I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 135th section of the Dean of the Monster College.

He stood there, and the whole body of the gold fairy was unbelful, the strength was not too strong, but it was enough.

Erlang God and Tai Shanglun standched on the clouds in the half-air, looked at Longpin Xuan in front of him, the sheet of paper in the hand, throwing it with Longpin Xuan, "Dean, I haven't seen you for a long time, don't come! "

The emperor reached out and took the paper, smiled and looked at the two people who revealed her shape. "I am now calling the emperor, for the Dragon Lord, of course, the dean of the dean has been in my head, even if I am not Dragon Lord, I am still the dean. "

Erlang God and Tai Shang Laojun look at the eyes, see the shock and joy of the opponent's eyes, Dragon Dragon Lord? I haven't heard this word for a long time.

The emperor opened the body, reach out, "Please!"

Erlang God and Tai Shang Lao Jun have seen the half-air, some doubts.

The emperor smiled, "Since you are holding this array, I naturally know the specialty of this method?"

Erlang God and Too many old men look at each other, and the shock in the eyes is obvious. They look at the front of the front of them. Is it the way in the dragon's entrance to shrouded?

They looked at the emperor, seeing his smile as usual, there is no bottom, they try to go to the direction of the emperor's finger.

They only felt that the picture was turned around, and the whole sea area appeared in front of themselves. They looked back. I saw a big array directly shrouded throughout the entrance. The cover above.

The emperor came back from the entrance, and personally took two people to the central center of the dragon.

In the eyes of Erlang and Too Old Jun, I saw the college that floated over the island of the Dragon Sea.

At a glance, they see that the West Lake Academy, the familiar gate, familiar, but some people who are unfamiliar are in the gate.

The emperor returned to the West Lake College, directly went to his office, and the emperor had two cups of tea and gives them a cup.

Tai Shang Lao Jun quickly took this tea and drunk, and I asked for a sigh of relief, "I still drink it here! The little ghost is too powerful, not only food is delicious, this tea is made, others I am more than it! "

Erlang god slowly drank a tea, said, "There is also a place where you can grow big red robe!"

Too God said pride, "I lost me more thanks to me, or I went to have a big red robe's note, how can I have such a good tea!"

The emperor smiled, "I know that the monk who cultivates the big red robe tree is in seeing the female tree, the whole person is fainted."

Boiro God "haha" laughed.

Three people talked for a while, and then the emperor looked at the gods and Tai Shang Laojun, and suddenly said. "I heard that the two have been sealed as an arms?"

Erlang gods drunk a tea, did not speak, too old, I smiled, "That must, except me two, who can be competent!"

The emperor smiled, "This is, this seems that the emperor is still very important, but I just want to know one thing."

"On that day, the college did something, what role played in it?"

Chapter 196 Heaven

The emperor said that this is very paralyzed, but it can be seen from this sentence to his trust in front of these people.

He didn't ask them in the role that played in it, but he was asked by the emperor.

Erlang is laughing, "I believe in us?"

The emperor is so often, he is not believed to believe in them, he is believed in the system, believe that the list, there is a system that he believes that all signed names will not betray him.

Therefore, the people in the Buddhist world must be a raid of the files they left, so the emperor will not be able to catch it because of this matter, it will not be aimed at these two teachers, after all, if they are converted to He, he will do this.

Too many old kines, drinking tea, and looks to the Guli God.

Erlang god put down the tea water in his hand, said seriously, "I observed before, Tian Di should be sent to the Lei Gong's parenta to protect Xuanlin, and the Tian Dynasty will know that Xu Shilin is the revision of Wenchang Emperor, probably knows there On the side of the hand, it will use Leigong's days to block the flying rise of people. "

"To know that there is still someone in the fairy world to fly, basically the immortal of the reincarnation can be flying. When the Buddha is in recent years, many disciples will be charged after the lower boundary, after the inheritance, if it is a Tianhui Yes, there will be fate of the blessing, get some merits, and then directly from the Buddhist people, "

These can be said that these fairy in Heaven, the emperor is definitely not known.

