuan opened guiding, looked at the information displayed by the worship, said coldly, "If your minority is the dragon? A dragon and the , can it be promoted to the Dragon King what!"

Shocked message.

All the dragons around all the dragons have grown their eyes, and they have stared at the worship in a moment.

I worship, "Where is the kid, it is so many words!"

"Oh? I am really a non-whisper?" Long Pin Xuan cooked, "If you don't know your own life, you will be alone, let me guess."

"It's probably when fighting, the family shouts, the result is your person, right? But if you are afraid, he heard the dragon king, so I caught the dragon king? Some caution Just killed, such as my father, Jin Jin. What is wrong? "

If Longpin Xuan is a foreign person, then these dragons will not believe what he said.

But if he is really a son of Yinjin, then the credibility of these words is much higher.

The key is that this is a natural blood concentration abnormality in the body.

Especially after, Long Pinxuan has finished these words, directly released the breath of his body, the rich blood atmosphere, all of the Dragon family feeled.

"Such a strong blood is sure is the dragon king!"

"I think it may be more than, too powerful!"

"Still born! I have never seen him before!"

"Is he really a son of Yan Jin?"

"It's so like it is definitely! How to confuse the dragon's blood!"

One of the people of the golden dragon standing one by one, after standing in Long Pin Xuan's body, they are the first to shoot, and the standing is the most obvious.

"What is going to consider, the dragon is to read the blood concentration. Even if there is no such thing, even if the King King is coming, then I will definitely, I will definitely follow this promising!"

A Jin's dragon is very straightforward, and it is a fact that many dragons can't resist.

Indeed, in the dragon one is to look at strength, the second is to look up the potential.

A blood concentration is also a strong dragon than the Dragon King, and the future is definitely unlimited. Even if there is no long-term and long-growing thing, he is not allowed to be a standing door.

Or really let the family know this matter, it may be directly turned directly to the long position of the eloquence, and the position of the ethnic group.

Therefore, many dragon people have been listening to this golden dragon, and they have stood behind Dragon Pin Xuan, and they have paid with those black dragon elites.

The dragon is only like this, it can still have time!

The face of Yan worshiped is green. He is indeed a purebred dragon, and Long Pin Xuan has smashed this thing. He couldn't be reversed at all.

Because I only need to check that he actually has a true holiday.

Although the blood concentration of his dragon is very high, it is because there is such a little human blood, which leads to it to become a dragon king after it is impossible to accept coronation.

In fact, when he is determined to be an elimination, there will be a blood test, and he is at that time knowing his life.

On that day, I remembered that his mother kills the people of the Dragon person who inspected the blood, how to persuade him.

That is, he has the idea that he has to catch the family and the best.

The mixed bleak is not admitted, don't say that the ethnic identity, Lian Long Island is not allowed to enter.

There will be some Yalong survival in the remote areas of the Longhai, but the dragon people are not allowed to enter.

Although the black dragon elites still stand in the same place, but the long guns whose hands pointed to other dragons are weak. They don't know that they follow the eloquence.

Is it really a dragon?

They are in the eyes of each other, the doubts and hesitation in the eyes, let the worship burn.

"Don't listen to him, I have a full reason to suspect that after him sneak, harm the family, and then deliberately lead the young people to explore, thus filth and me!"

The worship began to spoil and dirty water.

Before the gold medal dragon is just "" smile, ", I said before, even if this is the case, then say he is the born gold dragon king, and the blood concentration is high, I am rare, I am rare, I want to come The family is long, and it is estimated that the Pak is not allowed to give him the length of the family! You said that you will make a hundred, who will believe it! "

Longpin Xuan has the inheritance of the dragon to know the situation of the dragon, he deliberately releases his own breath.

It is important to know that he is a natural gold dragon king. He has entered the urgent veins, and the blood concentration has increased from the nine claw to ten claws. This breath has been released, and it will definitely play the role.

The black dragon elites face each other, what should they do this?

However, at this time, a voice suddenly came, a black figure appeared in front of everyone, "This is a gathering to bully my son? My son is a mixed dragon person? How can I not know this?"

That golden dragon's face is looked at people, "It is Black Dragon!"

Chapter 186 Abortion

That is a very important woman, wearing a black skirt, but it is a powerful dragon king at the body.

It is the Black Dragon King, Black.

Black Dragon Elite saw Black Dragon King, and he had a single knee.

At this moment, they have the main bones.

Just like the giant dragon, I don't say it, I will support Long Pin Xuan. The black dragon elite also stands behind the black.

After all, it is a dragon king, although the blood concentration is better than the inner, but since the dragon king, it is a long potential.

As a dragon king, combined with human beings, giving birth to the dragon, that is the shame of the entire dragon.

But seeing her so vowed, many Dragon people have some doubts that Long Pin Xuan said.

But guiding surgery is not white.

Dragon Pin Xuan said, subconscious, or let them believe.

Especially the longer closer to Long Pu Xuan's dragon people, for the arrival of Black Dragon, more is worried.

Longpin Xuan has broken through the ten-claw gold dragon, the higher the blood concentration, the more memories of the inheritance.

He looked at the Black Dragon King, "I actually want to ask a question, the same as the dragon, why do you have so many people in Black Dragon?"

Black Dragon's black face is slightly changed, but immediately recovered the previous look, lightly, "Black Dragon will raise, this is a matter of well-known things, this is also a key to Black Dragon to patrol the guard guard."

Longpin Xuan shakes his head, "No, it is Black Dragon not only will be born, but also the born black dragon strength growth is very fast, this is the key to becoming the patrol guards?"

He looked at the surroundings of Black Dragon guard, "But you don't want to know why?"

The golden dragon after Longpin Xuan is very giving face, please ask, "What is the reason? Golden Dragon King know?"

Longpin Xuan's mouth outlined a tauntful smile, "naturally know, because Black Dragon is black dragon under life, naturally, it will be high, because they are all dragons!"

This news is a heavy bomb that directly leads to the view of many dragon people to brush the black dragon elites.

Once confirmed that these black dragon elites are dragons, then a war is inevitable.

Black Dragon King smiled and smiled. "Who is this, don't say your identity is true, here is the demon confusion, is it the chaos for the dragon? What do you do?"

Longpin Xuan did not pay attention to Black Dragon, as Long Wang, he naturally knew the strength of the other party, as the old dragon king, strength, especially surrounding so many black dragon elites, once really war, two parties losses Very heavy.

Originally, he only wanted to open the world, so that there is no help of the Black Dragon Elite, then the situation will become very clear.

But now the Black Dragon has appeared.

"It's not that all Dragon Kings are all blocked. What is your black dragon king not in? Or you are in the middle of the dark, put all the other dragon kings into the overright? My life wants to confirm, Very simple, put all those dragon kings, they naturally confirm my identity! "

Longpin Xuan is a taunting, and then directly said his own purpose.

The gold medal is directly screaming behind him. "Yes, I heard that many dragon kings are all blot in this reason. It is better to discuss it."

Black Dragon is black and cold. "Those who have made the wrong dragon will be turned into the dragon, if they come out, what is the body, our Black Dragon is the dragon, how can it be so!"

"Since it is the dragon of law enforcement, then how can you not test your son's blood? Do you want to cover up? Just listen to your verbal to talk about it, is it true?" Longpin Xuan did not speak, the gold The Dragon has already said what he wants to say.

Black Dragon King is flashing, "Okay, since this is said, then the test!"

The same thing is that many dragons have been doubts, and the Black Dragon is so confident. Is it true that the worship is really a dragon?