I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the Dean 131

After all, Longpin Xuan is not an ordinary dragon king. That college is also created by Long Pin Xuan. In this college, the sergeant is equal to the Long Pin Xuan as a servant. It is no longer accepting problems for them, but relative. It is for that their identity is admitted.

Some other dragons have to feel so cheap, and many dragons also want to join the college.

Because of Long Pu Xuan's reasons, the West Lake Academy is a light, which is arranged in the Dragon Sea. It is not in the sea, but floating in the air, allowing the dragon people to come out.

Moreover, Longpin Xuan also satisfies the dragons who want to join the college, and they have opened the dragon class directly in the college, and they have included further cultivation of those dragons.

When the Longjiaban is open at the same time, Long Puxuan also took the main person in charge of the Dragon family and went to Hell.

Since there are a lot of dragon kings being closed in the overhal, then they are going to do now, and those dragon kings are going to be released.

Of course, for Long Pin Xuan, if there is a dragon king does not admit him, maybe he will not recognize his dragon king out, after all, the dragon is in his mastery, he has a bottom, after recuping, and the Buddha It is enemies in front.

The overnight is actually the most dangerous existence in the dragon industry, no one.

Because the powerful dragons in the overhab are all, it is not a mistake to be detained.

And because of the high concentration of blood, it will be preacted in the prison.

Long Pu Xuan and Zhonglong station in front of the Dragon Dragon Dragonfly, the powerful blood pressure of the fluttering made them all.

The entire dragon prison is very large, directly under Long Island, as long as you have just sneaked into the sea, you can see the huge faucet statue of the sea in the sea.

The gray faucet stone is lifelike, like the real faucet, the body tag is rotating in the sea.

At the bottom of the faucet, the Dragon's inverse scales have a huge arches, the gates on the door, no specific opening methods, no one is open.

The dragon gate outside the prison, sits on a plate of dragons.

The man is being cultivated, feeling the arrival of Longpin Xuan, and slowly opened his eyes.

"Why, I have to send people?" He stood up and frowned, and obviously put the people as a row. "If it is not your own national seal, I have already played you out ..."

However, he said half of it, he saw it clearly, his face was slight, "you ..."

Longpin Xuan just closes to the prison, and his forehead dragonprint broke out, echoing with the door of the prison.

Longpin Xuan has a feeling, he seems to control the door of Hell, and you can easily release any of the dragons inside, of course, you can also lock the dragon.

"Meet the fire!"

The people of the Dragon family immediately immediately rushed to the person's knees, and the other Dragon people also respectfully rushed to the fire, this is the fire dragon.

The fire is slightly looked at Longpin Xuan, and the eyes are squatted two times, "the family is educated?"

He looked at a family, meaning it is obvious, I want them to explain.

A family of fire stood up and settled the previous consequences. He made the fire shouted with the thigh. Because of the seal of the family of people, there is no way to treat him, then his processing results? "

Longpin Xuan hooked his mouth and smiled. Naturally, I went with her mother. "

I looked at Long Pin Xuan in the eyes of the fire, and then rushed to him, "I saw the dragon of the dragon!"

According to the reason, the general dragon people said that the Lord of the Long Trend is long, but the fire is called the dragon, obviously he knows what many others don't know.

Longpin Xuan watched the fire, the attitude shifted so quickly, and it was not simple in people who became the Dragon King.

However, Longpin Xuan did not take too long at the door. He just waved softly, the door opened directly, and there was no other specific open method.

The fire saw Long Pin Xuan's movements, and his eyes flashed.

"Sure enough, the dragon owner with dragon is, can directly control the overrightening, this way ..."

The fire is hot, before Longpin Xuan wants to enter the prison, the front step is the ritual, "the Lord, the Lord, there is a matter of doing!"

Longpin Xuan turned his head and looked at the fire, "said!"

The fire immediately told himself over a long time in the heart of the heart.

According to the reason, the Dorset of the Dorset does not need people to go to guard, because in addition to the long-term, there will be no people to open the big door of the prison because the elements will have dragonprints.

Because the ethnic groups with dragonprints are called the dragon.

The dragon master can control the entire Outlook.

However, I don't know when to start, the permissions owned by the dragon printing chapter in the hands of the fingers have been restricted, only part of the dragon, and can only be turned, and cannot be released.

And have a seal to add a special method, you can open the prison.

In order to prevent all the people who entered the Orea-prison, this will send the most powerful dragon guards of the whole family.

The Dragon who guards the door can only guard the door, can't leave the duties to do something else, this is their mission.

Chapter 189 Stone Room X Blood Dragon

After the fire finished these, he looked at Long Pin Xuan.

"Don't say that it is a dragon, the natural dragon king has not appeared in these years, it seems that God gave up our dragon family. After many blood concentrations reached a certain level, there was no self-satisfaction to break through the threshold of the Dragon King, in addition to another generation In addition to the Dragon King, the dragon king that appeared in these years is crowned. "

"And the old man's dragon king is in the past few days, and I won't know what I said, and then brought the overrightening, the result was trapped in the prison."

