I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 134th section of the Dean of the Monster College.

"So the first project of this meeting is to decide to participate in the round table meeting. It is not to say that the strength of the people participating in the meeting is, it is not the meaning of people who participate in the meeting, the better, everyone can speak freely. "

"After you will summarize and evaluate the outline, and you have a vote by everyone, and I have one vote veto!"

"Then start the first round of the round table, what should you think of participating in this meeting?"

Longpin Xuan's single-knife directs many people surprised, but the first project topic will make them think.

Such a conference is truth, they are held for the first time, and the first purpose held is actually their own people who choose to participate.

In this way, people who recommend suggestions, many of them will intuitively poses on the table.

But is the round table? Isn't this effect?

The round table will open for a month.

The meeting directly determines the major decisions, and has decisive decisions and guidance for the future of the college and the future of the dragon industry, and has specific details and terms.

The people who came out of the conference room, everyone's face was full of expectations for the future, and one was worried, and the colleague of the horse began to work.

First, the meeting decided to have a specific candidate attending the meeting, and the people who participated in ten conditions, and those who specific meetings will be screened by those who have established meeting, and taken by Longpin Xuan.

Secondly, the West Lake Academy has analyzed and predicted on things that occurred in the Dragon Trend and guess and predict it in the future.

Chapter 194

For the future possible trends in the Buddhist buddh, the meeting also proposed various solutions and methods, and everyone's voting decided to implement one way to develop.

According to this method, the plan is detailed, subdivided into everyone's task, and calculates the possible accidents at different stages, and a variety of mutation solutions are developed to prevent it.

Everyone used the space in the round table to count numerous scenes, and finalize this project after confirming the accuracy and integrity of the plan.

The entire volume of the round table is kept in a good time to check in later.

The Dragon Territories have effectively operated after the round table.

Wuyishan top, Erlang Zhen Jun and Tai Shang Lao Jun sieved a few two red rises, directly got a coffee table and two chairs directly on the clouds above the top of the mountain, and got a set of tea sets to start the tea.

"Where did you say this dean? This is more fairy than the gods, even the fairy can't find!"

Too old, sigh, drink a good red robes, "Hey, this just picking big red robe is really fried, you must know the new tea that I have gone, the taste! "

"The man also didn't see the big thunder because of the big red robe who had just made good! Don't get a few two, hahaha!"

Erlang Zhenjun is white, "A total of two, you will take it in half, people are not angry!"

Too God, "Haha" laugh, "Well, okay, this is losing, we are not the dean, say he hide, where is it hidden in what deep sea?"

Erlang Zhenjun is a little bit, "Don't say, there is a possibility, after all, the sea is not easy to find, let alone the Dean is the dragon, the dragon palace can be built in the sea, the previous college is not built in the lake. Is it? "

"Maybe we should follow this idea at first, maybe it is soon found it!"

Too Shang Laojun heard that Erlang Zhenjun said, almost didn't spray it in the big robe in the mouth.

"Get it, you really want to find the dean?"

Too God, he can say that he said before he said!

Erlang Zhenjun smiled, "You didn't see that I didn't even use the third eye! To tell the truth, I really want to find it, I can use my eyes to sweep over, where can I find it, even if it is in the sea, the college is shrunk into one I can find it to him. "

Too Shang Laojun shrugged, the two were very tacit, know that the emperor let them find someone, but they also have the opportunity to control.

The two can sign the word on the roster, and naturally do not betray the college.

However, at this time, there was a vocating sneaky sneaky from the probe of Wuyi Mountain.

Erlang's eyes were better, and the person was first discovered, and he watched him with a curiosity.

I saw the person wearing a green spotted dress, from the woods, and then squatted on the ground, squatting.

If it is not the eyes of Erlang God, it is almost unrecognizable that is a person.

But how is this person's clothes and actions so familiar?

Erlang God suddenly remembered, Long Pu Xuan once gave everyone a field training course, especially pointed out that the cultivation of cultivation is not enough, and the body must keep up. To know that the body is like a bucket, the larger, the larger, The more don't don't have a short board, the more water is, the more firm, the more it is, the more it is not easy to damage and overturned.

And this person wearing clothes and action, and the camouflage in this class, there is an exceptional image of professional training.


Erlang's brow is picking up, staring at that person.

Too Shang Laojun naturally found that the two gods are inadvertently, "What's wrong?"

He looked at the eyes of Erlang God and saw that person.

Although the person's camouflage is very in place, it is just the illusion of the color of the clothes, and there is no spell, as a fairy, or it is very easy to see.

When two people found this person, they immediately found that the person suddenly distorted, and disappeared directly in front of the two.

"Sun, don't you see?"

Tai Shang Laojun blinked, looking to the Erlang God, "I really want, your eyes are good, you will see!"

