I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 133th section of the Dean of the Monster College.

What Erlang Zhenjun and Too Old Jun, and Qi Tian Dasheng, how did you enter the college as a teacher?

Too many dragons have this problem, but Long Pin Xuan obviously didn't think about answering, after all, this answer is somewhat unable to teeth.

The dragon king coughed twice, he can say that he doesn't believe it?

But although they don't believe it, the West Lake Academy has enrolled the dragon class in the Dragon Terminus. Those who enter the elite children will certainly not lie, so when they look at the young dragons brought about by the foreigners before Longpin Xuan .

I saw that their face is proud, I am surprised.

This is real?

Many of the dragons that were rescued by Longpin Xuan from the Dragon prison, I felt that I was talking to others. Including those dragon princes that are still raising, their faces also show a surprise look, which is really beyond how much imagination!

Chapter 192 Different Dragon Lord

This makes the dragon king less than thinking about the third condition.

With this outstanding dragon, there is still what is hesitant.

Most of the dragon people think this, but the dragon kings are not, if this dragon is greedy, the order of the order is chaos, then the Dragon's future is in jeopardy. The key is that the age of Longpin Xuan is too small, and it is possible that it may not support such a beam.

So this third condition came out.

The Dragon King said that the third condition was said.

"I hope that we can have the position of the elders, when the college or the dragon circle will participate in the key directive, we can participate in it, not the dragon master."

This condition came out, and other dragons were widened, this idea was great in this idea in the world of this monarch.

Many dragons are thinking that the dragon will definitely be angry, or not to agree.

However, Long Pu Xuan did not directly answer this dragon king, but asked faintly, "There is no other condition?"

The dragon king shook his head and looked at the dragon king around him. They also shook their heads. "As long as you promise this last condition, all of us will be sent!"

Longpin Xuan looked at this Dragon King, suddenly smiling, "In fact, you don't mention this matter, I will intend to do this, but the way will change some."

This sentence said by Long Pu Xuan is like a water droplets into the oil pan, the dragon is boiling!

"Dragon Lord, can't!"

"Just, the dragon, since ancient times, it is the dragon master to say, how can it be"

"This will affect the majesty of the dragon, please dragon think twice!"

The opposition is actually those who are later rescued by Longpin Xuan from the prison.

They are actually more important is Long Pin Xuan himself.

Longpin Xuan smiled faintly, reached out and pressed against the voice of the arguments, Lang said, "I listen to my method."

"For me, all of them are the seniors of the dragons. Our Dragon is a high-end quality race. It has its own pride, so the old love is our virtue, so I am very respect for the idea of ​​my predecessors. of."

"And the dragon is a race of race, an unity of unity, even if it is inside, there will be a different part of the department, but once the enemy is paid, it will instantly become a rope, which is us Can be one of the important reasons why you can last. "

"So, I believe that the original intention is definitely for the dragons, or if they are worried, if they are worried, if they are worried, the people sitting on the dragon are not reliable, it is likely to be shipped. It is the fate of the entire dragon, under this great meaning, the other grace is virtual. "

Longpin Xuan did not speak, how can I say that I can, but I stratemate this race of the dragon, and then bring out the hard work of this condition. It can be said that such a few words, many dragon people in the scene have a respectable heart to these dragon kings.

I didn't expect the Dragon King's adults to think so deep! It seems that they need more efforts!

In this case, Long Puxuan is definitely necessary.

In just a few words, I received the support of most dragon people, and many dragons turned their attention to these dragon kings.

"It's a dragon king, I think we have gone in front."

"But this kind of thing, is there a small chance?"

"Don't say it, if the dragon is going to attack the Buddha?"

The dragon family with this sentence was stared at all by all the dragon people. They didn't expect this to say this, but they didn't say it directly like this.

Longpin Xuan is very natural, "Then I use this thing to exempt."

"I will develop a strong sense of strength or manage my mind, as director of different systems, and can participate in the decision-making round table."

"At the meeting, each man can elaborate his own point of view, as well as discussing the proposal and key points determined below, this proposal and points can be a more important thing to reflect the lower level to the superior, which can directly affect the college and the dragon trend. It can also be made by the vulnerability of the current system or the vulnerability, the future trend, the specific operation mode of the offline, and the way in the way. "

"Everyone can use their own point of view to convince others, but as a dragon master, I have one vote, I can directly negate some proposed executions, and I vote requires more high levels, such as me to vote. Tickets are equal to voting or five votes, and the number of votes will be in the high-level round table, after the negotiation, "

"In this way, you can comprehensively use your wisdom, let the Dragon Trendy and West Lake College, peacefully and stable survival, becoming a world's largest race."

The old generation of the dragon king originally felt that Long Pin Xuan did not bear this big, but when they heard Long Pin Xuan's so many detailed meetings, one of them paused each other.

The Dragon King suddenly stood up and said, "The dragon is on, the conditions we have proposed are invalid, we are willing to listen to your faction!"

Originally, they are worried that Long Pinxuan is young, do things are unstable, and it is likely to lead them to walk or walk the end.

However, the proposal of this round table of Longpin Xuan is too subtle, not only to solve a lot of problems, but also break the system in the world.