"The permissions owned by the worship are just bringing people to the prison, so even if he can leave, those dragon kings can not go out."

The fire continued to say, ", here, I hope that the dragon will be able to put them out."

Longpin Xuan picked his eyebrows, no wonder where he felt wrong, as a long-awaited dragon, the master is only such a point, it feels incredible. After all, the strength of this guy is not much, even if the United Black Dragon is black, it is impossible to make the entire dragon world.

It turned out that in addition to the current Dragon King, there is an old generation of Dragon King, but they are all lifted into the dragon prison. I want to use my own characteristics that I am able to get out of the Outlook. All other dragon kings.

Longpin Xuan looked at the fire, "" First, see the situation. "

He didn't agree immediately. Now the dragon is not a master, but his chance, I really want to become the dragon of the dragon, it is not easy, especially if he is now exposed, the strength is not promoted to a strong point. It is easy to let many dragon dissatisfied.

Especially those who are older generations, I don't recognize that he is still a problem.

Since they are all cheated in the prison, Long Pu Xuan can put them easily.

However, this is not absolute, especially if he is now mastering the prison, and there is a blood concentration of ten claws. It is impact to make many dragon kings acknowledge that he can put it from the support and admitting his dragon king, other If you continue to go.

The fire obviously also thought of the meaning of Longpin Xuan, refroned to say, "Then please let me follow the dragon master, I will try to convince the power of the fire dragon."

Longpin Xuan looked at the fire, suddenly took out the roster, turn to the last page, "Yes, but you have to use your own blood here, and serve as the Dragon Teacher of the West Lake Academy."

Fire, Xihu College, Longjiao Teacher?

The people of the dragon in the fire dragon immediately immediately explained the West Lake Academy and the Dragon Class, and the fire heard this college is the establishment of Longpin Xuan. It is natural to think that this is Long Pin Xuan to build his own forces.

And he went to the Dragon class to serve as a teacher, nature is also the mission of Longpin Xuan, as long as he promised, he is a member of Longpin Xuan, which can naturally follow the prison.

The fire is just a slight thinking, understands the meaning, immediately nodded, biting his finger, signed the word on the roster.

Longpin Xuan collected a roster, with a fire, a group of people walked toward the Dorset.

After the big door of the overrightener, it was a ruty plate, and there was a stone room on both sides. The stone room was portrayed with a blood dragon pattern, as long as the person of the Dragon of the stone room, if there is no specific key, or get the dragon The main allowment is not available.

Even if it is the same.

The whole army of the dragon is the same as the arc of the dragon flop in the outside, as if the people of these dragons are the same as the dragon outside.

The overnight room has a large small, and the people of the dragons in it are strong.

When Longpin Xuan took people, many dragons in the stone room rose their heads and saw it.

"Is it again?"

"I have been very frequent recently, I don't know what to do."

"The last time I saw a boy with a group of dragon kings, hey, then he returned alone."

"It is estimated to be pitted, and I don't know the dragon's seal there. Unfortunately, the energy is not enough, I can only send people, can't let go."

"Now the dragon strength is not good."

"The strength of this batch is OK, is the first blood concentration? I didn't feel wrong?"

When several people got up on the side of the blood dragon, stare at Long Pin Xuan, "This blood concentration has reached the most basic point of the dragon!"

"New Dragon Lord?" Many people who were detained by the Dragon people were interested in Long Pin Xuan.

"Hey, Xiaolong, let me go out, I protect you for a hundred years?" A big man in a stone room filled a whistle with Longpin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan stopped, faintly looked at him, "Yes, use blood to sign it on this, sign, I will go out."

Said that he took the roster in his hand and threw it in the stone room.

At the moment of changing the blood dragon pattern in the roster, Longpin Xuan's eyebrows, the heart, the famous manager appeared in front of the big man.

The big man is shocked to look at the roster in front of him, and the face is revealed, "It's really dragon, you can control the dragon of the overrightening!"

The excited look of the big man with some killing, "You don't want to know why I com in? You don't worry about the ruin after I go out? Or directly kill you?"

Longpin Xuan's mouth hook, "Otherwise I want you to sign, check it."

This sentence of Long Pu Xuan, let everyone fight, including the fire before signing, and all other dragons, they almost signed the word on the roster.

Many people can think of this rogue may be a baby, which is also a guarantee.

The big man suddenly "haha" laughed, "Interested, I didn't ask, I like this dragon, I like it!"

He bitbly bit his finger and wrote his name on it.

However, Long Pu Xuan only looked at it, he continued, "Don't be lame, photo name."

A big man, "" smile, "Oh, I saw it! It seems that this century-old can't escape."

He re-signed his name again with blood.