Erlang god blinked, looked at that place, where the person who was there was disappeared.

He closed his eyes, slowly opened the third eye, and saw the third eye swept, the same space of the film was shrouded in the place where the two people saw.


Erlang gods drunk, directly broke the other side's obstruction, I saw that the figure of the ground was still looked there, and I was slowing here.

Erlang God and the Too many old kings look at each other, and they have seen the surprise in the eyes of the opponent.

It turns out that the other party is not a spell that can't be covered, but why not use it in the beginning, but now it is available now?

Erlang God and the Too God are not moving, ready to see.

However, after the person climbed over, it turned out, and the bird was quickly rushed into the previous forest, and disappeared directly in the air.

"He opened the way of covering, and the Erlang Zhenjun did not want to"

Too Shang Laojun looked at the person, just wanted to ask Erlang God, but found that there was no trace of Erlang God.

Too Shang Laojun turned to see, and found that Erlang gods have been standing in the place where the man crawled, if thought.

Tai Shang Laojun saw that Erlang God stood there, naturally changed, could not be separated, in case the people who were killed by the Buddha were not good.

Erlang God suddenly rushed to the old, and pulled him directly in the air.

In the stalls of Erlang and Too Old Jun suddenly disappeared, the clouds outside the clouds, there was a Luo Han brown to watch the front of the air without one person.

He is a manifest to monitor the Bo Lang and Tai Shang Laojun. He also saw it before, but he didn't care, it was the bounter and too God of Taoism, who carefully caused his curios.

But that person actually ran directly, the key is that the second place got to go to the place, and there was no disappearance.

Luo Han is also afraid that Erlang God and Tai Shang Jun are in order to bring his box, so there is no first time to check. After a while, Luo Han still didn't see the two gods' trails, and naturally wrinkled. .

But this time is what can't be found. Erlang God and Tai Shang Lao will disappear in front of the Buddha world.

Chapter 195

Erlang Shenli pulled too much to fly in the air, but the face of the old monarch is a face, "When you return this hidden, where is there?"

The Erlang Shen got out of a small sheet of paper, and he painted a calendering, and two words "Dragon" on the back of the paper.

Too God opened his eyes, "How can you have this paper? Is it ..."

He instantly thought of the person you saw before. They now disappeared, and the case suddenly disappeared, and it is inevitable that I will think about this paper.

Erlang's nodded, "Yes, it left this note on the place where the person left. According to the person's body, you should also guess, and the dean must be related."

Too Shang Lao Jun suddenly, "That is to say, this is the dean to find us? Go to the dragon? How did I not think that the dragon is naturally Huilong #!"

Erlang's god shook his head, "You forgot, this thing we have explored before, because the dean only surnamed Long, after entering the family, the surname is, since the dean only surnamed Long, there will definitely not let the dean Entering the dragon, I want to come back to the entrance to the dragon. "

Tai Shang Laojun also felt that he should be like this, he hangs in the hands of Erlang, watching the array of his hands, "This is really easy to use, the dean is really enlightened!"

Erlang god sighed, "I just don't know what should I do ..."

Too Shang Laojun comfortable, "Let's take a step to watch it, as long as people are fine, the college is still, I will find a way later."

Erlang God and Too God Laojun under the mask of the array, flying quickly toward the entrance to the dragon.

Longpin Xuan stands in front of the Dragon Territories, and his body is a large faction, which is shrouded throughout the entrance. Now the entrance to the dragon is big, but it is seen outside and there is no change in the past.

Erlang God and Too Old Jun have found Long Pu Xuan in the world for 10 years, and the dragon industry closed for 10 years.

10 years later, Longpin Xuan finally appeared, appearing in front of them.

When Erlang God and Too Old Jun saw Long Pu Xuan's moment, they knew that the president counterattacked will be coming.

Longpin Xuan early reorganization of the Dragon Trend, I entered the Dragon's family score, changed the name, now his name is the emperor.

As the latest one of the dragons, it is also a for thousands of years to re-obtain the position of the dragon. Naturally require a domineering name, this name has passed the recognition of all people of the round table.

Then in the Dragon's ethnic spectrum, the name of the Dragon Lord.

Longpin Xuan, oh, the emperor, now finally completed his wish. The revenge is naturally reported, but the original Lord has not been able to revitalize the dragon, but now the emperor is completely different. With the blessing and help of the college, the dragon is now a few times.

The original Dragon King's blood concentration exceeded the previous state, especially from the dragon king from the midst of the blood, although there is no point of ten claw gold dragon, but it is much better than before.

After the entire dragon family integrates together, the strength improvement is particularly fast, especially in this 10 years, when the various projects implemented in the round table, the entire dragon industry has changed even greater.

In the past 10 years, the power of the emperor has improved its strength, I don't know if it is related to the Dragon Lord of Jinlongwang, or dragonprint.