He continued, "In the long run, the fairy world will be more weak, the Buddhism will be stronger, and the Tiandi may not know that the cultural emperors are doing the Buddha, but he supports the college, naturally, the potential of the college, can quickly The cultivated output of the cactus, and the Wenchang Emperor is also waiting to be in the college, naturally, it has also made him a mental thinking. "

"To know that Wen Chang Emperor is the only one in the world, the only way to make the star monument, the prophecy and fate, so Wen Chang Emperor is located, inevitably be able to shelter him."

"And he is in the college, there is a fixed number in natural, and the college will inevitably shelter him!"

The emperor is picking, there is such a thing?

He thought of his own system, did you say this star monument and system? Still this is just a coincidence?

Erlang God continued, "When we go to Tianda to tell Sun Wukong, the lower bound should be used to block the exploration of the fairyland, otherwise it will not have news so long, if we know, will definitely will immediately Come. "

"In fact, Sun Wukong can join the college. This is what we have never been thought. It was the original Tian Di to recruit Sun Wukong, because he is naturally incubated in the world, with great god."

"The Emperor Tian, ​​when he went to the horse, and there was also to exercise him. A stone monkey who had just born is not suitable for a relatively high position. This is not a relationship."

"But I know that I will go out later, after the Temporary Tiandong is still there, there is a Buddha to solve there, because of this, the fairy is owed by a human condition, Sun Wukong is also handed over to the Buddha. "

"But Sun Wuki has taken it directly by the dean. To be honest, we see the cultural bin Wu Wukong, you can't believe his eyes, what is the dean, how did you do it?"

The unbelievable eyes of Erlang God are to make the emperor smile, this is the benefit of the rebirth, know what Sun Wukong disappears, make it.

Too Shang Laojun also nodded, "Yes, the monkey head is not changed, and I kicked my Dan furnace. Dan medicine didn't know how much it was, I was also practiced into a flaming gold eye, but it was a blessing "

Erlang God continued. "In fact, the high-strength power of Sun Wukong in the Buddhism is already a long time. From the beginning of them, it can be seen it. In fact, you can kill him, let his soul tire, then re-education However, they didn't do this. After you know that there is a lot of factors, many factors are not good, if there is no such thing, then I don't pay attention. "

"and so……"

The emperor took the way, "So I learned that Sun Wukong was so angry after being in the college, the Buddha world will be so angry, and if they are separated, they must take us soaster, and they are afraid that we have cultivated more talents. In other words, we have Become a stab that they stalk inside the scorpion! "

Erlang God, "Just this!"

More than him, including others who heard the news, the dean admire the dean, the dean is the dean, and there is a professional education, and even such a monkey can teach the cultural bin.

How many gods look like Sun Wukong, but the truth is like this.

At the West Lake College, Sun Wukong, who has Qi Tian Dami, I don't know how many students worship the idol, not only high strength, talk humor, but also character is not bad, as long as it is a student to ask, it is basically full, it is not easy. Find someone else.

At this time, the door was directly pushed. Sun Wukong in their mouth came in. "I have passed the college before I am calling my name, I originally two."

The emperor saw Sun Wukong, and then took out a cup, poured on tea, "Since Sun is coming, since it is coming, it will be together."

Sun Wukonguan came to the door, sitting next to Erlang God, "Erlang Zhenjun a long time, I miss you, this Tiantian also can be with me, now in the college, we are really a bad ! "

Too Shang Laojun looked at Sun Wukong to blink, "Hey, you splash monkey, how many medicinal herbs!"

Sun Wukong said, "It's okay, now the college is more grass, how much do you want, I use points to change it!"

Too Shang Laojun heard the grass, laughing and smiled, "that but you said!"

His own points are not too much, especially if these 10 years are not in the college, it is almost the same before the score, now there is an automatic point of the points that automatically send the door, don't!