So, in this point of view from Longpin Xuan, the old generation of the dragon kings who clicked Dragon Pin Xuan had this ability, directly canceled their own proposal, otherwise Long Pu Xuan is equivalent to Added by the whole world to roast on the fire.

The practice of this dragon king makes many people of Dragon, and it seems that they don't take care of the dragon.

However, Longpin Xuan did not agree, "Since the conditions are out, then it is necessary to abide by, the third condition, I am so modified, can I have any objection?"

The dragon king sighed, and said complex eyes. "In fact, we just want to test it."

Longpin Xuan reached out to stop his next thing to say, "If the result of the test is not implemented, then the test is also equal to the white test. If the position does not feel the benefits I proposed, wait until the participation round table meeting After that, everyone should understand, and I believe that everyone can not only accept, but also can use more! "

Longpin Xuan's words have said this, and the dragon king refused to be ordinary.

After all of the dragon king signed the word on the roster, Long Pinxuan is really a real finishing refreshing, the war, the combination of such a big ticket, really does not come out, no harvest!

Chapter 193 Round Table

After all the Dragon Kings of the Outlook were released, the dragon industry began to conduct a huge rectification.

First, the entrance of the dragon industry is officially closed, not the previous close. Previously, some dragons of the dragon can open the entrance to the Dragon World through some lattice, but now it is officially closed, unless Long Pu Xuan personally opens, no one can open the entrance of the dragon.

This is also an obligation to have the power of dragonprints to become a dragon.

Blocking the dragon can be power and should be an obligation, which is also another way to prevent external intrusion or recuperate.

This is also Long Pin Xuan's current needs.

Now because the number of college students becomes very, the number of people is the most, but some are the elderly and children, the dragons, including all Dragon people throughout the dragon, the demon family is the least.

Because there is almost every family in Hangzhou, there is a monster together, plus some scattered monsters, and now I have joined the West Lake Academy. It can be said to be a bitterness. I haven't had the opportunity to join the West Lake Academy, but because this burst Incident, all people who live in Hangcheng have entered the college.

Now that the college is numerous because of the number of people, there is more, especially the number of dragons in the second place.

These dragons are not interested in the secret of the Jianzheng, and the interest in Wu Dao Tower is just general, but it is very interested in the secret of the experience, but the most enthusiastic is the blood of the blood.

It can improve the secret of blood concentration, which let the Dragon people are crazy, and they can make points with points.

They finally knew why Long Pin Xuan's dean could reach ten claw gold dragons.

In particular, Long Pu Xuan is now open to the blood secret, and the quota is released, as long as there is enough points to redeem.

But the task of this points is different from before.

If it is before, if it is for someone else's search, then it is mainly based on repair.

With various channels, the high level of high-rate matching can be obtained as long as the level can be improved.

It is also a score such as reserve materials. It is not a critician in the college, and some are students such as logistics, such as the alchemy.

Once the level of these auxiliary cultivation can also get high points, it is necessary to meet the equivalent amount of material reserves in the same amount while obtaining these points.

At the same time, Longpin Xuan also opened the hunting points.

In the Buddha, you can get the corresponding points.

But because the dragon industry is still blocked, this points are temporarily unable to get.

To this end, many of the military dragons are all prepared by Muquay.

They see it, don't need it, the dragon industry will be able to fight with the Buddha, but the time of the war will definitely depend on their strength and material reserves.

The center of gravity of the entire dragon moved from Long Island to the college. Although the dragon is closed, it is not a person in the Dragon can't go out, but because of the second secret, experience is more.

At this time, the West Lake Academy held a round table of all the director and major figures, the number of participants reached 100 people.

The round table is held in a meeting room in the West Lake Academy, where a large circular conference table with a diameter of about 50 meters is placed.

The center of the meeting table is hollow, which is convenient to show some things at some meeting.

Longpin Xuan sat in the chief and looked at everyone in the seat.

"Today is the first round table of our West Lake Academy. You can say that it is the elite in our West Lake College. However, the number of people in our college has increased very fast, so I believe that there are still many people don't know, I first Let's introduce it. "

Longpin Xuan stood up and pointed to the five ghosts that he stood behind. "First, I will introduce five assistants who are affiliated to the college logistics."

After the efforts of these years, the five ghosts successfully promoted to assist with assistants.

Although they are only assist with teaching in the college, the content they are responsible is not underestimated, and the ghost is responsible for planting, growing and harvesting various plants of the class. The two ghosts, three ghosts, four ghosts are Responsible for different main blocks, the two ghosts are responsible for Dan medicine, the three ghosts are responsible for accommodation and various management, and the four ghosts are responsible for information transmission.

The last one is a little ghost, and the devil is a very like a college, because the meals he do is too delicious.

After the end of the five ghosts, Longpin Xuan has retraopted. "Because the position is not the strength, it is a special length, so this round table will be specially invited to participate, but once participation does not mean second Can participate, everyone must clear, what to add a round table means. "

"The round table represents the development of the entire college, or in the meeting, there will be a variety of development related to different races and even relatives of the world, and we are people who give and improve. And the round table is the director of the audience. Take a total of the world. "