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I am at the 130th section of the Dean of the Monster College.

Black Dragon Waving, "So we go to the bloodstream, see if the worship is not a pure blood!"

Longpin Xuan nodded, but he rushed to all the dragons behind him, inform them to be careful of Black Dragon's sneak attack.

Longpin Xuan followed the Black Dragon King forward, just when he would pass through a promenade, the black suddenly took a long gun, and spurs the heart of Long Pin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan has always been a preparation, and I feel that the movement of the Black Dragon King, his body is in an instant to dozens of meters, and directly escap this.

At the same time, the Black Dragon Elite killed the dragon people next to the long guns.

However, these dragons did not have the blacklifting of the Black Dragon, but they were unable to fight, but they brought the attack.

Due to the reminder of Long Pu Xuan, they all have a vigilance. Naturally did not let the black dragon elites have to get.

Black Dragon King is dark, there is no choice, and his face is gloomy, drink, "kill! One does not stay!"

At this way, the people of the other Dragon people heard this, and he would be closed, and it was fighting with the Black Dragon Elite.

Long Pin Xuan is standing in the hands of the Hand, and it is also fighting with the black black.

There is also two gold dragons with him, and three dragons together, it will be flattened with the black battle.

Longpin Xuan suddenly shouted, "Dragon is again, I am the descendant of the dragon, now the blood is swearing, the dragon has been checked in the dragon, hooks the Buddha, and prepares the dragon to the Buddha. Express! "

Black Dragon King heard Long Pin Xuan so shouted, and his face was changed.

She did not think that Long Pin Xuan used his own blood to set up the vows, and the content is not what he has said before.

It is to know that although the dragon is mixed, but at least there is a blood of the dragon, all the Holy Dragon Soul will not intervene, after all, in the long, the dragon people have a precedent for life.

But now Longpin Xuan is in the crime of betraying the dragon's party to call the Holy Dragon Soul, which is bad.

I saw the eyes of the holy dragon soul around Long Island blound.

In the palace, there is also the soul of the Holy Dragon Soul, and the eyes are equally open.

A Jinguang suddenly shrouded in the black dragon of the Black Dragon, and she could not move her in place.

Black Dragon King shouted in Jinguang, "The ancestors, I didn't, there was no collusion of the Buddha! No betrayal!"

But this golden shrouded her body, but did not move, but there was a picture of the picture suddenly rising from her.

All the dragons present were scared by this golden light, and the battle suddenly came to an instant.

Chapter 187, Holy Dragon Soul

The two sides pinch the weapon stranger on the spot, some long guns only need to pierce a cent in the past, so you can understand the life of the other party, but this is this cent, it can't be stabbed.

The strong Weiya is not only the strength of the strength, but also the pressing of the blood, so that they will not have a softness, and there is a dragon's hand tremble, even the weapons are unstable.

The Holy Dragon Soul directly appeared above the top of everyone, and the golden light shrouded in his eyes shrouded the Black Dragon, which made her unplayed.

And slowly emerged in her back.

The many dragon elites in the scene saw that picture, the horror in the eyes, and it was unbelievable.

With the Black Dragon Elite with a dragon war, sneak attack, poison, framed, exhausted, put all the dragon kings or kill, or send it into the prison.

Top again, it is when it is in the bloodline of the blood, seeing the unprinted blood of the blood, and killing the dragon in the blood, and then posing that the blood of the worship is pure, Let him successfully got a long position.

Here, many dragon's eyes flashed in the eyes, and the dragons who did not plan to show their decisions in their hearts.

However, the picture has not yet ended, and the new screen continues to be generated.

Black Dragon King is already iron. She started with the whole body to break away from this golden light, but the blood in her body was suppressed, and the dragon power could not be used.

And now the screen is still backcrowding.

Although she didn't know what she had in her body, she also knew that the expression of the dragon people in the scene was definitely not good for her.

The Holy Dragon Soul must not be punished without any reason, and now I will check this.

It is a timely use of time back!

As the dragon king, the message knows is not less.

The next picture, there is a lot of the dragon people to grow up, because they saw that there were several hearts of the dark, they left the dragon. Then before it is a golden energy magic, it is a long-awacked that is secretly left as the black dragon.

"Black Dragon king has left the dragon?"

"Where did she go?"

The picture is then put down, and then there is a picture of Black Dragon King, and the man's dress is a Buddhist man.

That is……

"It's he!" Long Pin Xuan cooked, "My college is to be destroyed by him, and there are also people of our dragons, there should be the few black dragons who left the dragon in the Dragon. I expected me. "

Black Dragon Lang heard this, he also looked to Longpin Xuan, "What? Your College? Is the West Lake Academy are you?"

