I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 132th section of the Dean of the Monster College.

Long Pin Xuan confirmed that after the signature was correct, he only reached a point in this stone room, and he flew to his hand. He continued to go forward, "he keeps!"

The big man is slight, and then the test is proved to explore the stone room. After the blood dragon is not blocked, the whole person will jump out of the stone room.

"Ha ha ha ha ha! I will become a uncle finally came out! Hey!"

Chapter 190 Dozens of Dragon King

A dragon is swaying in the overhal, and I have been closed for so many years. I finally came out from the Jail, and the adjective in the joyful madness was only used to describe him in one tenth of his mood.

In fact, after being released, other dragons in the stone room boil. This dragon master actually didn't care what it was committed, as long as he did something to do, this can be opposed to the appetite of many dragons. .

Many dragons for a week have begun to sell themselves toward Longpin Xuan.

After venting, I immediately introduced him to the Dragon.

"Dragon Lord, Dragon Lord, look at me, my strength is good!"

It is said to be around Longpin Xuan. "This is a cloud, it is a wind dragon, because it is not a lot of powerful damaged wind, the dragon industry is not peaceful, it is closed here."

Longpin Xuan: ......

He thought about it, still throwing a roster, throwing the clouds into the Buddha, letting him get down there.

"This is a series of fire dragons ..."

I haven't begun to introduce it yet, and I said to the front step. "Dragon Lord, this is the predecessor in the fire dragon, because of the war, hurts a lot of dragon compatriots, is being transferred."

Longpin Xuan wants to throw the roster directly, it is not good, it will be a member of the Buddha!

The more people go forward, the more people who follow the dragons released after they follow them.

For a time, the entire dragon circle heard the dragon who came out from time to time, and the sound was different, and it continued.

In fact, the entire dragon prison can also be seen as a whole, depending on the location, the strength of the dragon is different.

Some of the dragon tail is actually a special powerful person, and the intermediate stage is actually the strength of the mid-range, and this part of Longpin Xuan can be said to be a dragon strong in the middle-level strength.

This is different from some other prisons.

Longpin Xuan continued to go forward, in front of the road became empty, you can clearly see a huge blood dragon pattern in the center of the empty position, on top of a dragon ball, this blood dragon should It is established as this dragon ball as a spread.

But in this blood dragon pattern, you can clearly see or stand or stand dozens of Dragon King, and they furnished their necks in this point.

The fire refers to this blood dragon texture in front of it. "The dragon, we are here, the kid wants to use the blood dragon pattern here, let them have no time. Here is the center of the entire dragon, only the dragon master Can you go in, don't know how the kid deceives those dragon kings. "

Longpin Xuan's previous step, looked at dozens of dragon kings who were close in the blood dragon.

His words have not been exported. One of them asked in a hurd. "How can you have so many people in the Dragon? You put them come out? Then you put us out!"

Because this channel is curved, this space is exactly the center of the entire dragon, and the outside channel is also because of the perspective of the perspective, they have not seen Long Pin Xuan release those dragons.

But listening to the exciting sounds of the Dragon people who got the freedom, they can also guess the general situation, especially those who come in and see face, naturally understand, someone put them left.

The Dragon King name is proud, and it is the Dragon King of the Windlong's latest coronation. The character is rushing and directly puts forward their own requirements.

It is the dragon king of the old generation, knowing the dragon's things, giving up and down, and the eyes are full of horror.

"What happened? After we were liered in him, what happened to Dragon? Who are you? I didn't see you before the dragon, but your blood concentration is so high?"

"Do you have been admitted by the Holy Dragon Soul?"

When one of the old agents said this sentence, the other dragon kings were silent, and they were shocked by the eyes of Long Pin Xuan.

To know, although it is a strong dragon strong, the Dragon King is not the same, one is after coronation, one is self-promoting to this level, but no matter which way to go, it can reach the dragon king, It means that it is strength and future.

The worship is the heir who is dedicated to the family, but he lies them here, and I don't know what the situation is now.

However, it is a newcomer who came to the overlooking prison. He has never seen a newcomer that has become a dragon.

Longpin Xuan did not answer so many questions in the first time, but rushed to the fire, "fire, you explained to them! I will go to other places first."

He said glanced at it, and Li Hua, who couldn't stay, and he didn't leave the hand, and he understood the meaning of Longpin Xuan. Dragon.

"Hey! Don't go!"

The proud wind saw Longpin Xuan actually gone, all silled, don't let him go out, did not explain it, even directly, this is? No, what is this dragon?

The fire smiled and gained Long Pin Xuan left, this thing is handed over to him, indicating that Long Pinxuan has now begun to believe him, then look at how many Dragon King he can say.

The fire got licking lips and started talking to them.

Dozens of Dragon King had to put the attention on the fire, I want to know more information through him.

"Hey, how can you follow him?"

"Yeah, fire, are you not watching the prison?"

"A fire, how is it outside? Do you know?"

"What about being worship?"

The fire rushed, "Quiet, Quiet, listen to me!"