The emperor looked at the Guli God, indicating that he continued.

Erlang is clear and clear, and continue to say, "It is because of the particularity of Sun Wukong Teacher, so Lei Gong's electric mother has also returned to heaven in the first time. This leads to lack of strength of the college mentor!"

"But according to me, the college is damaged, the fairyland is actually damaged, and the Emperor is definitely regarding the college as a framer in the fairy, so the emperor is impossible ..."

Chapter 197

The emperor blocked the gods from going on, "Yes, my hidden surgery is good, but too much, I am afraid of being perceived, just like Sun Teacher, he still perceived in the college."

Erlang God looked at the emperor. When he said in these words, he had seen the expression of the emperor. He didn't care about him, and he knew what he did did.

After all, after practicing to the god, if other people mention the name of the fairy, this god will have a sense of feelings, the stronger the strength, and the sense of inductance.

However, the emperor said, the Erlang God remembered the previous big array, is it? Is it true that the entire college has arranged such a big array? So what is the name of what they said would not be inferred by those gods?

And the words of Erlang God said that although I was related to the emperor, most of them were the relationship between the fairy and the Buddhist world, even if he was known by the emperor, he also had something to say, especially now I'm talking about the dean, in fact, the Emperor is also hopeful See this.

The emperor is still very satisfied with this form. He guess that the emperor and the Buddhist world are not responsible. Because the prior to the thunder's parenta knows, it is naturally the time when it is developed.

And the current form is better for them, and the emperor will naturally send such a good situation to the funeral.

He gently took out a stack of paper from the pocket, and painted the same array in the hands of the Boiro.

"This is a student invented paper, and the above juice painting has a strange effect, so there is more than one array department in the college, specializing in studying such a paper, this is our 10 years study. Results. We call this as a matrix reel. "

Erlang God and Tai Shang Lao have taken these paper scrolls to look in detail.

One painting is painted because of the juice of the lace, so it has a spiritual force. The key is that these spiritual power can communicate with the heaven and earth aura, which makes this array effect.

Tai Shang Laojun rushed to the emperor than a thumbs, "It's amazing! This is the college. It is possible to study and invent. It can cultivate different types of talents. It can be rated as 9 stars or reason!"

Erlang Shen looks at the reel in his hand. "Is this a method of hiding the body? I have a few nothing."

The emperor pointed to the scenes, "these are the hidden scrolls, this is a fireball roll, which is a huge wave reel, and there are many kinds of array, and the spells that different array can be formed are also different. You used to use this hidden scroll, using the surrounding environment to hide your own and breath, adding a graphic array of graphics, calculating a 2-level array. The rest is a 1st grade array. "

"At present, according to the power of power, the complex form is different, we also have a division, it will form a completed system. Of course, the college is not only these, and many new projects, Yang Teacher Yang and the old man will go shopping. Visiting, your current position is the director of the battle department and the director of the alchemy. "

"The leader is not anyone, but it needs to have a corresponding responsibility, because the two are not, so the deputy director is temporarily fulfilled, and I will let the deputy director detail and two instructions."

Erlang God suddenly refers to Sun Wukong, "What is he now?"

Sun Wuki smiled, "I am now the director of the change."

Erlang God listened to Sun Wukong and his position, did not say anything, just nodded, "The responsibility is waiting to say, we can't wait for a long time here, or let it go first!"

Too many olders nodded, what is the director, what duties, listening to his head, he is not allowed to light alone.

The emperor smiled, "these reels are given to you!"

Erlang Shen looks at more than a dozen pieces of paper, "Give us?"

The emperor nodded, "accurately said that it is given to the fairy world. Of course, it is certainly more than this. We have a batch of reels, provide it to the fairy, but you need a fairyland to promise us one thing. These require you to speak to the sky."

Erlang God and Too Old Jun are watching the emperor, asked in the same voice, "What is it?"

These spools only need a little force to trigger, and after triggering, it can directly reach the effect of the array of the reel above.