Her eyes were very round, she finally knew why he knew that he was colluding with the Buddha.

All the dragons saw that the dozen of Black is, and the eye is red. It turns out that all the things she do in the dragon circle is done in accordance with the Directive of the Buddha.

If Black is just what you want to make your son, they can accept it. Because the dragons are strength, if the talents and other dragon kings can't overcome her, no matter what way she uses, then she is not very thick.

But first, her son is not a purebred dragon. Secondly, her purpose is not simple, but in accordance with the instructions of the Buddha, so, the future of the dragon can be said to be completely attached to the Buddha.

This is what the dragon is unacceptable!

After this picture, the Holy Dragon Soul got the result of his own, withdraws the golden light on the black body.

When the black body disappeared, she had to flee it.

Since Jin Guang disappears, look at those dragon people, it must be all exposed.

Don't you fade?

But there is a holy dragon soul present, is she really escaped?

The answer is naturally negative.

The Holy Dragon Soul opened its mouth, a small light ball appeared in the Longkou in an instant, and then, a light column directly locked the black dragon king of the escape, sprayed out.

Just instantly, the entire body of Black Dragon is in the light incident, direct disintegration annihilation in half air.

The black dragon elite all the legs fell into the ground, black dragon, finished ...

The worship is directly ignorant, from the scene that happened before the blood, he knew that he finished, and a group of Heilong will not support him.

The scene that Black was killed became the last straw that was pulled down.

After the Holy Dragon Soul was decided, his eyes looked at Long Pin Xuan, just glance, the strength of the blood in the body of Longpinxuan began to boil.

Longpin Xuan can't control your body and reveal your body directly.

A dragon instantly appeared in the air, and the ten claws under the abdomen made all the dragons directly exclaimed.

"Nine claws? No! Not nine claws, is ten claws!"

"Is it a legendary god?"

"Ten Javan Dragon, Thirteen Claw Saint Dragon, Seventeen Claw Saint Dragon King!"

The Holy Dragon Soul slowly opened his mouth, spit out a few words, "After the end of the feeding!"

Its forehead a light golden dragon printed directly above the forehead of Longpin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan only felt that the three dragon bodies in the body began to fly quickly. Under the blessing of Dragon, the speed of the two Dragon Balls became fast, but it was only instant. Three dragon beads are one.

Longpin Xuan's sudden explosion has a powerful force, and the strength will break through the level 10 flying fairy level. I know the 7-8 level is Xianjun, 9-10 is the flying fairy, but also the top 10 flying fairy After the dragon is full, you can reach the level 11 Jinxian.

After completing this action, the Holy Dragon Soul is returned to the surrounding of Long Island, just like returning to the previous state, there is no change.

After the promotion of the strength, Longpin Xuan recovered the human form and reset it on the ground.

The people around the dragons are all in the ground.

This naturally has the choice of the Holy Dragon Soul. The dragon is in front of the forehead in front of everyone, and in the picture, the eleces are also harmed by the black dragon, the ethnicity is the dragon. Blood, then the dragon is not the same.

At this time, Longpin Xuan naturally became a new heir in Longjie.

There is a dragon bark of the Holy Dragon Soul, plus the tenth claws of the god dragon, and their choices are self-evident.

The joy and enthusiasm of those gold medal in the eyes of those who are squatting are unquestionable, and the golden dragon has risen!

Chapter 188, Dragon and Dragon

Longpin Xuan leads the elite of the dragon to control all the dragons of Black Dragon, all of which are pressed to the blood stone.

Black Dragon is not all dragons, and there are many purebred blood.

Of course, those guards are basically a dragon, and it is basically a purebred blood in the Dragon Sea.

Longpin Xuan did not do it. He thought of the role of the college roster, as long as it was signing above the college.

So, he made all the dragon people signed the word on the roster, so that the dragon people in the Black Dragon became the college servants, so since the maintenance of the school.

After all, there are many students in the college. I need someone to do a lot of things, but I will let the students will do it, affect their cultivation, and these dragon people are more convenient.

Of course, in Longpin Xuankou is to let them be a servant for 500 years, after 500 years, they can freely choose to stay, or leave.

The dragon people in Black Dragon see themselves and will not be killed, but only when the college servants, what is done, but there is no difference in the dragon island, but it is the college service.

They knew that they were the dragon people, they have a little low proud heart. When the soul is the most fragile, but this time Long Pu Xuan's "wide treatment", let them have a little better, after all, Dragon Pin Xuan at the moment, let them think that they at least be admitted.