Then, he started slowly saying that he saw a series of things after Long Pin Xuan.

After dozens of Dragon King heard, it was silent.

The wind frown, "Are you signing so easy?"

The fire is smiling, "Why don't you sign? The Holy Dragon Soul has chosen him. He is a new dragon master, his name is smooth, even if the family is growing, it is also to retreat, the newer is in front, and I There is also a chance to get the new main trust, why not? "

Proud, another dragon king on the side asked, "Is he really ten claw gold dragon?"

Nod, "I have bloody exploration secrets, you know, I explored the blood concentration than the family, the most important thing is that he can control the dragon prison, all the way, all the way. I also saw it, only he can put us out. "

"But ..." There is a dragon king hesitated. "If it is really a Buddhist, we follow him with the Buddhism ..."

Chapter 191 Conditions

At this time, the proud of the wind, "The Buddhism is like this, and we haven't had already arrived in their opposition?"

After the wind, I naturally know my own choice. I just just be my head, but if the other party is really ten claw gold dragon, he is not acceptable.

Many dragon kings have a lot of different points, but they also have a characteristic, that is the dragon is proud.

If Dragon's Xuan has received them directly as a hand, they will be so easy to accept it naturally.

However, the message gave them to them is that Long Pinxuan invited them to be a teacher of the Longjiaban of the West Lake Academy, which is to teach the Dragon's elite children.

This is actually a very good thing. For many dragon kings, those elite children have more or less, and most of the resources are concentrated, they are cultivated, and they still train themselves, which makes them have The reason for persuading your own.

Plus the blood concentration and the recognition of the Holy Dragon Eagle, in fact, it has already touched a lot of dragon kings.

Many older generations of Dragon King also have a little hesitant man who knows his actual age when he knows Long Pin Xuan's true life.

Not Long Pinxuan is too big, but he is too small!

In fact, which one is not in the scene has hundreds of years old, Long Pu Xuan's age can be said to be the zero head of their lives.

Such a young dragon master, although the strength grows very fast, but this is young, thinking that things will not be comprehensive, if the family is long during this period, or Longpin Xuan is now defined is a minor, they It will also promise.

In fact, what they care about is still the future of the dragon, is it a decisive mistake because of this young dragon.

Therefore, when Longpin Xuan colluded into the school, when he came back here, several older generations of Dragon King have been unified, they looked at Long Pin Xuan, and made several conditions to him. .

"As long as you promise a few conditions, we support you right!"

Longpin Xuan looked at these dragon kings in front of him, and didn't know what kind of bottom is going to say this.

However, as the dean to now, the gas looks must be generous. In addition, he is already a dragon. Many things will be said that the other party is said, do not do it, but he said, so he listened.

Moreover, seeing the fire, obviously agrees with the conditions proposed by these Dragon Kings, and it is not a harsh condition, or the fire is also a wild.

Longpin Xuan smiled indifferently, "Please say."

The strength is strong, the air is also enough, and then, when the kind of thing to put it appeal, then the feeling is more.

The Dragon King, which is headed as a representative.

Longpin Xuan has nodded, very normal requirements, and seeing the future of its dragons, it is indeed worthy of them.

However, the dragon king said that there is also a very exciting in the eyes of the other Dragon, and the dragon who follows is a ten-claw gold dragon in a hundred years. It is not a shame for him. It is glory.

Longpin Xuan is in front of everyone, and ten golden claws in the abdomen appear in the eyes of everyone.

When he reincarns into the adult shape, many Dragon King's eyes are full of excitement and passion, even the dragon king of the older generation is no exception.

The Dragon King continued to say, "The second condition, since we want to go to the Xihu College, then the West Lake Academy is the college, we should know, or to establish this West Lake Academy Star-rated requirements, future requirements, what kind of, we don't want to go to a small school to pension. Of course, I don't expect to say what it is strong. We just want to know what you want to do this. "

This dragon king means that they know the true intention of Longpin Xuan's construction college, nature is to establish their own forces.

However, for the future expectations and development directions, as well as existing environments, they also want to know.

In fact, as long as Longpin Xuan wants to carry forward the mind, even if the college is now, there is their joining, the college will naturally become powerful.

Longpin Xuan continued to nod, it was a very normal idea. After all, they would go to the college to teach. I don't know if the college will agree, this is not like other dragons, they are detained for many years. Then, it may also be held here. The feeling of being closed here, they have endured so many years, it is difficult to have a way, and follow or the long-lost dragon, do you do something! Anyway, they are not a good dragon!

However, these elders are different. They don't leave their original identity and decisions, so think about things and other dragons are different. I really wait until they have been in the prison. The next thing is not good.

Longpin Xuan said very calmly, "It is a 9-star school, Changzi Xingxing, with Erlang Zhenjun and Tai Shang Laojun and Qi Tian Dasheng as a teacher, and teach hundreds of fairy students, After being framed by the Buddhism, I have moved with the people around the college. Right, the college also has three secrets and planting spaces, resources are not lacking. "

Dragon King:

This is a college built by their consecutive generation? Is it sure that the college is not a big construction?